Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Death of a Kennedy, Domestic Violence, and RED BISON:)

Hey kids! It's a humpday!!! Not sure about you, but this week is proving to be another stress bomb. Some Wednesday stories of distraction from "adult" life...
1.Senator Ted Kennedy Dies
This Wednesday is a rather somber one in US History, as the nation lost Senator Ted Kennedy last night after a tiring fight against Brain Cancer. Kennedy's bio is too long and significant to post in detail, but a few of his brilliant career highlights included, reform to health care, civil rights and education legislation. He was also a huge supporter of President Obama and influential in securing his Democratic nomination in 2008. There have been a lot of high-profile deaths in the news lately, and although all are sad they give me pause to wonder about the many champions the Nation's lost lately. Considering the Nation's divided social state and a failing economy, you would think more leaders would be fighting for an opportunity to provide innovative ideas that unite and progress America. Instead, I find that leaders of great moral substance, fighting for worthwhile causes that ultimately benefit all Americans, are increasingly difficult to spot. That noted, I will make an effort to highlight the works of great leaders, in the public spotlight or locally appreciated, on this site. It's a small pledge to do something Kennedy-like. Feel free to recommend someone for a writeup or highlight, as WE are the ones who can promote the positive news we wish to see. (Justin, get ready for an interview...)

2. Domestic Violence/ Pop Culture
-So, was I the only one shocked to know that Princess RiRi has a violent past/record in association for hitting Chris"Beat-her-down"Brown? Maybe I shouldn't be, bc my boifriend and homegrrls from the Islands (yes I grouped all of you) swear that Island girls are closet crazy. News reports today announced (2) previous instances of abuse and violence between the couple; one time involved a public slap (RiRi) and a wall shove (u awwready know) and the other bashing in of a driver/passenger window of a rented Range Rover (MAN this kid needs anger management?!). Even with the couple's checkered past, was the 5-year probation an appropriate sentence for the showdown that occurred the morn of the Grammys (2.8.09)?? That was the mugshot flashed around the world... Well after learning of the two prior instances, I'm no longer such a fierce hater of Chris, and trust I was. Clearly he has severe issues and there are no appropriate instances to hit a woman, but there is MUCH to be said about the level of agency and life choices on the part of the female who sticks around-RiRi. The female that begs the judge to remove the court order of restraint-RiRi. The female that continues to be photographed and linked in the media w. said abuser-RiRi. Pattern much?? Lighters up for the sanity of both CBreezy, and Princess RiRi.

3. I'm Sooooo Glad, I went to Howard U... (and not HAMPTON)
-I KID (not really) but my dear friends sent this wonderful news article that big ups my AlmaMatter! So according to this new study, BISON are the best hires, we already know that, as well as the highest earners amongst other HBCU graduates! We even top the pay scale of most premiere white University graduates. YOU KNOOOOOW!!! Now, many of my classmates scratched their heads in amazement, cause lately it feels like NO ONE's making "high earnings" but there is much to be said of the report. An inner-whooooosaaaaaah, that makes all the sweat worth it as you are probaly making more than you thought you were! :) Now, if only they taught a class on money management and giving BACK to the University that held you hostage for 4(plus) years... I digress. Another blog entry...

**Fresh and Fierce Fall Update**
Ladies, I'm officially on the hunt for a GREAT red lipstick. I'm talking JillMarieJones (Toni/Girlfirends), NeNe (BAM!!!), and Sanaa Lathan-stopping red. One NARS makeup artist (a fellow Soror) suggested a brick red... any thoughts?? I'll be sure to let you know what I decided/a recommendation but know that this will be a must-cop for the season.

On another note, I've taken the PLUNGE and signed up for "TWITTER". I drank the Kool-Aid, so follow me, or send a note detailing how to follow you. Admittedly a lame to this "Twitter" movement, I'm only on to promote the blog. And to follow Diddy... LOL. Don't judge me. :)


*Dawnavette on Twitter too....("Hiiiiiit me onnnn thaaa TWIIIIIIITTTAAAAAA") lol


  1. Very good dose of vitamin D...except the part about Howard being the best HBCU and all. I mean it's okay. AGGIE PRIDE!!!

  2. LOL@ Chanel! Great posts! Keep 'em comin Soror