Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Recovery, Soul TrainWreck Awards, & Serena Pay$ tha CO$T!!

Hey Kids!!!! What a blessed Holiday Weekend (Turkey day for some, Tofu & Veggies Day for moi)!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their family, friends, food, and blessings. Also hope that you're hanging in there on this Monday- as we continue the grind that is LIFE! Well, without further delay, it's time for the daily dose!!! LET's GIT GIT GIT IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Soul Train Awards 2009: TOM FOOLERY with A Few Great Vocalists
-If you didn't bother to tune in to last night's airing of the Soul Train Awards (filmed weeks ago) you didn't miss much of anything. The show debuted on the new CENTRIC Television network that boasts, "African-American programming that features style, sophistication, heart & soul". Ooooooh CENTRIC *Fingers to the temple*. If the Soul Train Awards was indication...the station is on a one-way trip to Dis-aster! I predict the channel's lifespan will be less than 5 years.
   The show looked like it was shot and pieced together by ammeters as there were noticeable mis-shots, random crowd viewings, and several speakers were cut a bit short. The same-ol "winners", i.e. BeYaki & Michael Jackson (neither showed), won the most awards last night. The newcomer was Ms.KeriHilson (one word), who won for Best New Artist *scratching head* and commenced to perform a "medley" of her "hits". The best thing during her cackling snooze-fest of a set was the stripper/performer strait outta the ATown- "Romance"! HE was sooo hawt-but I never have to see Keri perform live again. Other tawdry performances included Trey Songz, Toni Braxton, Ryan Leslie (WHY is he relevant?!?!), Mario ft. Sean Garrret and a WACK tribute to Uncle Charlie Wilson, can be skipped. SO unworthy of official commentary.
Highlights included: E. Badu, Fantasia, and Ledesi in an awesome tribute to the VOICE that is Shaka Kahn (I left out Angie Stone for she should've been omitted from that set), Chrisette Michelle (she SLAYED "Blame It On Me". Just she, a Black pants suit, fierce red stillettos, and a mike. SHUTDOWN!), and my personal favorite, the UBERTALENTED Raheem DeVaughn singing the soul-stirring "BANG BANG' feat. Ludacris and Prof. Griff!!!!!!! I was SWOONING from the couch!!!! Deserving honorable mentions go to Robin Thicke (YESSchile, perfect pitch on a panty-droppin jam) and Chico DeBarge (he sounded SO good, and we need MORE!!!!)

The producers even tried to mix segments of "Original" Soul Train footage with their "new" acts. A total fail. The majority of teh Overall verdict: A sub-par awards show saved by Taraji P. Henson's natural charm & beauty, w. sprinkles of REAL performace R&B. It was thisclose to setting US back...Seriously.
Serena Williams Ordered To Pay Fine & Placed On Probation Post Tantrum!!
The Grand Slam Comittee has rendered their decision surrounding Venus William's inappropriate outburst during the Sept. 12 US Open match. Officials deemed Serena's behavior inexcusable and ordered the tennis phenom to pay a $175,000.00 fine. This amount is a shocking first, but allegedly Serena's punishment could have been much worse. Serena was also placed on probation for the next two years, but if she incurs no violations during that time, her fine will be reduced to $82,500.00. She is also allowed to compete (and WIN) all Grand Slam and US Open tournaments while suspended. Honestly, she made out aaaaaaiggght, cause the whole WORLD was shook when that Compton came up outta Serena!!! And, she's so wealthy, she'll never miss that $82, 500. Snack money. LOL. JK. Keep ya head up Serena!!

***Small Doses***
SADE IS BACK!!!!!!!-Just when I was writing that there is no more REAL music, the queen of Love & Slow Jams is returning with an all-new studio album!!!!! I was SWOONING when I heard this!!!
Amber Rose Visited the ATL!!
-In Socialite news, the body that is AMBERROSE made an official appearance at club Primal this past Friday. The city went nutzo. Per usual people were spending more than they make to pay admission, take a photo and genereally claim to be in the same building as Amber. Pictures are posted on feelin' Amber's outfit choice-at all. She's usually so well put together... :( Anyway, she pocketed $10,000.00 for the appearance and was spotted shopping through our wonderful city all wknd. Way to get paid for looking good, drinkin' liquor and spending more money, and she USED to be a stripper!!! Gotta love "Socialites"

DONT FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL runoff Election for the NEW mayor of ATLANTA!!!!!!! KASIM REED ALL DAY!!! But if you choose that "other" candidate, it's cool just get out and VOTE!!!!!!!

With that, I'm going to do me the rest of this day. Remember that Gossip Girl is all new tonight, and that hour is a GREAT time to give a mani/pedi!!!!! Have a great day, and stay blessed kids!!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Abbriviated AMA Wrap UP!!!

