Friday, March 26, 2010


Tyler Perry is set to write, produce, and direct the iconic theatrical play by Ntozake Shange "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Not Enough" into a feature film production.He has already cast the featured roles with such stars including Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whoopie Goldberg, Elise Neal, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine, Phylicia Rashad, and of course...Perry himself.
*le sigh*
        When I heard this news, my heart immediately sank, and not simply because I'm already biased against most Tyler Perry films. I was crushed for several reasons. The first, is that this play, is very special, and held in the highest regard amongst Black women, or cultured people period. "Cultured" not in the narrow-minded and elitist sense of the word but based in fact. Not all of our beautiful children of color in this country are exposed to theater, let alone to the voice, movement, and theatrical expression that is Ntozake Shange. Written in 1975, the play is a collection of 20 choreopoems acted by nameless Black women known only as colors, still holds deep relevance when acted across the Nation today.
     The second is that the characters embody feelings and experiences indicative to the essence of a Black woman. So many young women have read and related, or auditioned and become changed once introduced to the Ladies of the Rainbow. Their testimonies and monologues are universal to women of color and it is truly a joy to watch on stage. I know TPerry has built a mega-brand off cross-dressing and moonlighting as a woman, but the truth is that he is not a Black woman. Therefore, any immediate authenticity in re-creating the story is a Black male with controlling authority (writer, director, producer, street team etc. that is T.Perry). I'm rather doubtful he can capture the raw emotion and testimony as written by Shange.
         The third, is that given the track record... how can I not be nervous?? Of all the many T.Perry films I've witnessed, and I do believe I have seen them all, the two stand-outs were The Family That Preys (great film) and Why Did I Get Married (Good film). Reasons being the acting was great, the plot lines were relate-able and I found characters I could root for throughout the films.Neither of the favorites tackled serious drama or were to align with Tony-award worthy performances of a theater brand, like "For Colored Girls". "Precious", the most dramatic cinema project where Perry executive produced alongside Oprah Winfrey, left me more than unfulfilled as it palled in-comparison to the masterpiece that was the novel "Push" by Saphire. I don't want to sit crushed in the movies next spring, watching the credits roll, angry that a T. Perry caricature will be mainstream America's equates to "Lady In Purple".
        In no way am I "hating" on Tyler Perry but pointing out my fears of the mega-director. A director known for breaking box-office records while utilizing a formula that often lacks provocative thought, intense character development, or diverse image representation among his Black characters, and dressing in drag as the beloved Madea. I will forever respect Tyler Perry and his many accomplishments for all Black folk in media, film production, development, and ownership in particular. I'm sure I will purchase a ticket to his interpretation of "For Colored Girls". I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't issue my version of a disclaimer though, prior to my scathing critique.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Papa Knowles Mu$t PAY, BSCOT in ATL, BUSH & TUSH, and MONICA!

Mathew Knowles: YOU ARE THE FATHER- Yesterday it was officially confirmed that Papa Knowles is in fact a rolling stone, as DNA testing proved he is the father to newborn male child Nixon, to mistress Alexsandra Wright. Papa Knowles allegedly carried on a 16-month affair with White, who filled for child support in Los Angeles courts.*le sigh* A L.A. judge ordered Knowles to pay $20,750 in back support for the month of January, monthly child support of $8,200 retroactive from February 1st and 100% of the uninsured medical costs. Nixon was born February 4,2010, and is the first male child for Mathew Knowles, who's wife (ex wife??) MamaTina Knowles filed for divorce last November. Neither Beyaki nor MamaTina have released a statement on the situation, but surely they are proud to have a new addition to their musical family. Um, congrats! Children are truly a blessing...aren't they?! *photo courtesy of TMZ*
IT'S BSCOOOOOTTT!!!-The YouTube/Media Underground sensation that is BSCOTT invaded Atlanta this week! My Sorors turned me on to his fabulousness last weekend, and I'm fascinated at his always perfect appearance, and hilarious catchphrases! How ironic that he hosted parties on Sunday and Monday, and spoke Tuesday at Morehouse College for their first annual Gay Pride Week. He also shot a top-secret photo shoot with the in-demand Derek Blanks (Alterego) and stopped by the Kenny Burns show on Beehive FM!! Whew!! As we missed him at Morehouse, I've posted the first part of his interesting interview on the Kenny Burns show, and if interested, watch part2 and part3!! Enjoy LOVEMUFFINS!!!!(smile)

