Monday, April 19, 2010

Nelly vs. Kat Stacks, and MUSIC MONDAY!!!

NELLY:KATSTACKS' LATEST PAWN- [I can't believe I'm reposting this] Nelly took time out of his BUSY schedule to argue with KatStacks Saturday night on the Internet Radio show (sensational even) Shade 45. Brief Background: KatStacks is the latest female to gain attention & capitalize off the strength that she's had sex with D-list rappers. Kat's claim to fame: members of the group Young Money (Who?? Right. Doesn't even matter). Still not clear as to how she's remaining relevant as she's not the most intelligent, articulate nor accurate tea-spiller, but we're now into week #4 and she has a solid fan base (Look for her blog. She's too irrelevant to re-post the link). ANYwho, Kat's tricked Nelly into giving her new life by "lying" on-air about sleeping with him (yawn). What's worse... is that he CALLS IN to indulge her delusions?! Nelly comes off looking childish, they both sounded flustered, and after 2min. of listening I grew bored. For anyone who cares/ workday foolishness: their school yard banter.

 NEW BIG BOI- Sir Lucious Leftfoot has released another single from his (Highly) anticipated new solo debut on Def Jam!!!  *As a DIE-HARD Kast fan, you KNOW I had to post this banger!!* Click the link for a listen (explicit version/ use headphones if at work)
LIL' WAYNE'S NEW VIDEO- Prior to turning himself in for his prison stint Weezy.F. Baby shot videos for strategic release/ continuous promotion while he serves his time. His latest release is "Single", and though the video's low-budget (and Weezy seems high on film) I nodded my head. Yes. I did. Check out the video via the link!
NEW PLIES- I'm soo not a fan of "Mr. Goon Affiliated" but felt obligated to post the new single from rap's  raunchiest commercial rapper.  The song/video concept is a watered-down, fugazey bite on the King's (TIP) smash "Whatever You Like". The melody in the chorus samples Rupert Holmes' "Pina Coladas." (Is anyone TRYING anymore??!) I've summed this serving up as #Steamin'hotgarbage, but willing to bet it will be #1 on 106 & Park in NO TIME.

~This weekend in Cali was the massive Cochella Music festival!!! So sad I was not in attendence (Getting my weight up to secure a press past in the future) but my big homie QDEEZY was in attendence. (He's EVERYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE!!) A detailed report on all the haps will be posted ASAPington!!
Have a great Monday kids!!! smooooooches!!!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010


TINY & TOYA BACK LIKE THEY NEVER LEFT- DAUM.- The ever-popular thorn in BET programming's side, "Tiny and Toya" has returned to the channel for a second season. Now, most of you know, that in spite of the show starring two young Black females, I'd rather attempt taxes than stomach a 30-min. episode. I just don't understand why or how the two are relevant for having sex and getting sperminated by rappers (though I LOVE me some TIP and Weezy). I also can't stand the way they destroy the English language via their "narration". I just cannot suport it, but wish continued success on the nail salons (Tiny) and being BabyMama#32 (Toya). The duo made an appearance on (my fav) Chelsea Lately yesterday and below are a few highlihgts. You know Chelsea was thinking, "WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?!?!" the entire time... Let me know if you caught the show!

BREATHING NEW LIFE IN FALL: THE GAME!!- THE GAME IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, we can all sleep easier as EVERYONE'S FAVORITE BLACK sitcom has officially been picked up by BET and new episodes will debut at the end of the year!!! I'm toooooo excited though the show date and times still have yet to be decided, but the cast will be taping episodes here in Atlanta, and I cannnnot wait!!I was beginning to loathe these "new reality shows", thirsty for scripted plots and talented actors. The show's revival on BET may be the first time a Black show was saved from cancellation to appear on another THANKGAWD!!! I'll be sure to post more updates as they occur!

BRANDY WANTS BLOGGERS TO STOP THE HATE- Although millions tuned into view Brandy's new show starring her immediate family (Sonja, Pops. and Ray J) as well as her laughable lace front wig and exsessive eyebrows, Brandy is still feeling the hate from bloggers. In a note published originally on & posted on, Brandy whomps excessively about the pitfalls of being "talked about" online. Um, pause. But, considering Brandy hasn't had a hit in a MIN, is currently overshadowed in her carreer by her sex-tape/ womanizing younger brother, and we still haven't forgotten about her fatal car accident, daughter and false marriage she parlayed into a reality tv show... shouldn't she be GLAD some bloggers find her relevant at all???!! Anyone?? I swear sometimes celebrities forget that publicity at all is still good publicity, and that should be rule # 1. Look at Kim Kardashian?! 
DIDDY WRAPS "INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO"- Yesterday, Sean "P. Diddy"/ Take-that Take-That Combs shot his "Inside The Actor's Studio" episode set to air sometime this summer. ITAS is the top-rated Bravo show hosted by James Lipton that gets inside the minds of serious actors. So Diddy was selected because...*Crickets Chirping* Either way, he's a great talent and he gives his first interview after the shoot to MTV (Check the link). He told you he wouldn't stop... (Dylan's somewhere .38 HOTTT)
LARRY KING: FATHER TIME STILL PIMPIN-According to reports on TMZ, Larry King has filed from divorce from his 7th wife Shawn Southwick (8th marraige; re-married one woman twice) today. This was after an allged CRAZY@$$ argument regarding King having sex with Shawn's...sister??! ERRR?!?! WOW. Soooo, even the Super Seniors know about the slide & glide (Sidebar: WHO is boning LArry King?!?!). As the two battle it out in public, currently over the division of their multiple properties... I'll be watching. *Grabs popcorn*.



Monday, April 12, 2010


Tiera Mari's "Daddy's Home Video": Shameless Promo or Needed Remix?-The former "Princess of the Roc" (for only a mere .30 sec. of life) has resurfaced again. If anyone was trying to pay attention, she has been sporadically spotted in d-list films and blogsites, most recently to promote her summer project, "At That Point". Today she leaked this video teaser to WSHH... and um... I'm rather saddened that she bothered to sing at all. She could've just sent in some still shots of T&A as opposed to give effort to staying on-key, a video treatment or mini-plot (I was offended for the food in the kitchen being wasted on such gar-bage). Female pop singers are no longer required to be talented, just cute and willing to get nakey. What will our daughters aspire to?!?!   Anywho, view below:

DRAKE's Latest Video "OVER"-GIVES. ME. LIFE!!!
If you didn't know... I'm like a HUGE DRIZZLE FAN!!!! HUGE!!!!! Anyhow, his latest video "Over" completely does it for me~ so fresh!!!! The visuals coincide with the lyrics, and I feel his passion as he continues his top reign (Enough swinging from Drakes treasures) View below! Share your thoughts!

Usher Releases 3rd New Video, "OMG"-Usher has another release from his #1 chart-topping album Raymond vs. Raymond, the Will.I.Am collaberation & produced: "OMG". I am not the biggest fan of this latest project, but this single is actually growning on me. I know... it's a bit corny, but I can def. see myself grooving to this in the club. Thoughts??

Monica& Trey Songz announce Tour- According to Sandra Rose, the two have already teamed up for smaller shows in smaller citites to gain a feel for each other as well as audience reception. Also, they will begin a major tour this summer, this on the eve of her successful debut of "Still Standing" and his relentless promtotion of... HIMSELF-including a new reality show, upcoming album, and constant radio domination. WOW. Which one of ya'll... which one of ya'll are buying tickets???!!!

With that kids, know that I've missed you terribly and am always working to improve. SOO much more to come!!!