Happy Monday!!!  So EVERYONE was tweeting and writing about the American Music Awards that aired last night on ABC. I did not have a front row seat nor catch the live showing, as I was trapped in that sickeningly-overrated New Moon. However, thanks to the diligent and speedy work of bloggers Necole Bitchy, and I have pieced together the more noteable performances for a mini-wrap-up (you know how I do). Made me feel like I was there... though clearly didn't miss too much. LOL. Let's GIT GIT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

**Whitney Houston finally had her "comeback" performance of the year! She also took home the AMA for "International Artist". The tea was spilling that she may be back with her boonopolis Ray J- the two were seated near each other during the award ceremony and post show were spotted partying together... Get It Whitney!!!

JANET IS BACK!!!!!! SHE KILLED it with an opening medley of her Number One records!!!! I'm not feelin' the color choice of her performance outfit, but I appriciated the fashion risk on the style. Leave it to Janet to try and make it work.Well, E for Effort as she slaughtered her performace!!!!!

***In the vein of "Shoulda, woulda, coulda", Jennifer Lopez had an abysmal slip-up last night during her live performance of the song, "Louboutins". The track was originally written for R&B songstress Brandy, but Latin "sometime-pop star" Lopez snaked her for it. I keep rewinding and watching the slip up and my favorite quote, "Did you miss me" UM, NOOO?!?! Not performing THIS sub-parr??? It's HIMscarical to me. I dunno why...I don't think I'll be investing in the single, as the song does nothing for me.

***And Haters, say what you will, but RiRi had the most visually stunning performance of the night!!!! I throughly enjoyed her performace!!! Singing voice... not so much, but DAUM she's GREAT to look at!!!!

***Small Doses***
-So the Internet was filled with this clip over the weekend of Brandy wailing her rendition in-bathroom of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gon' Come". I didn't know she could stay on key accapella so I was impressed by that feat alone. Thoughts??
Adam Lambert : (attempt) Pushing Male Sexuality Envelope??!!
-In a sad attempt to remain relevant, American Idol looser (he was the more popular in the final two however) Adam Lambert made a debut live performance as a solo artist. It included crotch grabbing, male on male sexual suggestiveness and a simulation of oral sex. He told Rolling Stone Magazine that if ABC choose to edit any parts of his performance, it's "discrimination" O WOoooooow. No Comment. No real interest...
Mary J. Blidge-On Point AS USUAL!!!
-Back with that confidence we all know and love, Mary performed her song, "I AM" Live. That is my JAAAM!!!!!Great JOB!!!
Lady GaGa:  THE Most Creative Performance Of The Night
-Click to see GaGa's artistic yet provocative performance of "Bad Romance" (SWOON)
and "Someday" on the piano. KILLED IT!!!!!!
AGAIN?!?! Jay-Z and Alica Keys' "Empire State of Mind"
-Who HASN't seen this performance live?!?! OFFICIALLY over this song. NEXT!!!!! (clip was -thankfully- removed)

What did YOU think of the night's performances??

And with that, I'm going to try and find some Monday motivation. Have a great afternoon!!!!!



Friday, November 20, 2009


A Belle In Brooklyn
, one of my favorite blog sites (a GREAT gfriend turned me on months ago-she motivated me to start a blog site) wrote an extensive blog about the Beyonce "Video Phone" effect. I completely agree with all written. In fact, I may even take a more judgmental stance, because I for one do not understand what the hell, in fact, BeYaki is singing about??!?!

I also don't understand the concept of the video, though I am impressed with the colors and Hype William's direction. This video blew me away at first because of the pure uncensored raw sexuality BeYaki's serving up, singing about...well...SEX?!?! This isn't the first time she's done this to unsuspecting audiences while passing it off as "art" or "entertainment", but this video actually left me with my mouth agape due to all of the p-poppin', squatting, jerking, @$$ shakin' and dropping Mrs. Jay-Z was doing on film.
No, not even the leotard made me raise an eyebrow, but I think it was the lyrical combination, "You say you want me/ so press record/ I'll let you film me on ya VIDEOPHONE" and gyrating. I.Was.Done. I definitely don't want my niece singing that shyyyyyt?!?!?!?!!!!! WHAT is BeYaki teaching the youth now?? REALLY?? REALLY. Even staunch BeYaki fans defend her, but don't know why... well I'm saying maybe everyone should stop and think. Seriously. For little girls ARE buying her albums and emulating her "swag" (gag) all influenced to become lil' Freaky @$$ Kim Kardashians???! It's just tooo much. 
*Dear BeYaki,
   Please don't release anymore overtly sexual videos, songs, or pop lock or drop anymore, until you have secured the Vegas Deal  and only adults over the age of 21 can view your pornographic ways voluntarily. It is officially... offensive. Also, Lady GaGa looked rather weird along side of you. Please tell her to stay in her own unique lane and not try to bite your bedazzled, wind-machine, pu$$y-ever-present, lace-front, Jezebel ways. THANKS!!!!!