BUSH & TUSH CHRONICLES CONTINUE-If you haven't heard by now, Kim & Reggie have split. This PR leak began on Monday when the rumors began the Bush broke up with Tush via text message while she was in Miami shooting Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami, and he was in New York. Allegedly the footage will be aired during the summer season of the show. Kim is now alleged to be dating a rich soccer star and was photographed yesterday looking #Outtacontrol. I was quite pleased to hear the breakup news however, as Bush is such a chocolate drop and newly single!
MONICA'S NEW ALBUM IS A SMASH-Yesterday ATL's own Ms. Monica released her 4th studio album in a decade, Still Standing. Rumored to not have the full support of J Records, her record label, the real tee-hee-hee was on Monica. Stores across the nation have reported selling out of the album yesterday, and the Billboard charts should reflect that her fans LOVE their Monica! Go cop this album to continue the support!



Tuesday, March 23, 2010


DIGGY IS A REAL RAPPER, WITH A DEAL!!-Yesterday the Internet was buzzing that  15-year old Diggy Simmons, was officially signed to Atlantic records! This is fresh off of his wildly popular single relase last week, "Flo Stoooopid" (Posted last Thursday). Congrats to the young man, a hard-working, innovative, fashion forward and talented individual! The news def. broke on Twitter, and yesterday's TwitterTopic was #JoJoMustfeellike (Filling out college applications). We can't all be Jay-Z JoJo. LOL. JUST JOKES!! I'm sure there's enough guap for ALL family members to feel very blessed right now. :)
*Photo courtesy of GLOBAL GRIND*

DWTS: MY TOP PICS- Last night the (2) hour premiere of DWTS aired on ABC live, and had several "suprise" celebrites to watch this season (if you care). 1. Chad OchoCinco-Looking like MR. CHOCOLATE DELICIOSO has rhythm to spare but should clean it up a bit. He's sooo sexy to watch though. 2. Pamela Anderson-who still looks like sex in sequince entertained while sexxing it up last night (Can you believe she's still got it??) 3.Niecy Nash-How cute did she look boppin' around with more sass and comedy than skill? I'll be watching her. Aside from Shannon Doherty cleaning up to appear classy and 'Oldasmathucel' Buzz Aldren shufflin' without his constant IV, there aren't any other highlights this season. I'll be watching Chad though. YUM. *Click link to watch episode in full*


THE FEMALE NOORWOODS- Yesterday NecoleBitchie posted new pics of Entertainer Brandy, her mom-ager, and daughter S'rai.  I took notice (along with several other commenters) on how large the little girl looks at such a young age and feel her mother, Brandy (anyone else remember that car accident/ murder of hers?) should better monitor her healthy food intake and excercise. Howevs, there was an onslaught of backlash claiming to just leave the "child" alone and she'll eventually "thinn out". Seriously? If anyone recalls the child's father (Rodney Jerkins' Brother) is built like a linebacker?! Granted child health should be the parent's repsonsiblity till of age, but if S'rayi is not careful she will be obese, and spend her 30's complaining of poor health issues and constant weight gain. Newsflash: Obesity will be the #1 killer in AMERICA BY 2019 and it's NO SECRET which generation this will affect?! Our people are so quick to defend what's blatantly wrong... obesity is NOT WHAT'S UP?!?! (I need a t-shirt that screams this). I want the cycle of approving unhealthy behavior to cease, and switch the focus on HEALTHY eating, abundance of excersie and education. The truth shoudn't always offend... it should empower and promote change. *Done with rant*
LAST TRAIN TO PARIS LISTENING PARTY- Last night in Los Angeles, Diddy (and Cappricorn) hosted an exclusive listening party for his album, Last Train To Paris which drops early June. My "Key To The City" Connect-QDEEZY was in the building and reported that the party was nice, and that cd is surprisingly filled with several hits described as "Black pop music". A slew of celebrities (and celeb-u-nots) were also present, Klohe and Lamar (I LOVE THEM), Chris Rock, Ron Artest, Ray J, Poprah and Young Berg (WTJJH?!). Thanks Q for today's SPOTTED!! 


