Monday, August 31, 2009

Crackhead Comebacks, Emmys, and Heartattacks!

Happy MONDAY KIDS!!! What a blessed day to be among the living, in spite of the wacky weather! This wknd was rather somber (DJ AM passing, Katrina anniversary, Kennedy's burial, etc.) so be thankful for the MANY blessings every day! This is my new mantra anyway... LEt's GET IT!!!!!

-It's been almost 10 years since she infamously quoted, "CRACK is WACK. CRACK is CHEAP!! If I do crack, then SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!!" Yet her blunder will not stop her return to Billboard charts this Fall... Clive Davis' #1 muse, MISS Whitney Houston herself, has released her new album, I LOOK TO YOU (Arista/RCA) and is in stores. NOW. YES, Arista was NOT playing, for pushing the release to today (as opposed to tomorrow) Whitney is eligible for a Grammy nomination. Now, as an AVID music fan/ afficionado, my verdict is that the album is just... smegular. In fact, I would venture (Shhhhh) to recomend that one burn this copy of mid-tempo ballads. BUT, there are a few bangers... she's not in the lane to compete w. the Beyonce's or Kerry Hilson's of today, but I don't think she's trying. We'll see once all this smoke clears where she sits on the charts for the wk. In other music news...

-DJ UNK is recovering from a minor heart attack this wknd. SAy what say word?? Yes, the young and often braggadocios Unk def. had an attack that is often associated with the old, obese, and unfit. PSA for all rappers or would-be hip-hop performers... cut out all that CHURCH's chicken, LEAN, and Kush! One cannot live a healthy lifestyle sticking to these main food groups!!!! LOL. Everyone should be more conscious about their eating, exercise and lifestyle choices, for no one is exempt from poor health. Seriously.

EMMY AWARDS (Daytime... no biggie)
-The Daytime Emmy awards aired live last night, but most of us didn't care/ missed this event as we're at WORK whilst the VIEW and ALL MY CHILDREN air faithfully during the day. The highlights (Subject to interpretation): Rachel Ray won in the daytime talk entertainment category and TYRA BANKS took the trophy for talk show information category. OKAY. Was the committee on DRUGS?!?! WHO awards this UberTranny for advancements in Journalism?!?! The producers may TRY to deliver a decent show, but she CONSISTENTLY flubs the delivery and execution?! It's unbearable. BOOOOO. (clearly I'm not a fan). The VIEW ladies were skipped yet again, but did get an honorable mention. And Guiding Light, your Grandmama's favorite soap, took home their final Emmy. Overall, just a small warm-up for the Prime Time Emmys on September 25!

*OHMjeeezy, I am officially addicted to True Blood. Now I missed last night's episode (no spoilers please) but I will give this show like 8 stars!!! Way to tear me from my reality tv obsession HBO!! I also was blessed w. a preview visit (the real take happens Howard Homecoming 2009 in Oct. STAY POSTED) from the wondrous Natalie Swain!! CEO/ Founder of Carmel Cosmetics! She debuted some banging new belts, and I'm officially in LOVE w. her lipglosses (Carmel Kisses) DO check out!!!*
With that luvs, I'm back at the cubicle doing the work of the MAN on this FIELDday. Have a great one, and will write tomorrow!!!



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  1. hi there...the view did win emmy's for best host. btw, love the photo of josephine!