Friday, January 29, 2010


-I don't know what's going on in the world when Washington, DC's Donnie Simpson, and Atlanta, Georgia's Joyce Littel, both part ways with their original home-stations?!?! Early last week, rumors flew that Atl radio station V103 and it's on-air personality Joyce Littel & signature Quiet Storm program, would part ways. The show will remain dubbed the "Quiet Storm", air during regular times, but there is no Joyce. No invited poets, sexy call-in's, exclusive live performances, nada. Also, yesterday it was announced that DC's legendary Donnie Simpson would no longer remain an on-air personality at WPGC. Donnie Simpson, "Green Eyes" who has hosted the morning show for over 32 years Seriously?? Both departures come as a shock, and additional signs that old radio, expressive, personable, and familiar, is crushed for new radio, commercial, indecent, and repetitive.
    We've all heard the Kathy Hughes PSA's, with her awkward-sounding self, encouraging listeners to alert their congressperson of the threatening tax on urban radio stations. Also, a growing trend, local on-air personalities and their "Morning Shows" have started to peel off for nationally syndicated shows by famous comedians. Now that two notable radio stars familiar in my development are gone, I am honestly questioning the state of radio as I once knew. Statistically, the ratings for radio have been trickling off for years as satellite and mp3 collections have become the norm. The younger generation thirsts for consistent personalities with uplifting vision that extends further than commercialism and marketing dollars. I hope local radio can find its way again; one day soon allow the underground and local artists with phenomenal talent a platform as opposed to the mediocre, obscenity-filled, and shallow-lyric-ed staples heard 24/7.

**Smaller Doses**
Ugly Betty-It's. A. Wrap. -The season running comedy based on a physically and socially awkward young lady with a charming spirit working in fashion (the irony) has been canceled. It was growing rather stale in my opinion, but I will miss Vanessa Williams' gorgeous fashion stills in the show promos.
PANTS ON THE GROUND PERFORMANCE @ GRAMMYS-Well, General Larry Platt will be performing his sensational-hit "Pants On The Ground" on the red carpet before the ceremony. TMZ is reporting that he has yet to secure a ticket to the awards show taped live this Sunday. WOW. WHAT is the nation coming to?! I guess...



Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPAD HYPE!!! iPAD HYPE!!!!!!!!!

-After months of anticipation and rumor, Steve Jobs introduced the first model of the Apple iPAD, an advanced hybrid of the iPhone (smartphone) and a laptop. It will access the internet at unprecedented speeds, it's working with a 1GHz processor, LED back lit IPS display and a 10 inch, multitouch screen. The model will come in optional 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte versions, with pricing starting at $499. That's relatively low considering... iPad shipping will start in 60 days, and interested consumers can join the waiting list now at
Now with all the bells and whistles, there are several possible issues with the iPad as well. The first, is that wackness of a NAME?! Others include that the first model does not come equipped with a camera, so the option to video record or Skype as anticipated, may not be available. Service will still be with ATT (SKETCH & SPOTTY), and aside from the impressive iBook feature (that embarrasses that of a Kindle), it would appear that it is simply an enlarged iPhone tablet. Sowwy. I have an iPhone and have been pleasantly obsessed for over a year now. The largest draw there is my 3G coverage, unlimited apps and itunes (which changed my life-seriously) and the pure sleekness of the iPhone. If this new invention does all of that, only on a larger screen w. more activity for my fingers...what's all the hype?!?

Pardon me if I don't rush in line to cop one of the first generation iPads. I just don't think I will. The second generation...after all the kinks have been worked out, the features upgraded, and price lowered, then I'll fork over an additional $thousand to Apple (like they don't get you for a $1K minimum?!?! My Mac users know my vice...). A mobile tablet is definitely the way of the future, after all, American technological guru Bill Gates predicted such over 8 years ago. Soon there will be no more paper print or abundance of text books that force one to shell hundreds for a semester's use. Until that concept becomes more mainstream... the iPad is an exciting gadget, but not one I'll invest in right out the gate.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oden Sext Apology, Pink on Beyaki, HOPE FOR HAITI NOW


-If you read into her "Body Language", it would appear that Pink is making fun of Beyaki during a live performance of "Stupid Girls". At the 0:33 mark, Pink is clearly insulting the gyrations globally associated w. BeYaki...guess Pink's not a fan of slutty dance moves and camel toe. We can't all be stans...

