Friday, November 20, 2009

MORE FOOLYWANG For The Week.... :) :)

-There are rumors circulating that Bravo is in the midst of casting for a new show tentatively titled, "The Boys of ATL". The spin off will either be about men of power in the entertainment industry, men of Atlanta. (thanks 
RUMOR PATROL: Twitter and the Internet were buzzing with the same rumor this week, that Real Housewife of Duluth Sheree may be (gasp) LEAVING as she may be (clutches chest) REPLACED?!?! I sure hope not, cause I was just starting to like her...Def. going to follow this story

SAY IT AIN'T SO: QUEEN TO Relinquish Her THRONE?!?!?!
-Yes, the world is saddened with the announcement that the QUEEN of ALL media, Oprah Winfrey, is ending her 25 year run of her iconic syndicated talk show. The announcement was made Thursday afternoon, and Oprah says her last show taping will be in September of 2011. Let's all hope she pulls a Jay-Z and this whole thing is a fake out. My heart cannot take it if this is truth (Seriously, I had a panic attack yesterday when I heard she was trying to leave)??!!?!

-So last night Diddy did what he's globally known for: throwing a party of the grandest scale in his beloved NYC!!! The Occasion was his 40th Birthday celebration, and everyone from his babymamas, old and new artists, tothe Kardashians (shrug) were in the BUILDING!!! Click the link for NecoleBitchy's exclusive Twitter photos of some of the flyyyyy guests. Please note how disturbing the ladies of "Dirty Money" appear. Tragic. SMDH.

WhatheJOEJACKSONHELL?!??!!: Bombing Attempt @ GRAND HUSTLE??
-Police are still investigating a bombing attempt at Grand Hustle records early Thursday morning between 2:30 a.m. and 3:00a.m. Two (40) Ounce bottles were found containing the flammable substance Molotov (mixed as a cocktail?!?) near the broken window of the office building. Grand Hustle CEO Derek Jeter suggested it may have been a disgruntled artist (WHO does this?!?) but noted that none were phased at Grand Hustle, all are well, and it's clearly business as usual. YEAAAAA BUDDYY!!!

With that kids, I'm off to continue brainstorming the new site layouts and make changes that (hopefully) will be pleasing in your eyes!!! SMooooooooooches, and have a blessed day!!



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