Louis Knockoffs Are Fashionable?!?! Say Whaaaaaaaaaaa??????
-This trend has been popular for years, but I must admit that I too was giving the ultimate *Side Eye of 2009 now that ERRRRRy woman walking the streets of Atlanta, NY, and DC (my favorite, frequented cities) rocking a basic Louis or a Chanel bag.  CLEARLY, Louis Vuitton did not have a clearance sale, so what gives w. the sudden popularity of the fake bag??? reported today that fake bags, are now the bag du jour to covet- sighting the recent recession as more reason not to drop your mortgage payment on the latest Speedy. WORD?!?! ATL, really?? I'll just continue to lust after the real thing...not a fan of imitations. I tried on Canal Street in NY. I really really did, but alas, my heart wasn't in it and I felt rushed. What do YOU think????

Stay Reading @ NEW POST....

MORE FOOLYWANG For The Week.... :) :)

-There are rumors circulating that Bravo is in the midst of casting for a new show tentatively titled, "The Boys of ATL". The spin off will either be about men of power in the entertainment industry, men of Atlanta. (thanks 
RUMOR PATROL: Twitter and the Internet were buzzing with the same rumor this week, that Real Housewife of Duluth Sheree may be (gasp) LEAVING as she may be (clutches chest) REPLACED?!?! I sure hope not, cause I was just starting to like her...Def. going to follow this story

SAY IT AIN'T SO: QUEEN TO Relinquish Her THRONE?!?!?!
-Yes, the world is saddened with the announcement that the QUEEN of ALL media, Oprah Winfrey, is ending her 25 year run of her iconic syndicated talk show. The announcement was made Thursday afternoon, and Oprah says her last show taping will be in September of 2011. Let's all hope she pulls a Jay-Z and this whole thing is a fake out. My heart cannot take it if this is truth (Seriously, I had a panic attack yesterday when I heard she was trying to leave)??!!?!

-So last night Diddy did what he's globally known for: throwing a party of the grandest scale in his beloved NYC!!! The Occasion was his 40th Birthday celebration, and everyone from his babymamas, old and new artists, tothe Kardashians (shrug) were in the BUILDING!!! Click the link for NecoleBitchy's exclusive Twitter photos of some of the flyyyyy guests. Please note how disturbing the ladies of "Dirty Money" appear. Tragic. SMDH.

WhatheJOEJACKSONHELL?!??!!: Bombing Attempt @ GRAND HUSTLE??
-Police are still investigating a bombing attempt at Grand Hustle records early Thursday morning between 2:30 a.m. and 3:00a.m. Two (40) Ounce bottles were found containing the flammable substance Molotov (mixed as a cocktail?!?) near the broken window of the office building. Grand Hustle CEO Derek Jeter suggested it may have been a disgruntled artist (WHO does this?!?) but noted that none were phased at Grand Hustle, all are well, and it's clearly business as usual. YEAAAAA BUDDYY!!!

With that kids, I'm off to continue brainstorming the new site layouts and make changes that (hopefully) will be pleasing in your eyes!!! SMooooooooooches, and have a blessed day!!




Hey Kids!!! What a blessing to be alive and alert this week!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT, and feeling blessed, as there is little time for anything else! Apologies for the delays in the postings, but I've been experiencing technical difficulties ALL wk long. HOWEVER: I am completely revamping this site and you will soon be directed to DAWNAVETTE.COM!!!! I can't wait!!! TOO excited!! SO, as there is a bit to discuss from the workweek, Let's GIT GIT GIT IT!!!!!

-In case you missed it, Janet gave her first in-depth public interview since her brother Michael Jackson's passing, and it aired Wednesday night at 10:00 pm. Janet appeared flawless (makeup, ivory sweater dress and banging shoes) and Robin Roberts giggled, squealed, and blushed the entire interview (I found Robert's behavior rather weird and annoying as she is a professional. She should maintain ALL girl-crushing till AFTER the cameras are rolling). Roberts asked rather general questions that Janet politely whispered through, no dirt, but it was entertaining nonetheless.  JANET Interview "Highlights":
*Holds Dr.Conrad Murray responsible for her brother's death
*Had no knowledge Michael was addicted to Propofol (Getthefcukouttahere- he was using an IV drip?!?)
*Has ALWAYS called Joseph, "Joseph"; no questions. It is what it is. (Would YOU try "Daddy" w. that man??)
*Luvs being 40- "Don't really care what anyone thinks"
*Is NOT w. Jermaine Dupri (side eye) but they remain "good friends" (Riiiiiiiiiiight)
*Gearing up for a new album release of #1's.
(For the entire interview, please click the link above)

50 Cent Knows NO LIMITS
1. If you haven't already heard, 50Cent's latest beef w. ex-prison guard Rick Ross "the BOSS" (yea right) has sunken to an all-time low with photos of 50, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and Rick Ross' son  circulating across the Internet this week. This latest round has 50 taking jabs at Ross' parenting skills, features Ross' baby'smama (yet again- WHERE is the moral fabric of this chick?!) and Ross' lack of response. Floyd is dancing around the photos too...foolish. I feel soo bad for the kids, innocent pawns who's parents are LAMES in need of media attention. Can you IMAGINE the fights they'll experience growing up bc of this coonery?!? I can't. SMDH.
2. The Gran Dame Cougar, Vivica A. Fox, was recently spotted on the set of 50 Cent's latest video, shoot. The word is that she is playing his latest love interest, both in the video and in real life. SMDH. WOW.Are these two really going at it again??!! She'll never learn...
3. 50 allegedly got into a minor macho altercation backstage of the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping with the great NBA announcer Marv Albert. Really Fiddy??!?! Marv? Marv was unphased by all the foolywang, and kept it pimpin'.
4. 50 Cent's new album release, "Before I Self Distruct" is projected to sell a (shockingly) disapointing 160,000 copies. Fiddy is blaming an international leak on the low numbers.
 -SOOO, ALLLL the aforementioned was for...WHAT?!?! I surely wish he'd quit Shuckin' & Jiving and make quality music reminescent of "Get Rich Or Die Trying"??!?! Is that too much to ask?!?! CLEARLY SO. Hence, the FIDDY drama ensues... SMDH