-So earlier in the week pictures circulated on multiple blogsites of Portland Trailblazer's own Greg Oden's penis. Yes... seems like yet another wave of nudie pics, as taken by Greg and sent to his "lady friend" over 8 months ago, surfaced. In reality, the "lady friend" scorned decided to shop the photos around for $$$$. Yesterday, Oden issued an apology statement. "I would like to apologize to everybody: Portland, the fans, the organization, it was very embarrassing." Did Kim Kardashian teach us ANYThing?!?! Oden, I'm surprised such a young guy would fall prey to such an old tactic: sexting/ sext pics. BOOOO!! Upgrade to a more creative activity or a woman with better discretion. JEEZ.
-If you missed the televised Hope for Haiti Now Telethon that aired Friday night on EVERY major network, you missed what could arguably be considered the best telethon ever. Filled-to-the brim with A-list celebrities and performers, it was a two-hour heart gripping night in television for the best purpose- raising funds for Haiti. Artists including Sting, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson to name a few, touched a global audience to give and raised an estimated $57million and counting! The singles from the telethon are available for download at itunes (my FAV songs were Sting's Driven to Tears and J.Timberlake's rendition of Hallelujah) and officially just topped the Billboard Charts.  You can still donate to the cause for the next six months. Please give all you can to support Haiti!!!!!!!!

One of my FAVORITE female artists EVER, has just dropped her second studio release, The SEA!!! The melodic and soothing voice that is Corrine's received Grammy's, critical and commercial success in 2008 ("Put Your Records On", "Trouble Sleeping"). An article by details her difficult and on-going grief period as well as describes the tone of the new album. A MUST COP!!!!!!!!

Ususally I don't do this... but uh...CHECK IT OUT!!!!!! (Click link)
-I was sent this at wk by a certain Chi-townBestie, and I just couldn't resist re-posting. WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL indeed?!?! I can't take it seriously, from the many typos in the invite to the mall-pic poses. WOW. Someone, get your cousins!!!

*With that, I'm headed home to watch and write about tonight's Presidential address and review this Apple Tablet hype. Yea, I fell victim too. Oh! Who's playing that drinking game during the Presidential Address this evening??? Although put on late... I'll be playing!!!!



Thursday, January 21, 2010


-This week, the official press release from the All American Basketball Alliance (AABA) was made public, and the recent announcement shocked...well...most. The AABA is  organization is starting a solely all-Caucasian basketball league. Yes. whites-only, and the organization is  looking for 12 major cities (of COURSE he's considering ATL?!) to host teams (get on board with the idea). The inaugural season is slated to begin in June, 2010. Whatthejoejacksonhell???!!!!???
AABA Commissioner, Don "Moose" Lewis stated,
"There's nothing hatred about what we're doing," he said. "I don't hate anyone of color. But people of white, American-born citizens are in the minority now. Here's a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like."
Lewis pointed out his desire to emphasize "fundamental basketball" instead of "street-ball" played by "people of color." "Moose" even referenced the recent embarrassments of NBA superstars such as Gilbert Arenas (suspension for bringing handgun into locker-room/ place of business) as examples of frequent dissatisfaction with the current NBA roster.
"Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?" "Moose" said. "That's the culture today, and in a free country we should have the right to move ourselves in a better direction."
He continued,  "People will come out and support a product they can identify with. I'm the spoken minority right now, but if people will give us a chance, it'll work... The white game of basketball, which is essentially a fundamental game, works."

Considering that Black athletes aren't the dominate majority in any sport other than Basketball, as well as the parallels to modern-slavery that exist within professional sporting arenas, it is indeed insulting that a man dubbing himself "Moose", would continue to try and get this blatantly racist league approved?! There are so many ignorant layers to this story, from the outlandish requirements for eligibility, "Only natural born US citizens with both parents of Caucasian race" to the reasoning behind the racist exclusivity, "the white game of basketball...a fundamental game". If ever there was a reminder of the deeply racist sentiments that (Still) prevail in our everyday dealings, this is one. Thank you oh Grand Wizard "Moose" Lewis for jarring our memories to the reasoning and need for minority leagues, organizations, and groups that work to promote inclusion and equal recognition within a Western society.

