Monday, August 31, 2009

Crackhead Comebacks, Emmys, and Heartattacks!

Happy MONDAY KIDS!!! What a blessed day to be among the living, in spite of the wacky weather! This wknd was rather somber (DJ AM passing, Katrina anniversary, Kennedy's burial, etc.) so be thankful for the MANY blessings every day! This is my new mantra anyway... LEt's GET IT!!!!!

-It's been almost 10 years since she infamously quoted, "CRACK is WACK. CRACK is CHEAP!! If I do crack, then SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!!" Yet her blunder will not stop her return to Billboard charts this Fall... Clive Davis' #1 muse, MISS Whitney Houston herself, has released her new album, I LOOK TO YOU (Arista/RCA) and is in stores. NOW. YES, Arista was NOT playing, for pushing the release to today (as opposed to tomorrow) Whitney is eligible for a Grammy nomination. Now, as an AVID music fan/ afficionado, my verdict is that the album is just... smegular. In fact, I would venture (Shhhhh) to recomend that one burn this copy of mid-tempo ballads. BUT, there are a few bangers... she's not in the lane to compete w. the Beyonce's or Kerry Hilson's of today, but I don't think she's trying. We'll see once all this smoke clears where she sits on the charts for the wk. In other music news...

-DJ UNK is recovering from a minor heart attack this wknd. SAy what say word?? Yes, the young and often braggadocios Unk def. had an attack that is often associated with the old, obese, and unfit. PSA for all rappers or would-be hip-hop performers... cut out all that CHURCH's chicken, LEAN, and Kush! One cannot live a healthy lifestyle sticking to these main food groups!!!! LOL. Everyone should be more conscious about their eating, exercise and lifestyle choices, for no one is exempt from poor health. Seriously.

EMMY AWARDS (Daytime... no biggie)
-The Daytime Emmy awards aired live last night, but most of us didn't care/ missed this event as we're at WORK whilst the VIEW and ALL MY CHILDREN air faithfully during the day. The highlights (Subject to interpretation): Rachel Ray won in the daytime talk entertainment category and TYRA BANKS took the trophy for talk show information category. OKAY. Was the committee on DRUGS?!?! WHO awards this UberTranny for advancements in Journalism?!?! The producers may TRY to deliver a decent show, but she CONSISTENTLY flubs the delivery and execution?! It's unbearable. BOOOOO. (clearly I'm not a fan). The VIEW ladies were skipped yet again, but did get an honorable mention. And Guiding Light, your Grandmama's favorite soap, took home their final Emmy. Overall, just a small warm-up for the Prime Time Emmys on September 25!

*OHMjeeezy, I am officially addicted to True Blood. Now I missed last night's episode (no spoilers please) but I will give this show like 8 stars!!! Way to tear me from my reality tv obsession HBO!! I also was blessed w. a preview visit (the real take happens Howard Homecoming 2009 in Oct. STAY POSTED) from the wondrous Natalie Swain!! CEO/ Founder of Carmel Cosmetics! She debuted some banging new belts, and I'm officially in LOVE w. her lipglosses (Carmel Kisses) DO check out!!!*
With that luvs, I'm back at the cubicle doing the work of the MAN on this FIELDday. Have a great one, and will write tomorrow!!!



Friday, August 28, 2009


-So sad to report that DJ AM, real name Adam Goldstein was found dead in his NYC Apt. today. Police report that he died from a drug overdose, and was not heard from for several days prior to a friend calling the police after no answer when knocking on the door. DJ AM is best known as a rather high-profile celebrity DJ, his lengthy relationship/ engagement to Nicole Richie, and more recently, touring with Travis Barker (Blink 182) and escaping a deadly plane crash just over a year ago. He was only 34 years young. Thoughts and prayers are with his family, many friends, and fans. Tell someone you love them today... for you never know how long we have on this lil' planet...