Friday, November 13, 2009

Gucci Jailed-AGAIN, KASIM REED LOCKS IT IN, RiRi ROCKS!!!!!! (Yea, I said it!!)

Happy Friday Kids!!!!!!!! The weather this weekend will be LUV-LY if you're in the Atl, and there should be plenty to get involved with!!! I'm a lil' peeeved as I was slated to be in LA this wknd, but hell. Life happens. Hope to be in Sunny Cali next month... (smile) ANyWHO.... I know you're ready... so LET'S GIT, GIT, GIT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

- The 28-year old rap wonder Gucci Mane, government-Raderick Davis, was sentenced to six months jail time yesterday in Fulton County, GA for probation violation. Gucci's stint in jail will be on the eve of his latest studio/ commercial release (Dec. 8, 2009) "The State Vs. Radrick Davis".
In 2005, Gucci was convicted of  hitting a club promoter with a pool cue, and ordered to complete 600 hours of Community Service. When he did not (surprise) he was sentenced to a year in jail, and upon release
headed directly to the recording studio to began his stellar 2009; appearing on over 5 commercial singles!! WHAT a way to end 2009- IN JAIL?!. This is yet ANOTHER example of when Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong (Thanks Dave).
I'm beyond bored, under impressed, and quickly disinterested in yet another rapper making national headlines for a conviction as opposed to a record sale. I'm even more irritated that the last few rappers in this category, Lil' Boosie, Lil' Wayne, T.I., and now Gucci Mane, are grown, rich, and (one would think) free-thinking individuals?!?! WHYthefcuk are these young men in situations that place their careers, families, and branding potential at stake?! I've been hearing of rappers going in and out of jail since I was in the fourth grade?!?! ENOUGH ALREADY!?!?! The bullox is so pathetic when you examine the reality of urban communities across the nation, see the need for more positive Black male role models, realize that young children look up to these rappers, yet the rapper's decision making skills do not improve. SMDH. WHEN will collective hip-hop grow up??? I'm the biggest hip-hop fan, but am quickly loosing interest in the coon-tastic behavior exhibited and promoted by this new class of artists. It's trife. I'm just sayin...

-WHAT the JOEJACKSONHELL is goin' on w. Katt Williams?!?!? Last night Williams held a press conference to announce that he was allegedly kicked out of a penthouse suite with a pre-paid (Ca$h) seven-night stay. According to Access Atlanta, Katt stated, "I'm at the point now where I'm standing out here with millions of dollars in movies and TV specials sold and most of them done right here in Atlanta," Williams Continued, "And to be ceremoniously dismissed at a hotel is sad."
The sketch meter goes through the roof as reports say that spokespersons from the hotel have NO record of Williams staying at the hotel. SMDH. THIS foolish act is fresh off the arrest Sunday in Coweta county for breaking and entering, and a week prior to that evading a kidnapping charge. Katt...Seriously?? SERIOUSLY!!!?! Maybe this is an extended publicity stunt, but it's getting too many side eyes to be considered a success. If he's on drugs, let's get him some rehab and a role model. If he is stressed, let's demand that he takes a career break... but for crying out crazy, PLEASE get him OUT of the media light?!?! SHEESH. EM-barrasssing.

**Smaller Doses**
-Just Wednesday evening, Lisa Borders (D) announced that she would be backing Atlanta Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed during the Dec.1st runoff (election). Just yesterday evening, former (D) Georgia  governor Roy Barnes formally endorsed Reed, adding to his lengthy list of political and celebrity endorsements. Go KASIM REED!!!! Don't forget to register and rock your vote (if possible) on December 1st.
Sarah Palin Makes Her Bestseller List (Assured) Debut
-For all interested parties...the moose shooting, teenage pregnancy promotin', capitalist, soccer mom, Geography major, and would be Vice-President of the free world will release her new book over the weekend "Going Rouge" -*blank stare* (crickets chirping) @ least she'll be on Oprah, and has a manuscript to back her claims against Levi. Ooooooh, Levi.... LMAO!!!!!!!!!
-Thanks to YBF, a click on the link sets you up for the hawtest RiRi video yet, without waiting till tonight on 20/20!!!
O yea. Chris "Beatherdown" Brown's video "Crawl" debuted on Wendy (shudder) Williams today. (Click the link to catch a replay). Thoughts??? Still siding w. RiRi!!!!