-So yesterday ATL was abuzz that ex-reality tv star Markice "Kesan" Moore, formerly of MTV's "G's to Gents" fame, turned himself in after being on the run and on the Cobb County Most Wanted list. He is recently charged for the alleged abuse his 1-year-old infant daughter as she's suffering from two broken arms, a broken leg, 3 broken ribs, a broken clavicle bone, and multiple bruises. 
Though Kesan denied responsibility for all the charges of abuse against his daughter, he did admit to breaking her wrist post a fall from her bed... (side eye). He called into local Atlanta radio station V103 yesterday afternoon, and has since turned himself in. Kesan posted bail for $20,000.00 and is awaiting a court date. WOW. How in the world does one get involved in such MESS?!?! I will be praying for the recovery and safety of the little girl. Jesus... take the WHEEL!!!!

**Smaller Doses**
Oprah Pulls BIG Guests for HAITI Relief: RiRi, Maxwell, and Wycleff, OH MY!!!!
-Yesterday Oprah taped/ premiered her Haiti relief episode which featured live performances from Princess RiRi and Maxwell.
*RiRi (her acoustic version; she looked GREAT but sounded rather disappointing. Sowwwwy)     

Both performances are available for download and will go towards Haiti relief efforts. 
*Oprah also interviewed  Wycleff on his account of Haiti post-quake. Wycleff will announced that he will also appear on the much-hyped, much-anticipated, Viacom Networks-sponsored, celeb-studded,
prime-time telethon which will air on all of your favorite channels tomorrow night. Continue to pray & help HAITI!!!!!!
-Surprise, Surprise, J. Edwards admitted today (FINALLY) that he fathered Frances Quinn Hunter, the 2-year-old daughter of his former mistress, Rielle Hunter. He also expressed regret in the extended denial. WHOMP WHOMP!!
-Martin Lawrence is executive producing a new comedy on TVOne staring Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air) and the show aired nightly all this week. I've heard not a PEEP about the show (reviews, raves or otherwise) which is abnormal. I flipped past the closing credits the other night... so has anyone seen it?? Anyone?? ANYONE?! *Crickets Chirping*

With that, I'm going to enjoy the rest of this rainy and lazy Thursday in the Atown!!



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sad, But I can't take this Seriously.....

Wacka Flocka Flame Shot: Refused to Give Up His Chain
-About an hour ago, Atlanta gossip sites and Twitter were amass relaying the rumor (now fact) that So Icy Entertainment's artist, Wacka Flocka Flame, was shot at a gas station on Ol' National Highway this afternoon. Allegedly after Wacka refused the gunmen, they fired two shots and he is now recovering in the hospital and everyone is praying for his family.
Now. Please excuse my cynicism, but aren't we in the midst of (arguably-due to natural disaster) the worst global devastation EVER?!?! I'm referencing the mass graves in continuous construction, and unimaginable death toll over in Haiti.... I found it rather unsettling that the Twitterverse (in particular) was up-in-arms over a shooting that may have been avoided had "Wacka" simply given up his chain, a material investment that has no value in the grand scheme of... LIFE. Again, prayers for his family, but let's put it into perspective. Wacka raps/ sings about a "hard" lifestyle, filled with drugs and no less, robberies. Maybe he'll reconsider what he puts out into the universe next time (doubtful), maybe he'll recover and donate the daum chain to Haiti relief efforts (I'll hold my breath). I'm guessing little will change post his medical release, and he'll continue to "DOOOOOO IIIIIIIITTTTT. YEEEEEEAAAA" (but no).
That's all for now kids!!!!!!!



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy Tuesday kids!!!!! Hope you all had a blessed and productive day, Tuesday's can be a lil' rough!! I MUST SAY: GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Take some time to tell HIM today...Are you ready?!?! Time for the Daily Dose!!!!! Let's GIT, GIT, GIIIIITTTTT IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!