SO KIIIIDS!!! We made it to FRIDAY!!! Whoohooo!! (Sowwwy for the delayed post) Although ecstatic, this wknd is looking rather chilll... I am not a fan of trekking in the rain, and it's pouring in the Atown all wknd. So I'll be cozied with some DVDs and grub!! Maybe I'll step out for restaurant week in ATL... it started Wednesday and will last through Sept. 6 . If there's one thing a Taurus loves to do is eat...SOOO chunky!!! Well let's get to it!

Tyra Banks Goes Natural-AGAIN.
-So the buzz for her latest season of syndicated-simple-talk surrounds Tyra revealing to the world her NATURAL hairstyle. That's right. Ty-Ty is taking off the weave bay-be! The gimmick is to strip down to the "real" you, thus proving that Tyra ALWAYS "Keeps it real". Well, I'm real... bored. The Black woman's struggle with texture choice of her crowning glory has been an ongoing battle for centuries. Assimilate, don't assimilate, rock the natural, perm it out, weave-tastic, or nappy and proud... whomp whomp. In 2009 the topic hasn't lost relevance, but since when has Tyra been chosen to carry this torch?! She's a former MODEL-a canvas for goodness sake, and in fashion hair is an accessory. I don't think people care a flying FLIP if Tyra's "natural" or not, so long as she looks good enough to market. However, she is using this ploy to draw new viewers... wonder if you'll watch Tyra try to bring out her inner-REAL-self. I'm yawning over here...

ATL Housewives-Last Night's Let Down
-Undoubtedly I was not the only one disapointed with last night's episode, as it showed the Housewives doing some rather "regular" Atlanta activities. It's like week after week this season, their lifestyles become more accessible to the "regular folk" (hell, EVERYONE can eat at Rosa Mexicana and shop at Fab'rik?!?! ERRRRR?). Even their interactions w. the commoners is staged and too dramatic- Did Sheree REALLY tell the publicist that she would need a MAYBACH to ride around Atlanta?! REALLLY SHEREEE??? REALLY?!?! I almost turned off the tube. And to finally see Lisa's background and immediate family, let me further know she's all too familiar w. the origin of a "crack hoar" (heeeey family...). Kim and Kandi are surely going to be fast friends... not too much depth or complexity there, and NeNe's actually irritiating me acting so avant garde with everyone this season. Next episode's "photo shoot" per NeNe's direction will surely feature one of the Housewives telling her about herself. Verdict: they need to step up the plotlines, and FAST, cause yours truly is growing BORED. Fa reals.
-This young lady was found after 18 years, and was held hostage, raped, and forced to produce (2) children by her kidnapper. The kidnapper and his wife (yes chile?!) kept this young lady and (2) children living behind his home in some dilapidated shacks and tents for over 18 years. WHERE THEY DO THIS @?!?! This story is past tragic, and Praise the Lord she's finally reunited with her family, but WHERE was everyone's antenna's for over 18 years? MAN DOWN?! CHILD IN DISTRESS!!!I cannot figure this out, but if you had a neighbor who was suspicious anyway (he was a convicted sex offender on 2 separate occasions), and you see he's got a lil' village in his backyard... you wouldn't want to call the police? For 18 years though?? We need to go back to the days when people KNEW their neighbors... a sex offender wouldn't be able to hide out his victims for a lifetime if we did. Do you know who lives next door to you??

-I'll update throughout the weekend, and will DEF. be back live and early Mon. morning to provide the wk's dosage of Vitamin D...Have a GREAT wknd Luvs!!!



Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey kids, happy Thursday! Can't you feel it?? The weekend's approaching!! You KNOW where I am to be found on Thursday nights, and as it's rainin' in the city, I can't wait until 10:00 to get cozied up in front of the devil box for...Real Housewives of ATL!!!!! The most dramatic, catty, and mis-titled of the popular franchise. So, if you're not on this train, then you're not paying attention, and haven't been for a year now... Everyone's favorite clique of not-so-rich "housewives" living in parts of Duluth, has an all-new episode that debuts tonight at on BRAVO!! A brief update of the ladies' shenanigans this season:

KIM-Your fav. white-girl-with-a-wig/weave/Bentley, has since "broken up" w. her infamous SugarDaddy Big Poppa. She also "broke up" with her frienemy Sheree and cast mate Lisa. Her only (albeit partial) ally is Nene, and we're not sure of their friendship status as of this week's episode. Kim is the only housewife that seems without money woes, and this is season 2 - a near record for this ATL branch of the show!! She recently released the viral copy of her soon-to-be smash (SARCASIM MUCH?!?!) "Tardy for the Party". She should be PRAISING the techology that is Auto-Tune. Nothing more to comment other than listen at your own risk. Seriously.

