Thursday, September 3, 2009

CBreezy and his Bow Tie... Still Need More People...

Happy Thursday Kids!!!! Hopped up out tha bed... turned my swaggggg on... headed to work. YEeeeea!!! LOL. We're only One more day away from this glorious holiday wknd, I hope you're narrowing your plans down, as I am. Daily Dose time luvs!! LET's GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Don't Rememeber, Don't Feel Like Discussing, Don't know what happend, But I LUV HER...."
-If you were not tuned into CNN last night like the millions of American viewers, you missed the first interview given by Chris Brown on Larry King Live. Well, it really wasn't just Chris, Larry interviewed Chris' Mama, his lawyer, and Breezy's bow tie. Yes, he and his stylist settled on a turquoise blue sweater and bow tie combination, a la the Nation of Islam. Larry was asking all the right questions, the hard hitting basics that errrryone wanted to know:
What happened that night? What caused you to turn violent? Are you two still speaking? Friends? Do you love her? What happened that night? Do you remember what happened that night? (And of course) WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT?!?!
Chris dogged a direct response with the skill of R.Kelly during a BET interview, and it all felt rather rehearsed. Rehearsed even on the part of Brown's mother, who cried on cue, recalled no prior instances of violence or ill-temper on the part of her baaabee Chris, loves RiRi, and is sad it occurred, whomp whomp. Larry King even called the team out on prior instances of abuse (no charges, just reported instances) and no one had any recollection of what Larry was talking about?! SMH. Chris admitted that he still was in love with RiRi, and that he remains forever...sorry... but provided no insight to what happened that night (for the sake of his and RiRi's PRIVACY--right). The lawyer joked several times throughout the interview and seemingly implied that Chris' celebrity made the instance such a sensation (ERR??! Not the pics of RiRi's face or the fact he's an abuser??!) . The team faulted the "immature" media (thanks Chris for the new term) for printing rumors and judging without knowing the details. But, eh, Chris, you're convicted and when given opportunity to talk... errytime you get to stuttering and go silent?! WTH!!!!!
Domestic violence isn't right, and surely the man isn't always the bully--he can be provoked. BUT: bottom line, the male has the physical advantage, cannot afford to "loose control", and should always just walk away to avoid further consequence both physical and legal. When the man continues to place himself in situations that provoke his anger (staying w. a crazy woman) knowing he has no control, then one may be inviting negative consequences. I'm just saying, there are millions who want to know WTH happened, and Chris' testimony may have provided insight to another person's abuse issues. I didn't mean to vent so tough, but this story always gets me riled up. Overall, I was let down by the interview, for I truly wanted an explanation, but have resolved to let it go... Still not buying the new CBreezy Album whenever it drops. Sowwwwwy!

Stay blessed, love one another, and walk away from crazy/ violent situations!!!!! Write to you luvs tomorrow!!



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