Last night was the debut of the VH1 reality show, "Fantasia, For Real" starring American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino. Now. I've been dreading this since my beloved cracktv network began airing these gawd-awful promos. you've seen them: 'Tasia's at the Korean nail salon, of all stereotypical places, and as the tech is filling away at her acrylics, the camera pans up to her singing (acapella of course) that's she's next in line on the gravy train that is "reality television".
Flash to last night's episode, where viewers see first hand Fantasia financially supporting five GROWN people with no jobs, or extended education on ONE income. The most disturbing/ dysfunctional relationship (in my opinion) was that of 'Tasia and her older brother Teeny-28 with no education, job, ambition, or life plans. However, all of his bills and luxury desires are completely funded by, you guessed it, 'Tasia. The running plots include: 'Tasia continuing to support her family, 'Tasia struggling to revive her singing career, 'Tasia's struggle (STILL) with literacy and obtaining her G.E.D., and 'Tasia simply trying to stay in the public eye to maintain any type of noteriety.
Similar plot lines were witnessed several years ago when that GAWD-AWFUL Keyshia Cole show debuted on BET (the bane of Black existance) to much critical disdain and viewer popularity. Fast Forward through 2 more "successful" seasons, a spin-off starring solely the dysfuctional family memebers you were "trying to help" (on said "reality" show), family fame addictions that supplement the prior drug addictions, and below is the result.

Keyshia Cole: Estranged from Frankie & Neffie Till Further Notice
-Last week, Keyshia issued a statement through her publicist as to why she's been lying low out of the public eye, and why viewers may never see the Keyshia Cole show (the version inclusive of the family rehabilitation plot line). STATEMENT FROM KEYSHIA COLE:
To all my friends and fans – It’s time that I clear the air. It’s not a secret that I haven’t been in contact with my mother Frankie, and my sisters Neffe and Elite and I never wanted to air out our differences to the public. While I won’t go into detail here I find it necessary to let you guys know I decided to stop communication with them because I was at a point in my life where I needed serenity and peace to move forward.
Please know I love my family very much but it was time to let it go. You guys are a witness to a lot of what was happening from watching on air and online. Now that I am becoming a mom my passion for having a loving and peaceful home for my child is my #1 priority. It’s very important to both Daniel and I. My plate is very full; I have a new baby coming, we are planning our wedding and I am working in the studio on a new album that I am close to completing. The stress that my family is giving me with their constant false reports is not healthy and it’s not what I need at this time in my life.
Please understand that there are only a few people that can officially confirm or deny anything that’s happening in my life and that’s me, Daniel, and my publicist, Tresa Sanders. And my girl Monica never lies.
Love Your Girl,
-Reason #523 filming and profiting from a "reality" show may not be the best idea. A better investment may be in family values, or life coaching to end these cycles of neglect, abuse, enabling, and dysfunction. Justsayin...
Everyone's favorite Soul/Sensuality Muse, SADE, has returned, and her newest offering-"Solider of Love" has an AH-mazing video!!!!!! Dare I say REAL music is trying to return??? *Fingers Crossed* Until that's confirmed... feast on the glory...that is SADE!!!!

**Smaller Doses**
FAMU's INFAMOUS  MARCHING 100 will perform in the 2010 SUPERBOWL!!!
-That's right, if you've NEVER seen the power, precision, and progressive sound that is the Marching 100, get ready as they've been asked to perform during the halftime show!!! Congrats to another HBCU with a great Band!!! (Ya'll awwwready know Howard University's SHOWTIME Marching Band is TOPFLIGHTCRAIG!!!!)
Matt Kemp & Princess RiRi: NOT DATING?!
-So, in spite of being photographed in Cabo, and Dubai over the holidays displaying affection, Mr. Kemp's publicist issued a statement saying the two are NOT dating. "I think dating may be a stretch at this point. They're just friends, and I don't think we can label it as anything other than friendship right now." WOW. Either he's trying to put a spin on the two for image/ career sake, or Kemp is interested in getting the milk without the cow... or however.
*Update, the two-some were spotted at Tyreese's birthday bash in LA on Monday... way to keep the lowpro...
-Is anyone surprised?? ANYONE?? ANYONE??!?!!!!! *crickets chirping...*

Stay warm kids!! It's freezing down in ATL. SERIOUSLY. Have a great & blessed day!!!