With that kids, have a GREAT Friday!! Stay blessed, and be a blessing!!



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tyson's STILL Knocking Out, PIMP DOWN! , Sammy's Cries for HELP

Happy THURSDAY!!!!!!!! Aren't we blessed to be among the living and thriving this MIRNIN!!! There are a few hot lil' topics worthy of discussion

-Mike Tyson was arrested yesterday for assaulting a random *papp whilst trying to exit the uber-crowded LAX airport in Los Angeles California. Tyson, 43 and his daughter, were surrounded by relentless photogs (reports state) and he asked repeatedly to be left alone. The conflict gets a bit sketch when the punch was thrown- Tyson's camp says that while he and his daughter were at the ticket counter, the papp got too close, and struck Tyson in an attempt to provoke. So, Tyson threw the punch in self defense. The photog's camp says- Tyson is an animal that punched him (unprovoked) in the face. RIIIGHT. The factual result was the aggressive papp was knocked to the ground and a bloody trail lingered as he skulked away through the airport.
Tyson was arrested for misdemeanor battery, left LAX in a squad car, and quickly posted bail ($20,000). After a similar incident several months ago with Kaynye West and a papp, surely LAX should consider legislation that protects celebs from invasion of their space and privacy, especially when traveling with their families!! Hey Pap- You got knocked the ###$@ OUT!!!!! AHAHAHA.
*papp= paparazzi, photographer, excessively annoying set to capture a celeb in action for profit. YOU KNOW!!!*

-If you haven't heard by now, famed comedian and actor Katt Williams ("It's PimPIN-Pimpin'!!) was arrested this weekend in Coweta Co. Georgia, for.... burglary charges?!?!?! The actor, allegedly in the Atlanta suburb filming a movie, was caught trying to remove jewelry and other goods through forcible entry. That's right, Katt was caught for breaking in his homie's house?! The homeowner, music producer Barry Hankerson, immediately called the police. Williams remained jailed throughout Monday, until he posted $40,000.00 in bail.
This story gets even more foolish as Katt and his lawyer have been loudly proclaiming that he wears more than the accused stolen amount of jewls on his person. WTH?!?! There are also audio tapes of a 911 call made by a 17-year-old young man just a week prior to Katt's arrest claiming that Williams was holding him hostage. No charges were filed, but these incidents are amidst a string of public foolywang...more as this story slowly falls apart...

-It's official: Shaunie O'neal filed official legal separation with the intent to divorce on Monday in Los Angeles. Shaunie also wasted no time in removing her children from school in Florida and moving them to LA as well. She is seeking spousal support and full custody of the couple's (4) children.The separation is the latest move in the unraveling that is the O'neal marriage, courtesy of Shaq's (countless) indiscreet behaviors. Chile, I hope she takes him to the cleaners. He is a mess, and I can't respect messiness. That's just disrespectful the way he keeps his business out in the skreets?!?! Booooo.

-At 9:11pm Tuesday evening, the Commonwealth of Virginia reigned justice on convicted murderer John Muhammad, 48, by lethal injection. Muhammad was convicted of murdering over 10 random and innocent victims throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland during the spring of 2002. He and young accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, went on a random killing spree, senselessly paralyzing the "DMV" for three long weeks. I remember... I was there. Officers say he did not utter a single word, and the death was witnessed by several of the victims' family members. I'm not a fan of capital punishment, and although the crime he was convicted of is very horrifying (I'm still not convinced they did it- another blog), it's still unsettling to me that the Virginia Commonwealth rushed his death, yet mass murderer Charles Manson is still alive.

**Small Doses**
-Tomorrow marks the second leg of the show down between pop's most infamous ex-couple: Both stars are releasing their latest music videos from their latest new projects, slated for the same release date (COINCIDENCE MUCH?!?!?!!!!!!!!) Princess RiRi will return to ABC's 20/20- as she IS their lil' ratings darling- and debut her much anticipated hawtness "Russian Roulette" SWOOOON!!!! Chris "Beatherdown" Brown is taking a similar, albeit raunchier approach and debuting his latest, "Crawl" on that GAWD-Awful Wendy Williams Show (Shudder). Who do YOU think will win the ratings and fan approval?? (Anyone wanna put some money down, come see me!!)

-So, baseball great Sammy Sosa was photographed all last week looking (scarily) about 5 shades lighter than he would normally appear. In addition to his newly-lightened skin, Sosa was also photographed wearing colored contact lenses. WOW. Just yesterday Sosa admitted to applying a bleaching cream to his skin, however he did not admit that he was channeling Michael Jackson. Cut it out Sammy, it's either an obsession with MJ or intense self-hatred that would EVER make someone want to bleach their skin to such a degree. Jesus... take the wheel.

With that, I'm breaking out early!!!! Have a great afternoon kids!!!!



