Friday, January 29, 2010


-I don't know what's going on in the world when Washington, DC's Donnie Simpson, and Atlanta, Georgia's Joyce Littel, both part ways with their original home-stations?!?! Early last week, rumors flew that Atl radio station V103 and it's on-air personality Joyce Littel & signature Quiet Storm program, would part ways. The show will remain dubbed the "Quiet Storm", air during regular times, but there is no Joyce. No invited poets, sexy call-in's, exclusive live performances, nada. Also, yesterday it was announced that DC's legendary Donnie Simpson would no longer remain an on-air personality at WPGC. Donnie Simpson, "Green Eyes" who has hosted the morning show for over 32 years Seriously?? Both departures come as a shock, and additional signs that old radio, expressive, personable, and familiar, is crushed for new radio, commercial, indecent, and repetitive.
    We've all heard the Kathy Hughes PSA's, with her awkward-sounding self, encouraging listeners to alert their congressperson of the threatening tax on urban radio stations. Also, a growing trend, local on-air personalities and their "Morning Shows" have started to peel off for nationally syndicated shows by famous comedians. Now that two notable radio stars familiar in my development are gone, I am honestly questioning the state of radio as I once knew. Statistically, the ratings for radio have been trickling off for years as satellite and mp3 collections have become the norm. The younger generation thirsts for consistent personalities with uplifting vision that extends further than commercialism and marketing dollars. I hope local radio can find its way again; one day soon allow the underground and local artists with phenomenal talent a platform as opposed to the mediocre, obscenity-filled, and shallow-lyric-ed staples heard 24/7.

**Smaller Doses**
Ugly Betty-It's. A. Wrap. -The season running comedy based on a physically and socially awkward young lady with a charming spirit working in fashion (the irony) has been canceled. It was growing rather stale in my opinion, but I will miss Vanessa Williams' gorgeous fashion stills in the show promos.
PANTS ON THE GROUND PERFORMANCE @ GRAMMYS-Well, General Larry Platt will be performing his sensational-hit "Pants On The Ground" on the red carpet before the ceremony. TMZ is reporting that he has yet to secure a ticket to the awards show taped live this Sunday. WOW. WHAT is the nation coming to?! I guess...



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