Thursday, March 4, 2010

AKOO Model Interview, FAMU Fake??, & Naomi cleared of assault

MODEL TALK:AKOO MODEL SPEAKS OUT- The model in the AKOO billboard generating such a buzz* gave an interview with This 26-year old mother of a four-year old son saw nothing wrong with the ad, felt the controversy was over-hyped ("I can't believe it made CNN"), saw her attention as great for Black models and is pleased that AKOO increased promotional relevance by 200%.The photographer on-set at the time of the shoot was aiming for a Calvin Klein ad feel with overt sexual imaging, and AKOO decided to run with Dawn's shoot direction as she suggested the alternate "fellatio-pose".She also wanted readers to know that she was "sitting, not on my knees" (thank you for that clarification Dawn...we wouldn't want to get that twisted...)
        None of her statements surprised me, though I was rather saddened realizing that the basic sentiment is so long as she was paid and gained notoriety, she saw nothing wrong, in spite of opposing points presented. To the placement of negative imaging in our communities-the usual apathetic, kids see worse all the time, whomp,whomp, whomp. To her son possibly receiving a mixed message about women-it's the parent's job to teach the child, whomp whomp whomp. When will Black women realize that we can be responsible for the images of us but we must start by demanding more of ourselves. Inclusive of opting for a more socially responsible direction for a fashion brand with zero artistic, or couture fashion credibility (AKOO)- unlike Calvin Klein. I feel that old money and new money operate differently, just as Blacks shouldn't assume privilege in the commercial market because we now have enough money to play in the game.
*goin'on and marinate on that for a min.*

**Smaller Doses**
FAMU SEX TAPE ALLEGED A FAKE - It's listed that the porno footage staring "FAMU Students" may not have used actual students at the university, just young Black porno actors who did in fact get paid. *side eye* Okay. If that is the truth, I'm not mad as that sits better with my soul anyhow. I did note the abundance of Rattlers that spoke out on Twitter that there's no WAY their school would produce such..."freaks". Ummmhmmm. Right.
NAOMI CAMPBELL CLEARED OF CHARGES- Yes everyone's favorite model with anger issues was cleared yesterday from the allegations against her, this time from her hired driver. Campbell was charged with assault (again) and now they will be lessened to harassment. Um...celebrate the small victories... :)
PRINCESS RIRI'S GETTING SUED BY HER TRAINER-Someone needs to talk to their accountant and demand a payroll examination!!! Trainer, is suing for $26,144 claiming she was not paid for her "exclusive personal training services" at $1,500 daily during September-October of 2009. She's also suing for travel reimbursement as she alleges she traveled across Europe for RiRi at the cost of $2,644.



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