Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey kids, happy Thursday! Can't you feel it?? The weekend's approaching!! You KNOW where I am to be found on Thursday nights, and as it's rainin' in the city, I can't wait until 10:00 to get cozied up in front of the devil box for...Real Housewives of ATL!!!!! The most dramatic, catty, and mis-titled of the popular franchise. So, if you're not on this train, then you're not paying attention, and haven't been for a year now... Everyone's favorite clique of not-so-rich "housewives" living in parts of Duluth, has an all-new episode that debuts tonight at on BRAVO!! A brief update of the ladies' shenanigans this season:

KIM-Your fav. white-girl-with-a-wig/weave/Bentley, has since "broken up" w. her infamous SugarDaddy Big Poppa. She also "broke up" with her frienemy Sheree and cast mate Lisa. Her only (albeit partial) ally is Nene, and we're not sure of their friendship status as of this week's episode. Kim is the only housewife that seems without money woes, and this is season 2 - a near record for this ATL branch of the show!! She recently released the viral copy of her soon-to-be smash (SARCASIM MUCH?!?!) "Tardy for the Party". She should be PRAISING the techology that is Auto-Tune. Nothing more to comment other than listen at your own risk. Seriously.

Sheree-Ohhh Shereee. This season finds her downsized, in both living arangement and entourage. Guess that's what happens when the reality of one's financial situation and dissolved marriage finally kicks in. She's "downgraded" to a McMansion in a more modest neighborhood with her two kids, banging weave ponytail, and of course "She" by Sheree sketches and production aspirations. The 2nd season opener showed her in rare form planning (with WHAT funds, we'll never know) an "Independance Party", but the treat was her screetch-off with Gayer-than-life, "top-flight-executive" Andre. The line of the season: "WHO gon' CHECK ME BOO??" has yet to loose it's *wow* factor. Sheree followed this classless scene with another infamous showdown in the middle of Peachtree St. where she literally tries to "shift KIM's wig a lil' bit". Annnnd cue the security. Actually, there was none, but the scene was co-signed by Lindsey Lohan's father-a "G-List" celebrity in his own right. Sheree no longer associates with "Kim"- the former "white version" of self/BFF, is still awaiting her settlement money from Bob Whitfield (oooh Bob, way to dodge your responsibilities), and has found a new minion and sidekick in her stylist, Mr. "You da baaadest bitch, boo". Everyone needs positive reinforcement I guess...

LISA- This lil' powerhouse is still trying to juggle 12-plus "jobs" and "businesses" but the newest twist to the plot line is her (38-year old) desire for another child w. 2nd husband Ed Hartwell. Oh Ed. Sidebar: I'm not the only one that thinks his tank is hella sugary am I?? Anyone?? AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) reported that the Hartwell's lost their home about a month ago due to foreclosure, but is the scene for 2nd season filming which finds Lisa and NeNe now BFF's as NeNe has moved into Lisa's neighborhood. Lisa does not associate w. housewife KIM, who is allegedly calling Lisa a "crack hoar" to anyone who will listen. Their lunchtime-showdown will air tonight, and today MTO posted a story that Lisa's suing famed ex-husband, vintage R&B whiner, Kieth Sweat to allow her to bring her other two sons on the show.
Let's rewind. Lisa had a marriage to Kieth which produced (2) young men (now middle & high-school aged) yet she does not have custody over said children. There is also a rumored drug addiction as said cause of custody loss, so I find myself cracking up during the promo's for tonight's episode where Lisa asks the camera, "What's a crack hoar?" Ooooh hiefffa. YOU know...

Kandi- The newest Housewife, is the replacement to last season's too boring DeShawn, and most-known as the lead singer and writer in the now de-funct R&B group Xcape. This season finds her getting to know the other ladies, follows her most recent attempt at releasing a solo project, and, wait for it...her engagement to...AJ!!!!!! Who's AJ?! None other than her former bandmate's (Tiny) ex boo, father of (6) different children and dealing with (4) Babymama's with no certifiable profession or claim-to fame. GOTTA LOVE IT. Kandi, a mother to Riley, her lovechild with ATL's own "BLOCK"-CEO of BLOCK ENT (Young Joc's "It's Goin' Down"), doesn't care about the muddled facts surrounding AJ's past, Loving him with Springer-Like abandonment. Yes, in spite of her mothers obvious disgust and protest. Classic. Tonight's episode will show interaction w. both Kandi's "fiancee" and her BabyDaddy, her most exciting episode yet.

NeNe-BAM!!!! My abfab FAV. She's still "keepin it real" this season, has relocated after a public foreclosure in the Spring, is still BFF w. the sixth-housewife Dwight! NeNe has been positioned as the instigator-disguised-as -peacemaker this season amongst the catty fights between...well...ALL the housewives. Yes, when NeNe enters a room, drama surely swirls behind. The more dramatic cat fight of her season has yet to air, and is with rookie Kandi. There was also the released 911 call 2-weeks ago concerning KIM allegedly being choked out by NeNe in Atlantic Station (Kim called from her Bentley convertible in front of the Target Parking lot; A- TOWN classic!!). There's also NeNe's book release, where she chronicles her past as a stripper. Gotta love NeNe, she keeps me watching every week.

~So surely I'll be tuning in luvs, as I know you will as well. Please let me know your thoughts mid-episode (text and crackbook posts are non-stop) and happy watching the dramatic trainwreck that is one of the best shows on TV!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!! Don't be tardy for THIS party... LOL




  1. you know i am lovin' this post. lmao... u for got dwight!

  2. OMG I love it! I needed that recap!