Friday, March 19, 2010


JANET SLAYS LENO INTERVIEW!-Last night, pop icon Janet Jackson made a special appearance on Jay Leno to promote her upcoming role in the Tyler Perry squeal, "Why Did I Get Married Too" which hits theaters next Friday. How amazing did Diva Jackson look?!? I died when I checked her shoe game, and her makeup/face was flawless. She was very composed and I'm rather excited to view her in the movie. Ya'll know I'm not the biggest T.Perry movie aficionado, but I did like "Why Did I Get Married" so you will find me in the movies next weekend. :)

WAY TO ACHIEVE!!! WAY TO ACHIEVE!!- Last week, an all-Black, all-male senior class from Englewood Urban Prep Academy charter school in  Chicago, IL made headlines as they were ALL ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES!!!!! What amazing and inspiring news! All 107 young men in the school's first senior class gained entry to over 72 different schools including Northwestern, DePaul, University of Illinois, Rutgers, and of course, Howard University* to name a few. The young men were groomed upon entry that higher education was not their option, but destiny through extensive college preparation. In spite of their circumstances they persevered and defied the odds, proving that our people are blessed and talented beyond measure!! After the wackness I posted that is Wacka Flocka, it is past refreshing to shine light on young Black men walking in their royal light!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! (Can't wait to write about how they ALL graduated!!)
 * The BEST University in. The. WORLD.

"SUBWAY BUS OR WALKING" HOTTT ISHHH!!!!- My fellow HU Alum Brandon Carter (@BCartermusic) dropped a new video for his single "Subway Bus Or Walking". This HIMscarical yet talent-filled creation has a cameo by the luhvly @ihavesuperpower (SOC stand UP!!) representing for the standard "video chic" #44,231. Check below, and yes...this is what's hott in the skreets! LOL!!

Happy Friday Kids!!



Thursday, March 18, 2010


Early this morning the Internet, Twitter and blogs were buzzing non-stop once Tiger Woods' ex-mistress took to the web to publish the extensive, and sexually graphic text messages she received from the scorned golfer. Texts that infer Tiger's large penis size, his vice for pain during sex, and allegedly "Golden Showers". Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!! Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also known as Joslyn James, alleges that she believed she was in an "exclusive" three-year relationship with Woods (other than his WIFE?!?!) and that she even quit her full-time job as a porn-star to curtail Woods' jealous streak. WHAT was she smoking?!?! The text postings in-full were removed from the Internet earlier ( but I managed to find some from & Sandra Rose. Some excerpts of the "freaky" texts Woods sent to James:
-OK, I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.
- I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you
- Have you ever had a golden shower done to you? … just morbid curiosity.
- You are my f**king whore. Hold you down while I choke you.
While I don't understand the motives behind releasing such personal information post-his public apology and media fall out circa 2009, I loose all respect when James alleged that Woods has yet to "take responsibility for his behavior". Um, excuse me, miss... but YOU were a "Jumpoff". A messy and disloyal one at THAT?! WHAT responsibility does Woods have to you other than sex, payment (surely she was paid both directly and indirectly) and sex?!?! I swear these women are a bit delusional if they expected more or that the public would take further interest in their stories outside of the freaky sex information. Only Kim Kardashian has had ridonkulous success which began with her Jumpoff status and peaked post-sex-tape release... the formula should NOT be followed. SMDH.
Clearly Woods is maintaining his iron-clad discussions with the press and has returned to his family and rehab center. He's still slated to play in this year's PGA Tournament... so it's safe to assume... Woods has no love for these H**s. I wish they'd get the memo and think of different ways to remain relevant.



Viv's new single, new Louis, & Wacka's in JAIL.Wow.

Wacka Flocka JAILED-On Tuesday evening, the wackest rapper on the promotional circuit, Wacka Flocka Flame was arrested. Again. This time for probation violation when he exited the state of Georgia while on tour. He was previously sentenced and issued probation for carrying a sawed off shotgun, so this time he may be sitting in jail for a lil' while. The would-be rapper (one must lack skills to fit this description, no?) also made headlines after his prior arrest/ probation sentencing for carrying a sawed-off shotgun, and is in Houston County jail. All of this foolishness is after eight young were shot after Wacka's show, and his news-making scuffle 2-weeks ago at Walters, the sneaker mecca of Atlanta. I never could take him seriously, and now I just wish he'd sit DOWN somewhere?! All this criminal activity yet you dropped the WACKEST rap single of the year?? (No shade-Diddy's hop on the remix was official). Not sure if I'll continue to report on yet another rapper making news for #thuglife attempts as opposed to talent. I'm boring myself...

Vivan Green is back?!!-Most of my HU friends remember singing at the top of our lungs in the Towers to "Rollercoaster" by Vivian Green back in 2002. Well, Viv is back with her first studio album in 5 years! Her lead single, "Beautiful" is hitting radio and the video was just released. *deep sigh*
I really want to root for Viv as she's not in the stereotypical R&B/T&A get up we've grown accustomed to seeing (a la Beyaki & followers). Although the lyrics are nice, the melody isn't catchy to me nor is her voice melodic enough to request a repeat. Thoughts?? Enjoy below:

LOUIS should be the new LOUIS- Recently your favorite 106 & Park rappers have been photographed with an exclusive set of designer, hand-made, and crocodile, duffel bags and backpacks by Louis Stewart. Louis, who once designed for the iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, is now his own brand using hip-hop as a marketing tool. Even Lisa Raye has been spotted rockin' the bags. I support this trend for not only are the accessories flyyy with excellent craftsmanship (that I can tell) the designer's a Brotha!! Game, set, match!
*Sandra Rose Photo Credit*

~Talk with you kids in a few hours!



