Wednesday, March 3, 2010


AKOO Clothing, A King Of One's Self, is quickly gaining more publicityfor its racy advertising than clothes in its product line. The urban clothing line (of course) is owned by TIP (Clifford Harris), and this gem of an ad has sparked controversy since it was posted high in a Black neighborhood in Newark New Jersey.
    While Americans have been desensitized by sexual images for years now, this ad still struck a nerve with me as there is no message or background info on the line, nor it's owner. Simply a cute BLACK chick, groping on a male's pants, with her tongue out next to his man-stick, and his hand on the back of her head for..."encouragement". We ALL can infer the same message (either she just started or finished giving him head impressive enough for a billboard), for Mayor Corey Booker just announced the billboard will be taken down.
    Why must citizens have to view or infer anything so distasteful in THEIR community-an ad with no relevance to bettering the area in the midst of numerous issues plaguing the city?! Seriously?? Seriously!!
In no way am I throwing shade at TIP, as he is a Black entrepreneur, but where is the moral consideration for your community?? The marketing team/ ad-design campaign (CBS Outdoors) was careless enough to place an ad that evokes demeaning connotation in a low-economic community heavily populated by minorities. I have yet to see such an ad in Atlanta, but if I do the same questions would arise. I'm concerned that you would want US to consume, but are not concerned with the imaging and effects of such in OUR community. WOW.
*Photo courtesy of the Star-Ledger*

SEXXING>STUDYING: STUDENTS @ FAMU?!?!?-Florida A&M University students have taken collegiate activities to another level. Several students, who are also closet porn directors, decided to film a seedy 42. min. long "sex tape" which simply is a low-budget orgy. In a dorm room. With the lights on, students clearly identified, and a bevy of athletic socks, sneakers, fitted sheets, Freshman year pics, and of course... STDs (I didn't spot any condoms). Very little shocks me anymore in media, but I was more floored at the lack of concern amongst the students?! I mean, young  Black students (at a prestigious University at that), who should be studying (as we've no clue who's struggling to support them whilst in school), used their student loan money for laptops and mini cams to broadcast their sexuality-FOR FREE!?!?! This is now available to any who care to watch. Deeply saddened as it almost defeats the purpose of educating yourself for better employment opportunities or entrepreneurship if you reduce yourself to a bootleg-Hustler-star-in-training. Even amateur porn stars get some check though... these young ladies discredited themselves for bragging rights on Twitter. WHATHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?! Reason #453 I'm in the midst of writing my book... Jesus...take the wheel.
***Email me for the link. It's that serious!!!!***

**Smaller Doses**
Keyshia Cole Gives Birth To Her First Child- K.C. and "Bubby" welcomed a new baby boy into the world yesterday. Both the mother and child are doing well and prayers for their family during this exciting time.
Lil' Wayne STILL Isn't IN JAIL!!!- AND he caught the BP3 tour last night in Madison Square Garden! How's THAT for awaiting "sentencing"?? If you hadn't heard, Weezy's sentencing was postponed yet again as there was a basement fire in the New York Courthouse know...the flow of justice, yadiiiiiiiiig!!!!! I'll be on baited breath awaiting if he ever will report to Rikers...
NIVEA'S NEW VIDEO...FEATURING LIL' WAYNE?!-Yes, everyone's favorite baby-maker Lil' Weezy also took time before his jail stint to shoot a video w. his ex and Babymama #3 Nivea. This visual masterpiece is for her upcoming album release-Purple Heart (YES that was typed in pure sarcasm-duh?!).



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