Sheree-Ohhh Shereee. This season finds her downsized, in both living arangement and entourage. Guess that's what happens when the reality of one's financial situation and dissolved marriage finally kicks in. She's "downgraded" to a McMansion in a more modest neighborhood with her two kids, banging weave ponytail, and of course "She" by Sheree sketches and production aspirations. The 2nd season opener showed her in rare form planning (with WHAT funds, we'll never know) an "Independance Party", but the treat was her screetch-off with Gayer-than-life, "top-flight-executive" Andre. The line of the season: "WHO gon' CHECK ME BOO??" has yet to loose it's *wow* factor. Sheree followed this classless scene with another infamous showdown in the middle of Peachtree St. where she literally tries to "shift KIM's wig a lil' bit". Annnnd cue the security. Actually, there was none, but the scene was co-signed by Lindsey Lohan's father-a "G-List" celebrity in his own right. Sheree no longer associates with "Kim"- the former "white version" of self/BFF, is still awaiting her settlement money from Bob Whitfield (oooh Bob, way to dodge your responsibilities), and has found a new minion and sidekick in her stylist, Mr. "You da baaadest bitch, boo". Everyone needs positive reinforcement I guess...

LISA- This lil' powerhouse is still trying to juggle 12-plus "jobs" and "businesses" but the newest twist to the plot line is her (38-year old) desire for another child w. 2nd husband Ed Hartwell. Oh Ed. Sidebar: I'm not the only one that thinks his tank is hella sugary am I?? Anyone?? AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) reported that the Hartwell's lost their home about a month ago due to foreclosure, but is the scene for 2nd season filming which finds Lisa and NeNe now BFF's as NeNe has moved into Lisa's neighborhood. Lisa does not associate w. housewife KIM, who is allegedly calling Lisa a "crack hoar" to anyone who will listen. Their lunchtime-showdown will air tonight, and today MTO posted a story that Lisa's suing famed ex-husband, vintage R&B whiner, Kieth Sweat to allow her to bring her other two sons on the show.
Let's rewind. Lisa had a marriage to Kieth which produced (2) young men (now middle & high-school aged) yet she does not have custody over said children. There is also a rumored drug addiction as said cause of custody loss, so I find myself cracking up during the promo's for tonight's episode where Lisa asks the camera, "What's a crack hoar?" Ooooh hiefffa. YOU know...

Kandi- The newest Housewife, is the replacement to last season's too boring DeShawn, and most-known as the lead singer and writer in the now de-funct R&B group Xcape. This season finds her getting to know the other ladies, follows her most recent attempt at releasing a solo project, and, wait for it...her engagement to...AJ!!!!!! Who's AJ?! None other than her former bandmate's (Tiny) ex boo, father of (6) different children and dealing with (4) Babymama's with no certifiable profession or claim-to fame. GOTTA LOVE IT. Kandi, a mother to Riley, her lovechild with ATL's own "BLOCK"-CEO of BLOCK ENT (Young Joc's "It's Goin' Down"), doesn't care about the muddled facts surrounding AJ's past, Loving him with Springer-Like abandonment. Yes, in spite of her mothers obvious disgust and protest. Classic. Tonight's episode will show interaction w. both Kandi's "fiancee" and her BabyDaddy, her most exciting episode yet.