Friday, March 12, 2010

Music News-GAGA & "Honey B", Diggy's got skills, and Monica's single!!!

'TELEPHONE' Video-  Thursday night at 11 central, Lady GaGa debuted her latest video: "Telelphone" featuring Beyaki herself, on E! News. Hyped-for-weeks, two of the most-fashionable (and arguably talented) pop divas teamed up to create a Jonas Ackerlund mini-movie! A lenghty-video with too many costume changes to count (all fierce though), it relies on a rather sketchy plot-line that involves jail, lesbians, Tyreese and poison. The choreography is great however, as is the cinematography.
     I love this video!!!! It doesn't look like anything else currently in rotation!! So many people bashed it, but I think it's the best B's done all year (If you mute her speaking lines) and edgiest I've seen GaGa (tell me you didn't DIE when she had the dancebreak in studded undies and stilletto boots?!?!) As a Tarintino fan I applauded the "Pussy Wagon" reference, and appreciated the makeup (the faces were BEAT). Don't take my gushing as gospel, but view for yourself!!

Chris Brown Doesn't Like Mixtape Relegation- Chris "Beatherdown" Brown is back on social networking mecca Twiter, and yes, this is a cry for more support from his fans. Earlier in the week Brown took to the net to plead that fans call into radio stations as he feels blackballed by lack of radio play and record sales of his last release, "Graffitti". This second attempt at Twitter, he's wondering if anyone... anyone at all will follow to boost his star-status. He was hot before Trey Songz remember?? Anyone?? *Crickets*

**Smaller Doses**
Monica & Rocko Call It Quits- Thursday Sandra Rose was the official blogger to break the news that Atown's own Monica has seperated from her fiance Rocko. This comes after weeks of rumors that he allgedly was unfaithful (gasp/shock) and Monica released an offical statement on Sandra's site. Prayers for any woman dealing with relationship issues (haven't we all) and as the couple share (2) small boys, prayers that the family remains strong.
Diggy Simmons Can Rap;WHO KNEW?!?- Yea... I dunno WHAT JoJo was smokin'/thinkin' when he called "shotgun" out the gate as rapping hier to the Simmons' throne, cause lil' Diggy has SKILLS. I know. I was skeptical too, but see for yourself: 

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.
*shout out to @Deuce83 for convincing me to listen*

QDEEZY'S NEW SINGLE!!- Philly's own/ LA's leading radio/entertainment personality has released his latest single. For the stans. While he may not be quitting his day job (just yet) I see a single w. Wacka Flocka in his future! Listen, laugh, and share your's "SUPER SIMPLE"!!! :)



Thursday, March 4, 2010

AKOO Model Interview, FAMU Fake??, & Naomi cleared of assault

MODEL TALK:AKOO MODEL SPEAKS OUT- The model in the AKOO billboard generating such a buzz* gave an interview with This 26-year old mother of a four-year old son saw nothing wrong with the ad, felt the controversy was over-hyped ("I can't believe it made CNN"), saw her attention as great for Black models and is pleased that AKOO increased promotional relevance by 200%.The photographer on-set at the time of the shoot was aiming for a Calvin Klein ad feel with overt sexual imaging, and AKOO decided to run with Dawn's shoot direction as she suggested the alternate "fellatio-pose".She also wanted readers to know that she was "sitting, not on my knees" (thank you for that clarification Dawn...we wouldn't want to get that twisted...)
        None of her statements surprised me, though I was rather saddened realizing that the basic sentiment is so long as she was paid and gained notoriety, she saw nothing wrong, in spite of opposing points presented. To the placement of negative imaging in our communities-the usual apathetic, kids see worse all the time, whomp,whomp, whomp. To her son possibly receiving a mixed message about women-it's the parent's job to teach the child, whomp whomp whomp. When will Black women realize that we can be responsible for the images of us but we must start by demanding more of ourselves. Inclusive of opting for a more socially responsible direction for a fashion brand with zero artistic, or couture fashion credibility (AKOO)- unlike Calvin Klein. I feel that old money and new money operate differently, just as Blacks shouldn't assume privilege in the commercial market because we now have enough money to play in the game.
*goin'on and marinate on that for a min.*

