Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small Dose, Thankful TUESDAY!!!!

Happy Tuesday! I had a praise and worship attack whilst headed (late) to my job this morning, and I just feel the need to say THANK YOU LORD, for this blessed day, THANKS to any and everyone who visits the site, and may you all have a blessed and wonderful day!!!!!! Now, for your daily dose...

-So unless you've been living under a rock, the young man Trey Songz' album Ready drops today on Arista. Trey has been promoting this project (seriously) the entire duration of 2009. He's been on every radio station, BET Program, social networking site, skate party, and viral video outlet imaginable. He's got Black Hollywood on his side, promoting his "evolution" as marked by the rejection of that GAWD awful braid style, and he's performing live at your nearest media outlet throughout the week. Someone said, he's "READY". After listening, my LS remarked that she, "threw her panties at the CD player". Nuff said. Check his new album, and formulate your own opinion.

-Also, Jay Z's new album, Blue Print 3 was leaked early yesterday, and if you follow me on Twitter or checked Crackbook, I was listening for it on QDEEZY.net, THE formative site for Hip-Hop entertainment. Although the commercial release is Sept. 15, the streets have already deemed it a must cop... not sure about classic status though.

-My current *fav. song* (Code for Be Sure and Download) is Yo Gotti's "Five Starrr Chick". ACT like ya KNOW!!!!!-http://keepittrill.com/media/2009/08/yo-gotti-5-star-chick/
(Guess you know my FAV verse... LOL) Gotti's in town tonight promoting this new single w. Kandi (yes, THAT housewife) at PEARL in ATL.

-50 Cent is engaged to Ciara. Really? I'm not sure how true this lil' news nugget is, but MTO is screaming for credit. If so, I guess the world must prepare for an onslaught of reality show footage, radio-ready collaborations, and 106&Park "boo" shout-outs from this rather boring high-profile couple. Blessings just the same, for marriage is a real commitment... unless you're a celebrity. Not much else to report... I'm bored already. LOL.

With that-on this slooow news day--I'm going to regroup/refocus this evening. I'll be back at it writing to you Luvs, in the AM!!! Stay blessed...



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