Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!! RiRi's got the Gun, Kandi's Got the Clothes, I got, Guccimayne??? :)

What the business shawty?? LOL. It's been too long... I have no excuses except to say that I have been working on some other exciting projects that I hope to tell you about very soon!!! In case you were wondering (you probably weren't) I MISSED you guys!!!! Without Further ADO...LET's GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Obama Administration NO LONGER DOWN w. FOX News: HEAARD!!!!
-Well, they didn't say that exactly...but they SHOULD HAVE!!! LOL. Actually, the statements that have the GOP's panties in a wad, include that Fox News "is geared toward making money." The White House communications director, Anita Dunn is also on record stating that Fox News operates "almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party." And on last Sunday, Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, stated of Fox News, "It is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective."
Um, crickets chirping... crickets chirping. These are factual statements?!?! That's like getting mad bc someone calls out MTV for being an entertainment network and no longer a music video channel... THEY'RE NOT?! They barely play a video anymore?! And the same holds true for Fox News, whose content is filled to the brim of political opinion that is AGAINST the progressive Obama Administration.They BARELY air any objective or factual news stories. In fact, they pride themselves on the hateful content and slanted stories aired, sock pile the money and redeposit it into the GOP party...but as this is America and we all are entitled to free speech, people can choose to tune into commentary passed off as news, or switch to an objective news program that is not biased or backed by hidden ($$$) agendas. Whew. Chile!!

Kandi Has A New Clothing Store... Try It Out, Try It Out, Try It Out, YEaaaaah!!!
-My homegirl turned me on to this story, my favorite RHODuluth and yours, Kandi Buress has opened a clothing store in Smyrna, GA.! TAGS, is a dream birthed by established boutique-r Peaches Chin and Buress herself. The two were friends first, and thought carefully before embarking on this joint business venture. Kandi says it's  a great way to channel her energy during her recent stresses, but please don't send any fan mail to her store! LOL. Now, I'm a fan of her style, the more wearable of the Duluthians...so I'll def. stop in and take a peek. I'll let you know what I find...(Click the link to view the AJC's photos of her below $70.00 dresses).

Princess RIRI is BACK & looking more like Grace Jones than GAGA...
-Today Def Jam released Rihanna's newest single, the first release from her upcoming new album and the first solo debut since her public beating by now ex boonopolis CBreezy. The song's called, "Russian Roulette", and the video will debut later this month. I must say... I'm feelin' it. Then again, I'm feelin' most things that RiRi does lately, she's that FIYA to me. Her production team is unparalleled right now, and her stylists have her fashion light years ahead of everyone else. EXCELLENT Packaging!! Let me know what you think of her new single... click the link to listen @ the site!

-Media Fake Out is reporting, and my Twitter is buzzin' like an 80's pager, that the entire cast of the GAME is in ATL negotiating appearing on the new season of the GAME as picked up by BET!!! They're also filiming a taping of the (GAWD-AWFUL) Mo'Nique show. Well, I'll focus on the positive: THE GAME IS COMING!!!!!! I'm soooo excited, as this is by far my FAV show on TV second to SATC!!!?!?! I'm praying they iron out these fickle negotiations and that BET doesn't drop the ball... AGAIN!!!!

Personal Pills:
It's HOMECOMING TIME!!!!!! Oct.19-24, 2009
-It's one of my favorite times of the year!!!! Last night kicked off the Spoken Word extraveganza, and this year featured my BFF GA ME!!!!!! She shut it DOWN, and a crowd in excess of 600 witnessed the raw talent, inspiration and electricity that is GA's Spoken Word!!!!!  I'm getting tooo excited about the impending parties and seeing all my familia (Yes, I consider BISON extended family, much like the Sorors)!!! I'm having a bit of travel anxiety as some pieces still aren't complete, but NOTHING can stop me from being crunk!!! LOL! AND I just got word of the official Tailgating event!!!!! YEAA!!! See you in the Towers/ Banneker Parking Lot (Hope I didn't spill my age)...

I was in NEW YORRK last week!!! (Cue AKeys...)
- Yes, children, I stay traveling (smile) I stayed in Times Square on Business, and many-a-nights I spent hanging w. one of my FAVS from HU; I got a peek at her uber-fabulous life in the NYC!! She was MORE than hospitable!!! I met a certain "Top Model" my first night who was luvly as well, but she had a joke about my request for that good ol' Gucci Mayne (the DJ @ 1 club was spinnin' the electro-pop all nite-ew). Top Model had the nerve to say, "You Dropped Your Gold Tooth!!" Ooooh trick. Indeed. (side eye) but I love all... and this link, the Gucci & DJ Drama streets mix of the The Movie 3_D: Buuuuuurprint (listen @  ur own risk), Is for You!!!! Smooooches!!!!!!

Well kids, I have to head to pick up my tuxedo jacket... yes...I'm serious this wknd. Talk to you soon!! Stay blessed!