Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MaryJane, Frankie & Neffie Foolishness, One baaad HO

Happy Tuesday luvs!! It's been a rather interesting day thus far, and as I plow away at my perspective "field", I got to pondering these here thoughts...

1. Mike should've been in love with Mary Jane http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/entertainment/dpg_Michael_Jackson_Homicide_mb_08252009_3156279
-The LA Times announced yesterday that Michael Jackson's death will officially be deemed a homicide. The primary suspect charged is Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson' s personal Doc who's received quite a bit of press himself. While many believed this allegation all along, I found myself wondering about motives behind the death, in the instance the courts stick with the homicide ruling. Meaning, yes Dr. Murray should have known as a licensed professional what the mixture of drugs would do to his patient's body, but his patient was the KING. OF POP. If Mike wanted the drugs, shouldn't he have just given Mike the drugs?? Undoubtedly sad, it's a little less Black and White if you consider what you'd do in that situation... On the radio yesterday (Ryan Cameron in the afternoon-ATL SHAWTY) one caller said, "If Michael Jackson was soo sleepy, he should have just smoked a blunt!!" I swear that's the funniest yet most accurate assessment of this tragic situation. Had Mike just rolled up, he, the Doc, hell everyone would be in a much calmer place, and the world would still have the best entertainer ever. No one ever died from no ganja...Mike would've asked for more KFC though...

-Can anyone recall such a low point in television that would match the debut of the Frankie and Neffie show on BET?? I tried. I really did try, yet I could not think of one. Promotions of the show's premiere have have been readied since the end of March, and by now all know the screechy sound of Frankie's voice butchering the jingle "It's the Fraaaankiiiiieeeeee and Neefiiiiieeeeee Shooooow". Shudder. Anywho, I will certainly not be viewing this train wreck, and encourage all to ban from viewing as well. However, if you do choose to watch, please let me know what sparked such desire and your findings... I'm curious... like a freaky science experiment curious. If you don't have BET (how did YOU get so blessed?!) You can find the two on the chitlin' circuit of RadioOne interviews, 106 and Park, and MTO. Considering the success of "Tiny and Toya" I'm sure Frankie's new book she's promoting will be a bestseller. Way to go Frankie! Now, if only you could get off drugs and find those (8) kids lost in the Foster Care system...

3. Jay-Z calls Be-Yaki his "Ho"
-So. Is anyone surprised?? Anyone? (crickets chirping) MTO broke this gem of a "story" and alleged that Jay-Z raps, "I got the baddest HO" and some more old man whomp in an attempt to stay relevant on his new CD. Allegedly the Grand Dame, Tina Knowls was outraged at this reference, and demanded that Be-Yaki CHECK her HUSBAND. Right. All my "independent" women indeed. Really Tina? Was the video tape of your "son-in-law" Jigga mushing a female fan in the face publicly 4 years ago forgotten? Did you miss his release of female empowerment anthems or calls to action (in any social movements of relevance). I'll chalk this story up to a sloow news day, and people placing too much faith in Jigga.

-And with that, I'm out for the afternoon. Write to ya in the mooor-ning!!



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