Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy NEW YEAR!!! Shawty Redd, Tiger's Pec's. and CONGRATS KASIM REED!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! We're sooo blessed to be alive and thriving in a new decade!!!! I can't articulate the many blessings already experienced and those that I've received visions for that have yet to come into fruition!! I'm sure HE has GRAND plans for you as well!!!!!!!! SO, as the delay has been ETERNAL, let's get to today's Daily Dose!!!!


-Over the break, popular Atlanta producer (and sometime rapper-aren't they ALL?!) Shawty Redd was arrested for murder post shooting Damon A. Martin, 35 from Detroit. Allegedly, Martin was killed over an arguemnt at Redd's house party in Hampton, GA. Real name, Demetrius Stewart, Shawty Redd was most known for producing tracks for Young Jeezy among others, and was Grammy-nominated for his work in 2007 on Snoop Dogg's smash hit, "Sensual Seduction". He's currently held in Henry County jail, with no bail, and awaiting an arraignment on January 12, 2010. I can't say this story impressed or shocked me... I honestly was just further saddened by foolish behavior still executed in a promising New Year. Daum Shawty. Daum.

-January is National Mentoring Month,  and the push is to encourage EVERYONE to mentor a child!!!! Just think, if everyone gave a few hours of time 2wice a month, there would be SUCH a noticeable change!!! Please click the link to find out about the many mentoring opportunities in your area!! Let me know of other ways you're making a difference, and encourage others to continue making a positive changes!!!

-New Years Day, I was supposed to attend the much discussed "Vision Board Brunch", as hosted by Nina Brown (V-103, boss woman of God) at Justin's at 10:00am (click link for photos). Well, CLEARLY I missed it (as I was still hungover *DEAD* from the events hours prior-Biltmore, Room Service, Overall Partying Shenanigans) but wanted to share the benefits of the event!! Freddyo was ever-present and captured the fabulous event in photos and details the methodology behind the process on his site. I encourage EVERYONE to create their own Vision Board to kick off the New Year in a GRAND and blessed way!!
-Today, Atlanta's 59th Mayor, Kasim Reed, was officially sworn into his position at the Georgia World Congress center!!!! The crowd was at capacity to witness such a historic event, and Reed has already received the promise from CNN, the pledge to donate funds towards the re-opening of recreational parks and programs throughout the city of Atlanta!!!! WAY to come out SWINGING brotha!!! The fellow Howard Alum hosted a prayer breakfast and service early this morning at Ben Hill United Methodist Church, and even requested the Howard University Choir to perform at his inauguration. WAY TO GO KASIM!!!!!!!! (HU!!!!!!! YOU KNOW!!!!!)

-Tiger is gracing the February edition of Vanity Fair, in a photograph (taken pre-scandal) by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. The article (click link to read) details Tiger's "downfall" while showcasing never-before seen "raw" images of Woods. WHOMP WHOMP. I'm really over hearing anymore about his infidelities, but he does look rather tasty on the cover... maybe I'm just envisioning the $$$...

With that kids, enjoy this freezing cold Monday, and I'll chat with you later!!



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  1. I don't know who finds him sexy.....wait apparently someone does because of the clear scandal they won't shut up about......Tiger take your shirt off and keep it in the pants or away from those who are going to tell. Good day