**Smaller Doses**
FAMU SEX TAPE ALLEGED A FAKE - It's listed that the porno footage staring "FAMU Students" may not have used actual students at the university, just young Black porno actors who did in fact get paid. *side eye* Okay. If that is the truth, I'm not mad as that sits better with my soul anyhow. I did note the abundance of Rattlers that spoke out on Twitter that there's no WAY their school would produce such..."freaks". Ummmhmmm. Right.
NAOMI CAMPBELL CLEARED OF CHARGES- Yes everyone's favorite model with anger issues was cleared yesterday from the allegations against her, this time from her hired driver. Campbell was charged with assault (again) and now they will be lessened to harassment. Um...celebrate the small victories... :)
PRINCESS RIRI'S GETTING SUED BY HER TRAINER-Someone needs to talk to their accountant and demand a payroll examination!!! Trainer, is suing for $26,144 claiming she was not paid for her "exclusive personal training services" at $1,500 daily during September-October of 2009. She's also suing for travel reimbursement as she alleges she traveled across Europe for RiRi at the cost of $2,644.



Wednesday, March 3, 2010


AKOO Clothing, A King Of One's Self, is quickly gaining more publicityfor its racy advertising than clothes in its product line. The urban clothing line (of course) is owned by TIP (Clifford Harris), and this gem of an ad has sparked controversy since it was posted high in a Black neighborhood in Newark New Jersey.
    While Americans have been desensitized by sexual images for years now, this ad still struck a nerve with me as there is no message or background info on the line, nor it's owner. Simply a cute BLACK chick, groping on a male's pants, with her tongue out next to his man-stick, and his hand on the back of her head for..."encouragement". We ALL can infer the same message (either she just started or finished giving him head impressive enough for a billboard), for Mayor Corey Booker just announced the billboard will be taken down.
    Why must citizens have to view or infer anything so distasteful in THEIR community-an ad with no relevance to bettering the area in the midst of numerous issues plaguing the city?! Seriously?? Seriously!!
In no way am I throwing shade at TIP, as he is a Black entrepreneur, but where is the moral consideration for your community?? The marketing team/ ad-design campaign (CBS Outdoors) was careless enough to place an ad that evokes demeaning connotation in a low-economic community heavily populated by minorities. I have yet to see such an ad in Atlanta, but if I do the same questions would arise. I'm concerned that you would want US to consume, but are not concerned with the imaging and effects of such in OUR community. WOW.
*Photo courtesy of the Star-Ledger*

SEXXING>STUDYING: STUDENTS @ FAMU?!?!?-Florida A&M University students have taken collegiate activities to another level. Several students, who are also closet porn directors, decided to film a seedy 42. min. long "sex tape" which simply is a low-budget orgy. In a dorm room. With the lights on, students clearly identified, and a bevy of athletic socks, sneakers, fitted sheets, Freshman year pics, and of course... STDs (I didn't spot any condoms). Very little shocks me anymore in media, but I was more floored at the lack of concern amongst the students?! I mean, young  Black students (at a prestigious University at that), who should be studying (as we've no clue who's struggling to support them whilst in school), used their student loan money for laptops and mini cams to broadcast their sexuality-FOR FREE!?!?! This is now available to any who care to watch. Deeply saddened as it almost defeats the purpose of educating yourself for better employment opportunities or entrepreneurship if you reduce yourself to a bootleg-Hustler-star-in-training. Even amateur porn stars get some check though... these young ladies discredited themselves for bragging rights on Twitter. WHATHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?! Reason #453 I'm in the midst of writing my book... Jesus...take the wheel.
***Email me for the link. It's that serious!!!!***

**Smaller Doses**
Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Her First Child- K.C. and "Bubby" welcomed a new baby boy into the world yesterday. Both the mother and child are doing well and prayers for their family during this exciting time.
Lil' Wayne STILL Isn't IN JAIL!!!- AND he caught the BP3 tour last night in Madison Square Garden! How's THAT for awaiting "sentencing"?? If you hadn't heard, Weezy's sentencing was postponed yet again as there was a basement fire in the New York Courthouse know...the flow of justice, yadiiiiiiiiig!!!!! I'll be on baited breath awaiting if he ever will report to Rikers...
NIVEA'S NEW VIDEO...FEATURING LIL' WAYNE?!-Yes, everyone's favorite baby-maker Lil' Weezy also took time before his jail stint to shoot a video w. his ex and Babymama #3 Nivea. This visual masterpiece is for her upcoming album release-Purple Heart (YES that was typed in pure sarcasm-duh?!).