Thursday, January 7, 2010

NAACP Shocks Again, Gilbert Suspended,

Happy  Thursday Kids!!!! What a blessed day, in spite of the chill!! Without further delay, let's git, git git iiiiiittt!!!!!!

-I was shocked and appalled when Soul Train (NAACP supported their efforts) gave Ashanti the Aretha Franklin award (2002) during the height of Shani' mediocre career. However, I let it slide. I thought the mold was cracked and on the ground when two years ago the NAACP Image Awards began to honor Tyler Perry's House of Pain/ Meet The Browns. However, I came to understand that decision as one of principal in that Tyler's show was in the minority, an all-Black cast, etc. etc. I learned to let it go. This  year, however, is an all-time low, and makes me take an uber-critical look at the organization. How in the JOEJACKSONHELL can the NAACP honestly nominate RHOA in the "BEST REALITY PROGRAM" category?!?! Seriously?? SERIOUSLY!!!!?!! Logically, if the past ten years have unveiled anything, it's that major network television is past uninterested in projecting OUR images in abundance for the mass viewing audience. In other words, THEY don't really want us. So, the few Black shows on tv, even those at the peak of bafoonery are to be commended and recognized, I overstand that (Tyler Perry, Frankie and Neffie, Monica, One Big Happy Family, etc.) But Real Housewives Of Duluth, have in NO way displayed in the casts' "realities", attempts in the production or guest appearance choices, or succeeded in executing anything in the realm of a Positive Black female role model/ housewife/ affluent ATLien. COMON' SON!!!! (Stolen from EdLova).
Admittedly, I love the show, LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the drama?!?! However, I remain a critical, and intelligent thinker. Weekly examples of fighting, home foreclosures, impending divorce settlement delusion, half-attempts at entrepreneurship, adultery, child neglect, constant disrespect of others, "elitist" mentality, lack of manners and social tact, are all the reasons we're entertained...but should NEVER be celebrated?! 
We KNOW the show gets ratings, cause I am a faithful viewer/ fan- but I acknowledge that it is an exaggeration, pure shameless entertainment, and a guilty pleasure. I put about as much stock in DVRing ROHD as MTV's  "Jersey Shore". However, if the White/ Italian community began to honor the depictions of the Fistpumping-Champs on "JS", hell would freeze over. TWICE?!?!
It past irritates me that our people continue to honor and accept mediocrity as the exception and elevate sheer coonery based upon its popularity!! If the NAACP wants to do something really impressive, it would make more gallant stances as an organization on the issues that truly matter, like continuing the fight to further OUR realistic, multi-dimensional and diverse imaging on television, and demanding that we have more networks and radio stations in that same vein. *Steps Down From Soapbox (Temporarily)*

-Surely you've heard the news by now that NBA Commissioner David J.Stern in conjunction with the Washington Wizards, have agreed to suspend All-Star Gilbert Arenas. With No pay. Indefinitely. This stems from Gilbert's actions over a week ago, when he allegedly brought handguns from his home in VA to the Verizon Center, and in the locker room, allegedly ensued in an argument with teammate Javaris Crittenton.Gilbert flashed his gun, and was suspended from playing in the game. Though he apologized, last Tuesday during a press conference he was seen encircled by teammates, joking and flashing imitation guns with his fingers. He also took to his Twitter account (Genius) to further make light of the situation. [Link credit to].

Allegedly Gilbert thought that though he is a resident of VA, he could carry weapons in DC, but the law states otherwise. Only DC residents are allowed to carry weapons, and guns are NEVER allowed in the workplace. Gilbert was given a $111million contract, but missed THAT memo?!?! Seriously?! And WHAT gamblin' debt my brotha, would provoke you to take your pride to that extreme?! That which would cause you to possibly loose all that you worked so hard for?!?! I. can't. take. that. seriously.
Sure, he is now apologizing and caused no immediate harm to anyone, but there are thousands of Black/Brown men in prison with that same mentality and excuse. Even Al Sharpton is in agreement with the Commissioner's decision, so the only one left to get it together is Gilbert. WOW.

*Smaller Doses*
-What, you haven't seen the pictures plastered all over the gossip media?! Princess RiRi is canoodling all over the globe with Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp! (HAWT!!) Ontothenext indeed!!
Mariah Carey is tipsy, and doesn't care WHO knows it lambs!!!!
-M.C.Cannon accepted an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival for her performance in the critically-acclaimed "Precious" but was clearly wasted. Lee Daniels presented her with the award and she sluured her way through her acceptance speech (click link for footage). That's okay MiMi. At least you looked rather fierce, so you get a lil' pass.

With that loves, I'm headed home to bundle up in snow preparation in ATL. You know the city's not used to this weather so it will be a ghost-town on the roads tonight. Stay safe and warm!!!!!



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