Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sunday night marked the live showing of the 52 Annual Grammy Awards!!!! Below, my annual Wrap UP!!!!!!!!
-This year's show boasted some of the biggest names in music for 2009. Everyone including Katy Perry, Princess RiRi, Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, Drake, Weezy, India.Arie, Maxwell, and Trey Songz were all in attendance!! MS. Beyaki Knowles-Carter was nominated for an unprecedented  9-Grammys, (history for a female artist! She took home 6!) however... if you watched the show, it was past obvious the committee decided (months ago) to make moderately-talented Taylor Swift the show's "Darling".
Lady GaGa opened the show with an impossibly original, theatric, entertaining and phenomenal set!!! She looked and sounded like the very definition of a ROCKSTAR!! When she segued to a live piano duet with Sir Elton John, it became official that GAGA is THAT DEAL?!?! No one in the industry could deny her talent after (arguably) the night's best performance. As GAGA was the toast/talent du jour for the evening, all the other celebs tried their hardest to match her over-the-top standard...
Pink had one of the most jaw-dropping performances as she sang while being hoisted above the crowd, constantly-spinning, and dunking in water, amidst a host of arial performers. Unsure if she was living out a circus fantasy, but she soaked half the audience in her sheer/nude/body suit with ribbons covering her lady pieces...I was underwhelmed.
Not to be outdone, Beyaki sang "If I Were A Boy" and mid-set broke into a raunchy cover of Alanis Morrisette's "You Outta Know". She performed in a futuristic, structured, black mini-dress, complete with male military brigade, pyrotechnics, and Kerri Hilson-esque floor grind?!?! Whatthejoejacksonhell?!?! No "Single Ladies"?!?! NINE nominieees and she resorted to foolywang. WOW. She did shout out her "husband", a first that obviously shocked Jigga himself.
Jamie Foxx had a hillarious set intro, a high-energy performance, but then lost me completely when he went over the top (GAGA INFLUENCE) with smoke, strobe lights, guitarist Slash (ERR?!?!), a coon-tastic T-Pain and Jaimie's biological sister...all colliding at the end of "Blame It On The Alcohol". Indeed.
Press Sweetheart Taylor Swift performed live with Stevie Nicks...it was thisclose to unbearable?!?! That lil' gurl can't sing live, and I'm PAST ready for her to crawl under a daum ROCK!!!! 
The much-hyped Michael Jackson tribute was a dissapointment that featured Carrie Underwood (ER?), Smokey Robinson, Usher, and JHud. Though the artists sounded good on Michael's "What About Us", the 3-D technology was a let down. Prince and Paris, MJ's children, accepted the award on his behalf dressed like lil' MJ's; eloquent yet awkward at the same time. The  tribute set served as official realization that MJ is seriously gone and all that's left are...well...everyone else. (JHud looked SMASHING though!!)
Maxwell took home his first Grammy, and attempted a live performance (def. wasn't his best. I was saddened) and the show closed with Drake, Lil' Wayne, and Eminem rapping "Forever". In the midst of ALL of the Grammy action, one question continued blaring: WHERE THE FCUK IS KANYE WEST?!?!?! THE GAME NEEDED YOU!!!!!!!! I thirsted for Kanye's live artistry, musicianship, and award acceptance (as he won 2 Grammys. Talent is UNDENIABLE). We miss you Kanye. We now know Taylor Swift is the Illuminati, and you were right per usual. PLEASE make a public comeback to music. Thanks.
Complete Listing of Nominees/ Winners
5. Miley Cirus-chose a long-sleeved micro mini (Herve Leger) that was fresh, youthful, and made her a chic standout on the carpet. (loved this look)
4. Jennifer Hudson- the structured and modern design accentuated her PERFECTLY. The best I've ever seen her look, and she OWNED the bangs!
3. Lea Michelle-Lea's quite the new fashion plate, and the cocktail length that showed off her gams, mixed with the feathered skirt-POW!!!
2. Princess RiRi-WHAT ARTWORK!!!! Her dress was perfection!!! She'd have been #1 if she opted for different hair & makeup as her choice washed her out. The dress wore RiRi, and that never happens...
1. Lady GaGa-ROCKSTAR FASHION that is toooo fresh for commentary. She killed it. Thank you Mr. Armani.

5. Carrie Underwood- looked like cheap paper mache.Ew.
4. Taylor Swift- A fail from the color, sequence, and tacky hemline. whomp whomp.
3. Ke$ha-ZERO fashion sense, outdated dress and tacky color/ detail. She wasn't serious...was she??
2. Beyaki- It appeared she rocked floor-length Coogie wear; her hair was too tacky to type about.
1. Katy Perry-Whatthejoejacksonhell did she select?! Bedazzled floral accents, unflattering color, and wack draping. Katy. STOP IT?!?!
**Click link to view Red Carpet Fashion Mentioned**
Overall, I'd give the Grammys a C+, with GaGa extra credit (she def. was my pick as the night's best). What did you think?



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