Friday, August 28, 2009

SO KIIIIDS!!! We made it to FRIDAY!!! Whoohooo!! (Sowwwy for the delayed post) Although ecstatic, this wknd is looking rather chilll... I am not a fan of trekking in the rain, and it's pouring in the Atown all wknd. So I'll be cozied with some DVDs and grub!! Maybe I'll step out for restaurant week in ATL... it started Wednesday and will last through Sept. 6 . If there's one thing a Taurus loves to do is eat...SOOO chunky!!! Well let's get to it!

Tyra Banks Goes Natural-AGAIN.
-So the buzz for her latest season of syndicated-simple-talk surrounds Tyra revealing to the world her NATURAL hairstyle. That's right. Ty-Ty is taking off the weave bay-be! The gimmick is to strip down to the "real" you, thus proving that Tyra ALWAYS "Keeps it real". Well, I'm real... bored. The Black woman's struggle with texture choice of her crowning glory has been an ongoing battle for centuries. Assimilate, don't assimilate, rock the natural, perm it out, weave-tastic, or nappy and proud... whomp whomp. In 2009 the topic hasn't lost relevance, but since when has Tyra been chosen to carry this torch?! She's a former MODEL-a canvas for goodness sake, and in fashion hair is an accessory. I don't think people care a flying FLIP if Tyra's "natural" or not, so long as she looks good enough to market. However, she is using this ploy to draw new viewers... wonder if you'll watch Tyra try to bring out her inner-REAL-self. I'm yawning over here...

ATL Housewives-Last Night's Let Down
-Undoubtedly I was not the only one disapointed with last night's episode, as it showed the Housewives doing some rather "regular" Atlanta activities. It's like week after week this season, their lifestyles become more accessible to the "regular folk" (hell, EVERYONE can eat at Rosa Mexicana and shop at Fab'rik?!?! ERRRRR?). Even their interactions w. the commoners is staged and too dramatic- Did Sheree REALLY tell the publicist that she would need a MAYBACH to ride around Atlanta?! REALLLY SHEREEE??? REALLY?!?! I almost turned off the tube. And to finally see Lisa's background and immediate family, let me further know she's all too familiar w. the origin of a "crack hoar" (heeeey family...). Kim and Kandi are surely going to be fast friends... not too much depth or complexity there, and NeNe's actually irritiating me acting so avant garde with everyone this season. Next episode's "photo shoot" per NeNe's direction will surely feature one of the Housewives telling her about herself. Verdict: they need to step up the plotlines, and FAST, cause yours truly is growing BORED. Fa reals.
-This young lady was found after 18 years, and was held hostage, raped, and forced to produce (2) children by her kidnapper. The kidnapper and his wife (yes chile?!) kept this young lady and (2) children living behind his home in some dilapidated shacks and tents for over 18 years. WHERE THEY DO THIS @?!?! This story is past tragic, and Praise the Lord she's finally reunited with her family, but WHERE was everyone's antenna's for over 18 years? MAN DOWN?! CHILD IN DISTRESS!!!I cannot figure this out, but if you had a neighbor who was suspicious anyway (he was a convicted sex offender on 2 separate occasions), and you see he's got a lil' village in his backyard... you wouldn't want to call the police? For 18 years though?? We need to go back to the days when people KNEW their neighbors... a sex offender wouldn't be able to hide out his victims for a lifetime if we did. Do you know who lives next door to you??

-I'll update throughout the weekend, and will DEF. be back live and early Mon. morning to provide the wk's dosage of Vitamin D...Have a GREAT wknd Luvs!!!



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  1. Speaking of RHOA, I just heard Kim's song...that would be a pop hit if it was put out by a teenie bopper. Unfortunately, she's mid-30s (if not later...) so it's like, "Sit down, mom!" Hilarious!