Tuesday, March 23, 2010


DIGGY IS A REAL RAPPER, WITH A DEAL!!-Yesterday the Internet was buzzing that  15-year old Diggy Simmons, was officially signed to Atlantic records! This is fresh off of his wildly popular single relase last week, "Flo Stoooopid" (Posted last Thursday). Congrats to the young man, a hard-working, innovative, fashion forward and talented individual! The news def. broke on Twitter, and yesterday's TwitterTopic was #JoJoMustfeellike (Filling out college applications). We can't all be Jay-Z JoJo. LOL. JUST JOKES!! I'm sure there's enough guap for ALL family members to feel very blessed right now. :)
*Photo courtesy of GLOBAL GRIND*

DWTS: MY TOP PICS- Last night the (2) hour premiere of DWTS aired on ABC live, and had several "suprise" celebrites to watch this season (if you care). 1. Chad OchoCinco-Looking like MR. CHOCOLATE DELICIOSO has rhythm to spare but should clean it up a bit. He's sooo sexy to watch though. 2. Pamela Anderson-who still looks like sex in sequince entertained while sexxing it up last night (Can you believe she's still got it??) 3.Niecy Nash-How cute did she look boppin' around with more sass and comedy than skill? I'll be watching her. Aside from Shannon Doherty cleaning up to appear classy and 'Oldasmathucel' Buzz Aldren shufflin' without his constant IV, there aren't any other highlights this season. I'll be watching Chad though. YUM. *Click link to watch episode in full*


THE FEMALE NOORWOODS- Yesterday NecoleBitchie posted new pics of Entertainer Brandy, her mom-ager, and daughter S'rai.  I took notice (along with several other commenters) on how large the little girl looks at such a young age and feel her mother, Brandy (anyone else remember that car accident/ murder of hers?) should better monitor her healthy food intake and excercise. Howevs, there was an onslaught of backlash claiming to just leave the "child" alone and she'll eventually "thinn out". Seriously? If anyone recalls the child's father (Rodney Jerkins' Brother) is built like a linebacker?! Granted child health should be the parent's repsonsiblity till of age, but if S'rayi is not careful she will be obese, and spend her 30's complaining of poor health issues and constant weight gain. Newsflash: Obesity will be the #1 killer in AMERICA BY 2019 and it's NO SECRET which generation this will affect?! Our people are so quick to defend what's blatantly wrong... obesity is NOT WHAT'S UP?!?! (I need a t-shirt that screams this). I want the cycle of approving unhealthy behavior to cease, and switch the focus on HEALTHY eating, abundance of excersie and education. The truth shoudn't always offend... it should empower and promote change. *Done with rant*
LAST TRAIN TO PARIS LISTENING PARTY- Last night in Los Angeles, Diddy (and Cappricorn) hosted an exclusive listening party for his album, Last Train To Paris which drops early June. My "Key To The City" Connect-QDEEZY was in the building and reported that the party was nice, and that cd is surprisingly filled with several hits described as "Black pop music". A slew of celebrities (and celeb-u-nots) were also present, Klohe and Lamar (I LOVE THEM), Chris Rock, Ron Artest, Ray J, Poprah and Young Berg (WTJJH?!). Thanks Q for today's SPOTTED!! 


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