Thursday, January 7, 2010

NAACP Shocks Again, Gilbert Suspended,

Happy  Thursday Kids!!!! What a blessed day, in spite of the chill!! Without further delay, let's git, git git iiiiiittt!!!!!!

-I was shocked and appalled when Soul Train (NAACP supported their efforts) gave Ashanti the Aretha Franklin award (2002) during the height of Shani' mediocre career. However, I let it slide. I thought the mold was cracked and on the ground when two years ago the NAACP Image Awards began to honor Tyler Perry's House of Pain/ Meet The Browns. However, I came to understand that decision as one of principal in that Tyler's show was in the minority, an all-Black cast, etc. etc. I learned to let it go. This  year, however, is an all-time low, and makes me take an uber-critical look at the organization. How in the JOEJACKSONHELL can the NAACP honestly nominate RHOA in the "BEST REALITY PROGRAM" category?!?! Seriously?? SERIOUSLY!!!!?!! Logically, if the past ten years have unveiled anything, it's that major network television is past uninterested in projecting OUR images in abundance for the mass viewing audience. In other words, THEY don't really want us. So, the few Black shows on tv, even those at the peak of bafoonery are to be commended and recognized, I overstand that (Tyler Perry, Frankie and Neffie, Monica, One Big Happy Family, etc.) But Real Housewives Of Duluth, have in NO way displayed in the casts' "realities", attempts in the production or guest appearance choices, or succeeded in executing anything in the realm of a Positive Black female role model/ housewife/ affluent ATLien. COMON' SON!!!! (Stolen from EdLova).
Admittedly, I love the show, LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the drama?!?! However, I remain a critical, and intelligent thinker. Weekly examples of fighting, home foreclosures, impending divorce settlement delusion, half-attempts at entrepreneurship, adultery, child neglect, constant disrespect of others, "elitist" mentality, lack of manners and social tact, are all the reasons we're entertained...but should NEVER be celebrated?! 
We KNOW the show gets ratings, cause I am a faithful viewer/ fan- but I acknowledge that it is an exaggeration, pure shameless entertainment, and a guilty pleasure. I put about as much stock in DVRing ROHD as MTV's  "Jersey Shore". However, if the White/ Italian community began to honor the depictions of the Fistpumping-Champs on "JS", hell would freeze over. TWICE?!?!
It past irritates me that our people continue to honor and accept mediocrity as the exception and elevate sheer coonery based upon its popularity!! If the NAACP wants to do something really impressive, it would make more gallant stances as an organization on the issues that truly matter, like continuing the fight to further OUR realistic, multi-dimensional and diverse imaging on television, and demanding that we have more networks and radio stations in that same vein. *Steps Down From Soapbox (Temporarily)*

-Surely you've heard the news by now that NBA Commissioner David J.Stern in conjunction with the Washington Wizards, have agreed to suspend All-Star Gilbert Arenas. With No pay. Indefinitely. This stems from Gilbert's actions over a week ago, when he allegedly brought handguns from his home in VA to the Verizon Center, and in the locker room, allegedly ensued in an argument with teammate Javaris Crittenton.Gilbert flashed his gun, and was suspended from playing in the game. Though he apologized, last Tuesday during a press conference he was seen encircled by teammates, joking and flashing imitation guns with his fingers. He also took to his Twitter account (Genius) to further make light of the situation. [Link credit to].

Allegedly Gilbert thought that though he is a resident of VA, he could carry weapons in DC, but the law states otherwise. Only DC residents are allowed to carry weapons, and guns are NEVER allowed in the workplace. Gilbert was given a $111million contract, but missed THAT memo?!?! Seriously?! And WHAT gamblin' debt my brotha, would provoke you to take your pride to that extreme?! That which would cause you to possibly loose all that you worked so hard for?!?! I. can't. take. that. seriously.
Sure, he is now apologizing and caused no immediate harm to anyone, but there are thousands of Black/Brown men in prison with that same mentality and excuse. Even Al Sharpton is in agreement with the Commissioner's decision, so the only one left to get it together is Gilbert. WOW.