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Princess RiRi Speaks, Beyaki, Shaq's Infedelity & RIP Soilders in Ft. Hood

Happy THURSDAY KIDS!!!!! I had a great evening last night, enjoying the sounds of Wed.'s open-mike night @ the infamous Apache!!!! Today, mad tired, so maybe it wasn't such a great idea. Anywho, the day is fresh w. doses for your consumption, so without further delay... LET's  GIT GIT GIT IIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Rihanna's Interview Breaks Silence-Sheds Light
-This morning, the first half of the much-hyped interview with Princess RiRi and Diane Sawyer (FAV) aired on Good Morning America. RiRi looked great (as I must say), and appeared confident and controlled. She gave a high-level account of her violent attack in Febuary, but focused less on the details of the incident and more on her reactions post-media frenzy. She even discusses feeling obligated as a role model for young women, judged on her decision to go back to "Beatherdown". 
When questioned about her decision to return to Chris "Beatherdown" Brown, RiRi gets teary and advises young women to "EFF LOVE, cause LOVE is blind". She continues that women should remove themselves from the situation and look at it objectively in order to see clearly. I reallllllly felt for her, not only bc I'm a fan, but bc everyone plays the fool for love, but no one wants to be treated like that... and in public?!?! WOW. I
found myself loosing even more respect for "Beatherdown" bc RiRi appeared scared, and clearly embarassed not only for playing victim but for even dating such a mess.
I am beyond eager to see what the full interview tomorrow on 20/20 will air.
*RiRi also graces the December cover of Glamour Magazine, offering another take on her 2009 experiences. She looks AHmaZING!!! Go RIRI!!!!

Beyonce is Queen of Entertainment??
-The machine that is Matthew Knowles was successful in yet another business deal in the steps towards Beyaki's world domination. Media Fake Out is reporting that Papa Knowles is thisclose to closing a deal for Beyaki to perform exclusively at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, commanding upwards of $100 million annually for a minimum of (5) five years. I repeat. BEYAKI could make upwards of $500,000,000.000- pushing her into the stratusphere of entertainment wealth. WOW. That's dumb money, but really, where else would you expect to see Beyaki??? She's getting up there in age (though it's not reflected in her strobe lighting, constant wind machine and couchie-cutting leotards) and Vegas has ALL the amenities an uberceleb like she would require for nightly performances. All the bedazzle she could ever dream or demand, and a constant audience thrilled to see her writhe and grind whilst they down free liquor! BRING. IT. ON!!!!! I'll even pay for that...
**In other KNOWLES news, TINA is launching her OWN clothing line--- Seriously--that will debut on QVC. (SURPRISE). This line is named, "MissTina" and you can find similar pieces @ your local Urban SwapMeet. GETthatcrapouttahere.... I'll never be a patron. I might catch a flame in all that daum polyester and sequinse. UUUGH.***

***Smaller Doses***
Fidelity is NOT THE BIZ @ the O'NEAL Household

Shquile O'Neal, bka "Big Cactus", is accused-yet AGAIN- of cheating on his wife Shauni. This time, w. he and Shauni's mutual friend,Laura Govan (Finace of  NBA starGilbert Arenas  . WOW. Maybe SOME couples should consider thearapy, a better publicist, or even better... divorce?!?! This is getting embarassing Shaq. SHeeeesh.
-Breaking news that (7) people are listed as dead and (20) people are listed as injured during an afternoon shooting on a military base this afternoon. More information to follow as story continues to break. Please pray for all the soldiers involved. 

Body Count Rises in Ohio
-This Monstrous case continues to unfold in Ohio?! Ohio police have uncovered an additional (2) bodies yesterday courtesy of that psycho mass murderer/ rapist!!!! JESUS take the wheel...
-Yesterday marked the official World Series Win for the Yankees (Snoooze) and Mary J. Blidge's "interesting" rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Yes. I said it. I was under impressed. SOWWWWY!!! (I can only throw shade cause I've sang this song MILLIONS of times. It's hella hard... she could've done better. JSaayinnn. )

With that kids, I'm going to finish grinding so I can get back to the Happy Hour that is my life!! LOL. At least today anyway. Stay Blessed!!!!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monster in Cleveland, Sheree's Sex Tape, and KASIM FOR MAYOR OF ATL!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Kids!!!!! It's the middle of the week, a GORG day in the ATL, and all's alive and CRACKIN!!! I know you're ready for that daily dose, so LET's GIT GIT GIT IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Real-Life Horror in Ohio
-Yesterday, Ohio police officers raided the home of UBER creepy- mass-murderer and convicted sex-offender Anthony Sowell, and found four new bodies in addition to the six that were found last week. That brings the latest total to (10) ten bodies. Yes, this monster had been raping women and stashing their bodies throughout his HOME.
Other disgusting facts about the findings include bodies stuffed in crawl spaces, and a skull wrapped in a bag placed in the trash can. This story reads like a plot line for a new SAW flick, but it is beyond saddening to know that all these women lost their lives. Even worse, if at all measurable, is the fact that neighbors complained of an odor for years, and dozens more women are now coming forward to say they were also rape victims living in fear of their lives. I'm praying for the families of all the victims involved.

