Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homecoming Warm up, Wal-Mart Slap Down?!

Happy Humpday Kids!! Don't u just love Wednesdays, and the verification that the work week is just about done? I DO!!!! The year is just rushing by, and now is the time to start planning for my favorite time of year, HOMECOMING!!! Oh yes, chile. I'm a Bison through and through and remain faithful to my Alma Matter's annual event in Washington, DC (this year- Oct. 24th wnkd!!) But I grew up on the Southern-fried, Saturday morning parade, Step-show kick-off, tailgating fellowship-fest that is the HBCU Homecoming experience (Shouts out to SCSCU, VSU, the AUC, HU(the Institute), NCA&T, and VUU for the "training" and many experiences). I'm going to highlight activities for this year's upcoming extravaganza, and encourage you to fill me in on your favorite Homecoming activites so they can post for errrrrybody else!!! New event postings every week. LET's GET IT!!!!!

-Howard Homecoming 2009-

MAIN EVENT: Night @ the Museum!
-Every year there's one party that is not to be missed... and I'm calling this party as THE ONE!! The Friday night on the eve of the classic football game, you need to be downtown at the City Museum for the Black Tie Affair that is sure to be a classic!! There is a premium open bar, bangin' DJ, access to the many levels within the hotel and valet service in the event you've had too many "spirits". I can't wait to see Howard's chicest Alums looking great and having a great time! Tickets are available for purchase using the link below:

WHERE are your PARENTS?!?!?!
-Several people sent a link to this local story... the synopsis: A woman and her crying child are in their local Stone Mountain Wal-mart when an older man asks the mother to shut the child up. After this fails, he then SLAPS the child several times across the face in the attempt to get her quiet. He now faces criminal charges. I know everyone is in agreement that NO ONE should blatantly slap a child that is not their own... but I had several questions when I read this story:
1. WHY didn't the parent want to quiet her OWN child, prior to someone having to say anything?? You know those parents that act like their child's dysfunctions and inability to behave with any sense in public doesn't affect others? yea, THOSE parents, they are neglecting parental responsibility. I've said it. A child is taught self-control in the home, and on a consistent bases. If the child can't act right in Wal-Mart, hell. Maybe YOU the parent should be slapped.
2. Once the man, that is a COMPLETE STRANGER, proceeds to threaten then SLAP your child, where were the parental reflexes?? Cultural Example: Black mothers, (general & close example) tend to puff up in the chest, and raise that Right hand once she even senses her child is in danger. So, WHERE was the Tyson-esqe blow to the man's dome once he struck the child? Any great defense lawyer would've made sure she served no time for almost killing a stranger that STRUCK her child. Repeatedly. In PUBLIC.
3. What's wrong with society that there was an audience whilst all this happens in isle 14?? Like, surely as roaches have kids, there were other parents around, and not one wanted to diffuse the situation before it escalated, nor start a mob to JUMP the bama man that is smackin' lil kids around for crying?? SMH. I don't understand... I just DON't understand...
People should take tests to qualify to raise children. I know I'm not a parent, but I'm just sayin'... just bc you CAN, def. doesn't mean you SHOULD. Glad I wasn't in Wal-Mart at the time, for even as a by-stander there would've ben tro-ble, trou-BLE!!!

Write to you tomorrow!Enjoy the weather change kids!!! It's nice and breeezy in the A... a great day to SHOP after work!!! Stay blessed!



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