Friday, November 20, 2009


Hey Kids!!! What a blessing to be alive and alert this week!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT, and feeling blessed, as there is little time for anything else! Apologies for the delays in the postings, but I've been experiencing technical difficulties ALL wk long. HOWEVER: I am completely revamping this site and you will soon be directed to DAWNAVETTE.COM!!!! I can't wait!!! TOO excited!! SO, as there is a bit to discuss from the workweek, Let's GIT GIT GIT IT!!!!!

-In case you missed it, Janet gave her first in-depth public interview since her brother Michael Jackson's passing, and it aired Wednesday night at 10:00 pm. Janet appeared flawless (makeup, ivory sweater dress and banging shoes) and Robin Roberts giggled, squealed, and blushed the entire interview (I found Robert's behavior rather weird and annoying as she is a professional. She should maintain ALL girl-crushing till AFTER the cameras are rolling). Roberts asked rather general questions that Janet politely whispered through, no dirt, but it was entertaining nonetheless.  JANET Interview "Highlights":
*Holds Dr.Conrad Murray responsible for her brother's death
*Had no knowledge Michael was addicted to Propofol (Getthefcukouttahere- he was using an IV drip?!?)
*Has ALWAYS called Joseph, "Joseph"; no questions. It is what it is. (Would YOU try "Daddy" w. that man??)
*Luvs being 40- "Don't really care what anyone thinks"
*Is NOT w. Jermaine Dupri (side eye) but they remain "good friends" (Riiiiiiiiiiight)
*Gearing up for a new album release of #1's.
(For the entire interview, please click the link above)

50 Cent Knows NO LIMITS
1. If you haven't already heard, 50Cent's latest beef w. ex-prison guard Rick Ross "the BOSS" (yea right) has sunken to an all-time low with photos of 50, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and Rick Ross' son  circulating across the Internet this week. This latest round has 50 taking jabs at Ross' parenting skills, features Ross' baby'smama (yet again- WHERE is the moral fabric of this chick?!) and Ross' lack of response. Floyd is dancing around the photos too...foolish. I feel soo bad for the kids, innocent pawns who's parents are LAMES in need of media attention. Can you IMAGINE the fights they'll experience growing up bc of this coonery?!? I can't. SMDH.
2. The Gran Dame Cougar, Vivica A. Fox, was recently spotted on the set of 50 Cent's latest video, shoot. The word is that she is playing his latest love interest, both in the video and in real life. SMDH. WOW.Are these two really going at it again??!! She'll never learn...
3. 50 allegedly got into a minor macho altercation backstage of the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping with the great NBA announcer Marv Albert. Really Fiddy??!?! Marv? Marv was unphased by all the foolywang, and kept it pimpin'.
4. 50 Cent's new album release, "Before I Self Distruct" is projected to sell a (shockingly) disapointing 160,000 copies. Fiddy is blaming an international leak on the low numbers.
 -SOOO, ALLLL the aforementioned was for...WHAT?!?! I surely wish he'd quit Shuckin' & Jiving and make quality music reminescent of "Get Rich Or Die Trying"??!?! Is that too much to ask?!?! CLEARLY SO. Hence, the FIDDY drama ensues... SMDH


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