Friday, November 20, 2009


A Belle In Brooklyn
, one of my favorite blog sites (a GREAT gfriend turned me on months ago-she motivated me to start a blog site) wrote an extensive blog about the Beyonce "Video Phone" effect. I completely agree with all written. In fact, I may even take a more judgmental stance, because I for one do not understand what the hell, in fact, BeYaki is singing about??!?!

I also don't understand the concept of the video, though I am impressed with the colors and Hype William's direction. This video blew me away at first because of the pure uncensored raw sexuality BeYaki's serving up, singing about...well...SEX?!?! This isn't the first time she's done this to unsuspecting audiences while passing it off as "art" or "entertainment", but this video actually left me with my mouth agape due to all of the p-poppin', squatting, jerking, @$$ shakin' and dropping Mrs. Jay-Z was doing on film.
No, not even the leotard made me raise an eyebrow, but I think it was the lyrical combination, "You say you want me/ so press record/ I'll let you film me on ya VIDEOPHONE" and gyrating. I.Was.Done. I definitely don't want my niece singing that shyyyyyt?!?!?!?!!!!! WHAT is BeYaki teaching the youth now?? REALLY?? REALLY. Even staunch BeYaki fans defend her, but don't know why... well I'm saying maybe everyone should stop and think. Seriously. For little girls ARE buying her albums and emulating her "swag" (gag) all influenced to become lil' Freaky @$$ Kim Kardashians???! It's just tooo much. 
*Dear BeYaki,
   Please don't release anymore overtly sexual videos, songs, or pop lock or drop anymore, until you have secured the Vegas Deal  and only adults over the age of 21 can view your pornographic ways voluntarily. It is officially... offensive. Also, Lady GaGa looked rather weird along side of you. Please tell her to stay in her own unique lane and not try to bite your bedazzled, wind-machine, pu$$y-ever-present, lace-front, Jezebel ways. THANKS!!!!!

Louis Knockoffs Are Fashionable?!?! Say Whaaaaaaaaaaa??????
-This trend has been popular for years, but I must admit that I too was giving the ultimate *Side Eye of 2009 now that ERRRRRy woman walking the streets of Atlanta, NY, and DC (my favorite, frequented cities) rocking a basic Louis or a Chanel bag.  CLEARLY, Louis Vuitton did not have a clearance sale, so what gives w. the sudden popularity of the fake bag??? reported today that fake bags, are now the bag du jour to covet- sighting the recent recession as more reason not to drop your mortgage payment on the latest Speedy. WORD?!?! ATL, really?? I'll just continue to lust after the real thing...not a fan of imitations. I tried on Canal Street in NY. I really really did, but alas, my heart wasn't in it and I felt rushed. What do YOU think????

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