Thursday, March 18, 2010

Viv's new single, new Louis, & Wacka's in JAIL.Wow.

Wacka Flocka JAILED-On Tuesday evening, the wackest rapper on the promotional circuit, Wacka Flocka Flame was arrested. Again. This time for probation violation when he exited the state of Georgia while on tour. He was previously sentenced and issued probation for carrying a sawed off shotgun, so this time he may be sitting in jail for a lil' while. The would-be rapper (one must lack skills to fit this description, no?) also made headlines after his prior arrest/ probation sentencing for carrying a sawed-off shotgun, and is in Houston County jail. All of this foolishness is after eight young were shot after Wacka's show, and his news-making scuffle 2-weeks ago at Walters, the sneaker mecca of Atlanta. I never could take him seriously, and now I just wish he'd sit DOWN somewhere?! All this criminal activity yet you dropped the WACKEST rap single of the year?? (No shade-Diddy's hop on the remix was official). Not sure if I'll continue to report on yet another rapper making news for #thuglife attempts as opposed to talent. I'm boring myself...

Vivan Green is back?!!-Most of my HU friends remember singing at the top of our lungs in the Towers to "Rollercoaster" by Vivian Green back in 2002. Well, Viv is back with her first studio album in 5 years! Her lead single, "Beautiful" is hitting radio and the video was just released. *deep sigh*
I really want to root for Viv as she's not in the stereotypical R&B/T&A get up we've grown accustomed to seeing (a la Beyaki & followers). Although the lyrics are nice, the melody isn't catchy to me nor is her voice melodic enough to request a repeat. Thoughts?? Enjoy below:

LOUIS should be the new LOUIS- Recently your favorite 106 & Park rappers have been photographed with an exclusive set of designer, hand-made, and crocodile, duffel bags and backpacks by Louis Stewart. Louis, who once designed for the iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, is now his own brand using hip-hop as a marketing tool. Even Lisa Raye has been spotted rockin' the bags. I support this trend for not only are the accessories flyyy with excellent craftsmanship (that I can tell) the designer's a Brotha!! Game, set, match!
*Sandra Rose Photo Credit*

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  1. WHAT!?!?! Viv is back? Finally! Will check out her album for sure:)