It's a RUNOFF!!!!! 
-Atlanta Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed (HU!!) will continue campaigning as the votes were. Yesterday's elections showed a poor voter turn-out overall, and it looks like whichever candidate can get their supporters BACK out to the polls on Dec. 1st will win!!! NO DOUBT Kasim Reed will be the next Mayor of Atlanta!!!!!! On a similar note, a major order of business that neither candidate is listing as a priority is that of the environment and pollution within the city/ surrounding cities in Atlanta. A new article in Forbes lists the ATL as the "most toxic city" in America. WOW. Message!!

-So Sheree Whitfield, a classic character on the Real Housewives Of Duluth, was once married to Bob Whitfiled, former NFL star. Whilst they were married, allegedly Sheree got freak-yy, nast-yy, and plastic-yyyy according to Bob's recent interview on the Nigel and Marco radio show?! Bob blasts Sheree on front street claiming to have paid for Sheree's breasts and nose. He also says that he has sexy pictures and a sex tape of Sheree. Bob continues saying he feels he "Created Frankenstein"... well isn't that taking allll the credit... ?!?! LOL. I'd like to think she's controlling sooome parts of the foolishnesss... this will play out great during Season 3!!!  Click to Listen to the entire interview

***Smaller Doses***
Soul Train Awards Taping in ATL
The Soul Train Awards were taped last night in Atlanta, and there was a hodgepodge of Black Hollywood in the city!!! Amidst all the (allegedly) amazing performances, red carpets, and stunting via Twitter Pics, I'm eager to see the results!! I wasn't present at the show taping, which premieres on the 29th of November on BET, but one of my fav. bloggers -Necole Bitchy had a great wrap-up and photo stills. Enjoy!
-In what is yet another attempt to remain "current" and "multi-cultural" (WTH BET?!?!) BET's 106 and Park featured Lady GaGa as yesterday's guest. GaGa looked extra great (I'm a huge fan) and her shoes were swooon worthy, but it all seemed forced to me. Like, really?? are we REALLY gonna see a GaGa track on the top 10 here people?? At least she promoted her new duet/ cover of Beyaki's "Videophone". (Wasn't THAT track screaming for some assistance???) The two will premiere their video for the single tomorrow.

Slow news day otherwise, and I'm out for the afternoon kids!!!! Have a great one, and stay blessed!!!



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frankie on Mathis, Soul Train in ATL, and Beyonce

Happy Tuesday Kids!!! Hope everyone is blessed and progressive! This is a beautiful day in Georgia, and I'm so glad to be out and about after work today!So, you know it's time for the daily dose!!LET'S GET IIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- So Dallas Cowgirl Cheerlearder, Whitney Isleib, decided it would be a good idea if she dressed as Lil' Wayne for Halloween. Too Bad Whitney is a racist, and choose to don full Blackface makeup, gold fronts, locks, and (the ever-present prop) a pimp challace. She then thought it would be an even better idea to take photos and post them on Facebook. What a GENIUS!!! If she's not off the squad by the end of the week, I'm starting a letter writing campaign. Seriously. In the year of our Nation's first Black President, we still deal with racist behaviors such as this!? In no stretch do I find this comical, humorous or flattering, in fact it is beyond offensive, ignorant, and shameful. Electronic media allows such ignorance and hatred to spread at record speed, and racists such as she are provided a platform/support (EWWW to Facebook for even allowing her to post such crap) and backlash from all angles (Hell yea to allllll the blogs that wrote about what a moron Whitney is). Deep In the Heart Of Texas... INDEED. :(

SECURITY!!!!! GET FRANKIE!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!!!!
-So Keyshia Cole's mother, the infamous Frankie, appeared on Judge Mathis yesterday, in a dispute over a missed club appearance!! Rewind. This story wasn't set up for the buffoonery that airs weekly on BET otherwise known as the Frankie and Neffie Show, but an actual event?!?! I'll never understand why anyone would pay to have her appear anywhere, much less promote a party for other patrons?! This embarassing situation can be summized in a photo. Security... Please get Frankie...

***Smaller Doeses***
Whitney Houston is seling her New Jersey Mansion
-Yes the house that crack, ooops, I mean, love built, is up for auction. Houston claims it's not finances that prompted the sale, but negative memories of her relationship with Bobby Brown. As she has other homes, I'm sure this loss isn't too difficult to cope with. At least now she has more time for that "Bobby by the pound... and Whitney by the key..." lol. I kid!
Chris Brown is Rocking...Leggings???!?!
-The CD Cover for Chris "BeatherDown" Brown's latest offering was released over the net today: It features Chris... in all of his rocker manhood... standing in some tightasshell ballhugging leggings. WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?! I admitedly don't understand the kids like I used to, but this fashion choice is almost criminal. Unless you're European, strait OUTTA Berlin, Germany... CUT.It.OUT. This debut was timed as Princess RiRi released her track listings for "Rated R" & buzz continues over her upcoming interviews. Crosspromotion much????!!!!
-I've been a fan of hers since I was a lil' Freshman @ HU!!!!! I HEART Mz. Amerie, and encourage everyone to cop!! She's such an original, so cute, and actually has a Degree (Georgetown much??) She's having issues w. itunes (No album, wth??) and shipping issues, so if u can't find it in stores, check YEA!!

