Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPAD HYPE!!! iPAD HYPE!!!!!!!!!

-After months of anticipation and rumor, Steve Jobs introduced the first model of the Apple iPAD, an advanced hybrid of the iPhone (smartphone) and a laptop. It will access the internet at unprecedented speeds, it's working with a 1GHz processor, LED back lit IPS display and a 10 inch, multitouch screen. The model will come in optional 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte versions, with pricing starting at $499. That's relatively low considering... iPad shipping will start in 60 days, and interested consumers can join the waiting list now at
Now with all the bells and whistles, there are several possible issues with the iPad as well. The first, is that wackness of a NAME?! Others include that the first model does not come equipped with a camera, so the option to video record or Skype as anticipated, may not be available. Service will still be with ATT (SKETCH & SPOTTY), and aside from the impressive iBook feature (that embarrasses that of a Kindle), it would appear that it is simply an enlarged iPhone tablet. Sowwy. I have an iPhone and have been pleasantly obsessed for over a year now. The largest draw there is my 3G coverage, unlimited apps and itunes (which changed my life-seriously) and the pure sleekness of the iPhone. If this new invention does all of that, only on a larger screen w. more activity for my fingers...what's all the hype?!?

Pardon me if I don't rush in line to cop one of the first generation iPads. I just don't think I will. The second generation...after all the kinks have been worked out, the features upgraded, and price lowered, then I'll fork over an additional $thousand to Apple (like they don't get you for a $1K minimum?!?! My Mac users know my vice...). A mobile tablet is definitely the way of the future, after all, American technological guru Bill Gates predicted such over 8 years ago. Soon there will be no more paper print or abundance of text books that force one to shell hundreds for a semester's use. Until that concept becomes more mainstream... the iPad is an exciting gadget, but not one I'll invest in right out the gate.



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