NeNe-BAM!!!! My abfab FAV. She's still "keepin it real" this season, has relocated after a public foreclosure in the Spring, is still BFF w. the sixth-housewife Dwight! NeNe has been positioned as the instigator-disguised-as -peacemaker this season amongst the catty fights between...well...ALL the housewives. Yes, when NeNe enters a room, drama surely swirls behind. The more dramatic cat fight of her season has yet to air, and is with rookie Kandi. There was also the released 911 call 2-weeks ago concerning KIM allegedly being choked out by NeNe in Atlantic Station (Kim called from her Bentley convertible in front of the Target Parking lot; A- TOWN classic!!). There's also NeNe's book release, where she chronicles her past as a stripper. Gotta love NeNe, she keeps me watching every week.

~So surely I'll be tuning in luvs, as I know you will as well. Please let me know your thoughts mid-episode (text and crackbook posts are non-stop) and happy watching the dramatic trainwreck that is one of the best shows on TV!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!! Don't be tardy for THIS party... LOL



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Death of a Kennedy, Domestic Violence, and RED BISON:)

Hey kids! It's a humpday!!! Not sure about you, but this week is proving to be another stress bomb. Some Wednesday stories of distraction from "adult" life...
1.Senator Ted Kennedy Dies
This Wednesday is a rather somber one in US History, as the nation lost Senator Ted Kennedy last night after a tiring fight against Brain Cancer. Kennedy's bio is too long and significant to post in detail, but a few of his brilliant career highlights included, reform to health care, civil rights and education legislation. He was also a huge supporter of President Obama and influential in securing his Democratic nomination in 2008. There have been a lot of high-profile deaths in the news lately, and although all are sad they give me pause to wonder about the many champions the Nation's lost lately. Considering the Nation's divided social state and a failing economy, you would think more leaders would be fighting for an opportunity to provide innovative ideas that unite and progress America. Instead, I find that leaders of great moral substance, fighting for worthwhile causes that ultimately benefit all Americans, are increasingly difficult to spot. That noted, I will make an effort to highlight the works of great leaders, in the public spotlight or locally appreciated, on this site. It's a small pledge to do something Kennedy-like. Feel free to recommend someone for a writeup or highlight, as WE are the ones who can promote the positive news we wish to see. (Justin, get ready for an interview...)

2. Domestic Violence/ Pop Culture
-So, was I the only one shocked to know that Princess RiRi has a violent past/record in association for hitting Chris"Beat-her-down"Brown? Maybe I shouldn't be, bc my boifriend and homegrrls from the Islands (yes I grouped all of you) swear that Island girls are closet crazy. News reports today announced (2) previous instances of abuse and violence between the couple; one time involved a public slap (RiRi) and a wall shove (u awwready know) and the other bashing in of a driver/passenger window of a rented Range Rover (MAN this kid needs anger management?!). Even with the couple's checkered past, was the 5-year probation an appropriate sentence for the showdown that occurred the morn of the Grammys (2.8.09)?? That was the mugshot flashed around the world... Well after learning of the two prior instances, I'm no longer such a fierce hater of Chris, and trust I was. Clearly he has severe issues and there are no appropriate instances to hit a woman, but there is MUCH to be said about the level of agency and life choices on the part of the female who sticks around-RiRi. The female that begs the judge to remove the court order of restraint-RiRi. The female that continues to be photographed and linked in the media w. said abuser-RiRi. Pattern much?? Lighters up for the sanity of both CBreezy, and Princess RiRi.

3. I'm Sooooo Glad, I went to Howard U... (and not HAMPTON)
-I KID (not really) but my dear friends sent this wonderful news article that big ups my AlmaMatter! So according to this new study, BISON are the best hires, we already know that, as well as the highest earners amongst other HBCU graduates! We even top the pay scale of most premiere white University graduates. YOU KNOOOOOW!!! Now, many of my classmates scratched their heads in amazement, cause lately it feels like NO ONE's making "high earnings" but there is much to be said of the report. An inner-whooooosaaaaaah, that makes all the sweat worth it as you are probaly making more than you thought you were! :) Now, if only they taught a class on money management and giving BACK to the University that held you hostage for 4(plus) years... I digress. Another blog entry...