*Smaller Doses*
-What, you haven't seen the pictures plastered all over the gossip media?! Princess RiRi is canoodling all over the globe with Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp! (HAWT!!) Ontothenext indeed!!
Mariah Carey is tipsy, and doesn't care WHO knows it lambs!!!!
-M.C.Cannon accepted an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival for her performance in the critically-acclaimed "Precious" but was clearly wasted. Lee Daniels presented her with the award and she sluured her way through her acceptance speech (click link for footage). That's okay MiMi. At least you looked rather fierce, so you get a lil' pass.

With that loves, I'm headed home to bundle up in snow preparation in ATL. You know the city's not used to this weather so it will be a ghost-town on the roads tonight. Stay safe and warm!!!!!



Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy NEW YEAR!!! Shawty Redd, Tiger's Pec's. and CONGRATS KASIM REED!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! We're sooo blessed to be alive and thriving in a new decade!!!! I can't articulate the many blessings already experienced and those that I've received visions for that have yet to come into fruition!! I'm sure HE has GRAND plans for you as well!!!!!!!! SO, as the delay has been ETERNAL, let's get to today's Daily Dose!!!!


-Over the break, popular Atlanta producer (and sometime rapper-aren't they ALL?!) Shawty Redd was arrested for murder post shooting Damon A. Martin, 35 from Detroit. Allegedly, Martin was killed over an arguemnt at Redd's house party in Hampton, GA. Real name, Demetrius Stewart, Shawty Redd was most known for producing tracks for Young Jeezy among others, and was Grammy-nominated for his work in 2007 on Snoop Dogg's smash hit, "Sensual Seduction". He's currently held in Henry County jail, with no bail, and awaiting an arraignment on January 12, 2010. I can't say this story impressed or shocked me... I honestly was just further saddened by foolish behavior still executed in a promising New Year. Daum Shawty. Daum.

-January is National Mentoring Month,  and the push is to encourage EVERYONE to mentor a child!!!! Just think, if everyone gave a few hours of time 2wice a month, there would be SUCH a noticeable change!!! Please click the link to find out about the many mentoring opportunities in your area!! Let me know of other ways you're making a difference, and encourage others to continue making a positive changes!!!

-New Years Day, I was supposed to attend the much discussed "Vision Board Brunch", as hosted by Nina Brown (V-103, boss woman of God) at Justin's at 10:00am (click link for photos). Well, CLEARLY I missed it (as I was still hungover *DEAD* from the events hours prior-Biltmore, Room Service, Overall Partying Shenanigans) but wanted to share the benefits of the event!! Freddyo was ever-present and captured the fabulous event in photos and details the methodology behind the process on his site. I encourage EVERYONE to create their own Vision Board to kick off the New Year in a GRAND and blessed way!!
-Today, Atlanta's 59th Mayor, Kasim Reed, was officially sworn into his position at the Georgia World Congress center!!!! The crowd was at capacity to witness such a historic event, and Reed has already received the promise from CNN, the pledge to donate funds towards the re-opening of recreational parks and programs throughout the city of Atlanta!!!! WAY to come out SWINGING brotha!!! The fellow Howard Alum hosted a prayer breakfast and service early this morning at Ben Hill United Methodist Church, and even requested the Howard University Choir to perform at his inauguration. WAY TO GO KASIM!!!!!!!! (HU!!!!!!! YOU KNOW!!!!!)

-Tiger is gracing the February edition of Vanity Fair, in a photograph (taken pre-scandal) by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. The article (click link to read) details Tiger's "downfall" while showcasing never-before seen "raw" images of Woods. WHOMP WHOMP. I'm really over hearing anymore about his infidelities, but he does look rather tasty on the cover... maybe I'm just envisioning the $$$...

With that kids, enjoy this freezing cold Monday, and I'll chat with you later!!