Atlanta Mayoral Race!!!!! VOTE PEOPLE!!!!
-Today was the day, and hopefully you encouraged others, and went out and rocked that VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows I support KASIM REED!!!!!! The ONLY Choice for ATLiens!!!!!! I'm too excited to see how this election turned out... and will surely recap on tomorrow.

With that kids, I'm out. It's time for spirits, and socialization!!! Smooooches!!!!



Monday, November 2, 2009

NOVEMBER MUSIC (RiRI)!!, 'PRECIOUS' FEVER, & Levi's Late but Himscarical!!

Hello Kids!! Happy MONDAY!! Welcome to NOVEMBER!!!! It's like in the midst of 4th Quarter in 2009, so be sure to go out with a BANG!!!! You never know what 2010 will bring.Well, it's TIME for a daily dose!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET's GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Chris "Beat Her Down" Brown is baaaack, and gearing up for a winter promotional tour of his latest album,  "Graffitti". Current single "Transform Ya" with Swizz Beatz and Lil' Wayne has already hit radio and he's releasing a second single simultaneously (MJ attempt anyone??) Chris just shot his second video for the single, "Crawl" w. Cassie staring as the video girl. He looks good... albeit a bit dorky, but surely someone's feelin' it...right?? Right??
Rihanna: Slow Build but WORTH IT!!!
Princess RiRi has leakeded her second single from the much anticipated "Rated R"- "Wait Your Turn"
Again. I'm FEELIN it!! I'll be rockin' this album allll holiday season long! RiRi's also set to appear on Good Morning America (Thurs. morning) and 20/20 (Friday evening) giving her first public interviews since her public beat-down. Now, Media Take Out spoiled the GMA exclusive and claim that RiRi is giving no new info. However, I'm holding fast till 20/20. RiRi won't let me down... my fingers are crossed!!!! 
These announcements are traveling through the media and itunes fast (and simultaneously)Who do YOU think will be the bigger seller this holiday season?? Someone pull that daum trigger already...

SO CRUNK for PRECIOUS Debut!!!!!!
-The ELITE world is getting ready for the debut of PRECIOUS!!!!! YBF posted the latest stills of the recent Hollywood premiere of the film (there have been like-8?!?) and Mo'Nique FINALLY showed up!! She looked aaaahmazing!!! If you are STILL in the dark about the most anticipated movie of the season, you need to get with it... for now the movie has received approval from the NY Times!!! It's THE talk!!!! I'm ecstatic, for it's high time WE saw a substance-filled portrayal of an urban FEMALE survivor!!!!! 'Precious' details the struggles of an obese, Black, poor, abused, pregnant, teen struggling day-to-day in Harlem during 1987. Her gritty yet inspiring story puts the K.Kardashians and other countless, talentless, famous-for-no-reason stories of Hollywood tarts to SHAME! The film 'Precious' is based on the novel PUSH by Sapphire, and you simply MUST read it before viewing the film. Repeat: MUST?!?! If you're reading this blog you're all about intellectual stimulation, so indulge yourself and gain a bit of culture shock that forces you to open your mind to the plights of others around you. I swear you'll come out better for it... I'm even planning a 'Precious' Viewing party!!!! Get on Board!!!
'Precious' ATL Showtimes (Movie Opens Nov. 6th)

***Smaller Doses***:
Levi Johnston is capitalizing on his 5 min. of fame!!
Johnston is making his media rounds, the same time Sarah "Moose Shootin' " Palin is making her rounds for her new book promotion, to announce to the world that (Gasp) Palin is a sham of a public figure!!! SHOCKER! (Crickets chirping...) Um, thanks for blowing that whistle, but the majority of intelligent American public didn't buy that Soccer Mom Bullox from Day One.I applaud his efforts, but would've found it more exciting if he was a snitch during the... ELECTION?!?! Shyt$ n giggles just the same.
-It's official: President Obama's Health care plan is slated to take off... and WORK!!!!! There's even been an increase in job offerings!!! Rahm Emanuel said he's "not dancing in the end zone".. but dammit I am!! GLOAT!! GLOAT!!!Read NYTimes article for complete statistics.
-Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY!!! The debates are done and tomorrow we vote for the next Mayor of Altanta GA!!! It's no secret that I'm backing Mayoral Democratic candidate Kasim Reed, as he's clearly the most qualified, able and efficient leader... and ATLien fighting FOR ATLiens. PLEASE tell EVERYONE you KNOW To get out and ROCK THE VOTE (KASIM REEEEED!!!!!!!) tomorrow!!! It's PAST crucial to keep Atlanta, the dopest city in Georgia, as progressive and peaceful as possible. Thanks!! oh, OF COURSE Kasim was a HOWARD GRADUATE?!?!? U KNOOOOOW!!!!
-With that, I'm going to continue my grind shawty. Don't block my SHINE SHAWTY!!! (Lyric from my new fav. joint- BigBoi feat. Gucci -Hater Blockers!! HEARD!!!!)