**Fresh and Fierce Fall Update**
Ladies, I'm officially on the hunt for a GREAT red lipstick. I'm talking JillMarieJones (Toni/Girlfirends), NeNe (BAM!!!), and Sanaa Lathan-stopping red. One NARS makeup artist (a fellow Soror) suggested a brick red... any thoughts?? I'll be sure to let you know what I decided/a recommendation but know that this will be a must-cop for the season.

On another note, I've taken the PLUNGE and signed up for "TWITTER". I drank the Kool-Aid, so follow me, or send a note detailing how to follow you. Admittedly a lame to this "Twitter" movement, I'm only on to promote the blog. And to follow Diddy... LOL. Don't judge me. :)


*Dawnavette on Twitter too....("Hiiiiiit me onnnn thaaa TWIIIIIIITTTAAAAAA") lol

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MaryJane, Frankie & Neffie Foolishness, One baaad HO

Happy Tuesday luvs!! It's been a rather interesting day thus far, and as I plow away at my perspective "field", I got to pondering these here thoughts...

1. Mike should've been in love with Mary Jane
-The LA Times announced yesterday that Michael Jackson's death will officially be deemed a homicide. The primary suspect charged is Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson' s personal Doc who's received quite a bit of press himself. While many believed this allegation all along, I found myself wondering about motives behind the death, in the instance the courts stick with the homicide ruling. Meaning, yes Dr. Murray should have known as a licensed professional what the mixture of drugs would do to his patient's body, but his patient was the KING. OF POP. If Mike wanted the drugs, shouldn't he have just given Mike the drugs?? Undoubtedly sad, it's a little less Black and White if you consider what you'd do in that situation... On the radio yesterday (Ryan Cameron in the afternoon-ATL SHAWTY) one caller said, "If Michael Jackson was soo sleepy, he should have just smoked a blunt!!" I swear that's the funniest yet most accurate assessment of this tragic situation. Had Mike just rolled up, he, the Doc, hell everyone would be in a much calmer place, and the world would still have the best entertainer ever. No one ever died from no ganja...Mike would've asked for more KFC though...

-Can anyone recall such a low point in television that would match the debut of the Frankie and Neffie show on BET?? I tried. I really did try, yet I could not think of one. Promotions of the show's premiere have have been readied since the end of March, and by now all know the screechy sound of Frankie's voice butchering the jingle "It's the Fraaaankiiiiieeeeee and Neefiiiiieeeeee Shooooow". Shudder. Anywho, I will certainly not be viewing this train wreck, and encourage all to ban from viewing as well. However, if you do choose to watch, please let me know what sparked such desire and your findings... I'm curious... like a freaky science experiment curious. If you don't have BET (how did YOU get so blessed?!) You can find the two on the chitlin' circuit of RadioOne interviews, 106 and Park, and MTO. Considering the success of "Tiny and Toya" I'm sure Frankie's new book she's promoting will be a bestseller. Way to go Frankie! Now, if only you could get off drugs and find those (8) kids lost in the Foster Care system...

3. Jay-Z calls Be-Yaki his "Ho"
-So. Is anyone surprised?? Anyone? (crickets chirping) MTO broke this gem of a "story" and alleged that Jay-Z raps, "I got the baddest HO" and some more old man whomp in an attempt to stay relevant on his new CD. Allegedly the Grand Dame, Tina Knowls was outraged at this reference, and demanded that Be-Yaki CHECK her HUSBAND. Right. All my "independent" women indeed. Really Tina? Was the video tape of your "son-in-law" Jigga mushing a female fan in the face publicly 4 years ago forgotten? Did you miss his release of female empowerment anthems or calls to action (in any social movements of relevance). I'll chalk this story up to a sloow news day, and people placing too much faith in Jigga.

-And with that, I'm out for the afternoon. Write to ya in the mooor-ning!!



Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey Luvs. So this Monday had some interesting headlines worthy of discussion, both in current affairs, popular culture, and of course the lives of celeb-u-not's. Let's begin with a brief rundown

1. Abundance of Ads Pulled in Protest of Glenn Beck (Hate Shows in general)
-Kids, Kids, Kids...what interesting times we reside, when even Wal-Mart isn't backing one's freedom to bash?! So Glenn Beck, among SEVERAL other shows sponsored by FOX NEWS, has a talk show that has dedicated it's entire 2009 programming to bashing the Presidency of Obama and his administration. No real surprise, right? The B#@$ slap in the face is the latest wave of advertisers no longer backing the hosts & their program format's hate-filled content. Not only relegated to dissatisfaction with the current US Presidency, but other topics include Muslim religion, charges of racist practices by minorities (All educated folk know this is impossible), and encouraging listeners to bear arms at public events. Advertisers fear that the growing hate associated with said programming will ultimately drive away revenue... and NO one likes to loose that money!! Now, I'm a SERIOUS Obama supporter, but appreciate free speech, but Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reily, and others who center their programming around tearing down a progressive Deomocracy shouldn't be widely supported by such larger corporations. Its unethical. Not to mention, just Tacky to think of the GEICO lizard hating on other species or rocking a swastika... (I KID, I KID) We can thank for leading the brigade of LOVE. (Smile)

2. Jasmine Fiore/ Ryan "Skeeevy"
-This story has captured my attention for about (2) wks now, and I think it's because 1. I love VH1 reality tv and 2. Young women searching for love in all the wrong places using sexuality as their primary vehicle has ALWAYS fascinated me. This. story. had. both. Essentially, Miss Jasmine, R.I.P. was dating this rich Skeeeve ( b.k.a. Ryan), knew of his slightly crazy past/wife-beating tendencies, but decides to marry him as he is also a millionaire. This same Skeeve also voluntarily appears on the recently pulled "Megan Wants a Millionaire" on VH1 and made it to the final 3 contestants. Meanwhile, in married-ville- Skeeve and Jasmine are gallivanting through Vegas when reports of distress surface, then, that of Jasmine as a missing person suspect. FF: Her body was found mutilated, missing fingers and teeth, and stuffed into a suitcase in a hotel dumpster. No 1. Suspect- u awwwwready know. Poor thing had to be identified by her breast implants (the serial # served as ID). Skeeve was on the run and the reason behind a week-long manhunt, that ended yesterday when he was found dead from suicide in his hotel room. WOW. Talk about True Hollyweird Story. My thoughts go out to her family, but as I listened to the story develp, I couldn't wonder why this young woman missed all the signs... I called him Skeeeevy on episode one of "Megan Wants A Millionaire". Tragic. I'll be revisiting this story as future developments arise.

3. True Blood
-I know. I'm never the one to jump on the whimsical, vampire, brain-washing train, but if ONE MORE PERSON hypes up this frigging show to me, I'll scream. So, I've resolved to bite the bullet, and collectively watch the first season. The girls are due, the wine is on deck, and this BETTER not interrupt my premiere showing of the Rachel Zoe Project, Season 2, tonight at 9 on Bravo (THAT's quality tv!!!) I'll let you know what my verdict is, but there's rumored to be some FINE speciman of man on this tv show. We shall see. When I start to read "Twilight"... alert the authorities. Seriously.

Lastly, shout out to Ivy Harris, for being the first to take the Fresh & Fierce Fall plunge, and rock a new DO!!! Fierce chile... let's see what this inspiration brings!!



First Visit

Hello luvs!! The time has finally come that I place some organization behind my random thoughts, rants, sarcastic quips, and news bombs that I drop on the daily. Welcome to the first posting on my new blogsite!! Now, some of you are aware of my year-long struggle to FINALLY set this baby up, and we're still in the beginning stages... but we're here. Even GoodieMob had to start welcome to this writer's version of the Basement. I plan to update daily with provoking thoughts about popular culture, entertainment,current events, and those fabulous blips that should be on the radar within my "Vitamin D" postings. All other rants will be clearly labeled, so please fee free to check back, comment, and of course SHARE with others! Stay blessed, and I'll write lata.