Friday, March 12, 2010

Music News-GAGA & "Honey B", Diggy's got skills, and Monica's single!!!

'TELEPHONE' Video-  Thursday night at 11 central, Lady GaGa debuted her latest video: "Telelphone" featuring Beyaki herself, on E! News. Hyped-for-weeks, two of the most-fashionable (and arguably talented) pop divas teamed up to create a Jonas Ackerlund mini-movie! A lenghty-video with too many costume changes to count (all fierce though), it relies on a rather sketchy plot-line that involves jail, lesbians, Tyreese and poison. The choreography is great however, as is the cinematography.
     I love this video!!!! It doesn't look like anything else currently in rotation!! So many people bashed it, but I think it's the best B's done all year (If you mute her speaking lines) and edgiest I've seen GaGa (tell me you didn't DIE when she had the dancebreak in studded undies and stilletto boots?!?!) As a Tarintino fan I applauded the "Pussy Wagon" reference, and appreciated the makeup (the faces were BEAT). Don't take my gushing as gospel, but view for yourself!!

Chris Brown Doesn't Like Mixtape Relegation- Chris "Beatherdown" Brown is back on social networking mecca Twiter, and yes, this is a cry for more support from his fans. Earlier in the week Brown took to the net to plead that fans call into radio stations as he feels blackballed by lack of radio play and record sales of his last release, "Graffitti". This second attempt at Twitter, he's wondering if anyone... anyone at all will follow to boost his star-status. He was hot before Trey Songz remember?? Anyone?? *Crickets*

**Smaller Doses**
Monica & Rocko Call It Quits- Thursday Sandra Rose was the official blogger to break the news that Atown's own Monica has seperated from her fiance Rocko. This comes after weeks of rumors that he allgedly was unfaithful (gasp/shock) and Monica released an offical statement on Sandra's site. Prayers for any woman dealing with relationship issues (haven't we all) and as the couple share (2) small boys, prayers that the family remains strong.
Diggy Simmons Can Rap;WHO KNEW?!?- Yea... I dunno WHAT JoJo was smokin'/thinkin' when he called "shotgun" out the gate as rapping hier to the Simmons' throne, cause lil' Diggy has SKILLS. I know. I was skeptical too, but see for yourself: 

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.
*shout out to @Deuce83 for convincing me to listen*

QDEEZY'S NEW SINGLE!!- Philly's own/ LA's leading radio/entertainment personality has released his latest single. For the stans. While he may not be quitting his day job (just yet) I see a single w. Wacka Flocka in his future! Listen, laugh, and share your's "SUPER SIMPLE"!!! :)



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