Monday, November 23, 2009

Abbriviated AMA Wrap UP!!!

Happy Monday!!!  So EVERYONE was tweeting and writing about the American Music Awards that aired last night on ABC. I did not have a front row seat nor catch the live showing, as I was trapped in that sickeningly-overrated New Moon. However, thanks to the diligent and speedy work of bloggers Necole Bitchy, and I have pieced together the more noteable performances for a mini-wrap-up (you know how I do). Made me feel like I was there... though clearly didn't miss too much. LOL. Let's GIT GIT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

**Whitney Houston finally had her "comeback" performance of the year! She also took home the AMA for "International Artist". The tea was spilling that she may be back with her boonopolis Ray J- the two were seated near each other during the award ceremony and post show were spotted partying together... Get It Whitney!!!

JANET IS BACK!!!!!! SHE KILLED it with an opening medley of her Number One records!!!! I'm not feelin' the color choice of her performance outfit, but I appriciated the fashion risk on the style. Leave it to Janet to try and make it work.Well, E for Effort as she slaughtered her performace!!!!!

***In the vein of "Shoulda, woulda, coulda", Jennifer Lopez had an abysmal slip-up last night during her live performance of the song, "Louboutins". The track was originally written for R&B songstress Brandy, but Latin "sometime-pop star" Lopez snaked her for it. I keep rewinding and watching the slip up and my favorite quote, "Did you miss me" UM, NOOO?!?! Not performing THIS sub-parr??? It's HIMscarical to me. I dunno why...I don't think I'll be investing in the single, as the song does nothing for me.

***And Haters, say what you will, but RiRi had the most visually stunning performance of the night!!!! I throughly enjoyed her performace!!! Singing voice... not so much, but DAUM she's GREAT to look at!!!!

***Small Doses***
-So the Internet was filled with this clip over the weekend of Brandy wailing her rendition in-bathroom of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gon' Come". I didn't know she could stay on key accapella so I was impressed by that feat alone. Thoughts??
Adam Lambert : (attempt) Pushing Male Sexuality Envelope??!!
-In a sad attempt to remain relevant, American Idol looser (he was the more popular in the final two however) Adam Lambert made a debut live performance as a solo artist. It included crotch grabbing, male on male sexual suggestiveness and a simulation of oral sex. He told Rolling Stone Magazine that if ABC choose to edit any parts of his performance, it's "discrimination" O WOoooooow. No Comment. No real interest...
Mary J. Blidge-On Point AS USUAL!!!
-Back with that confidence we all know and love, Mary performed her song, "I AM" Live. That is my JAAAM!!!!!Great JOB!!!
Lady GaGa:  THE Most Creative Performance Of The Night
-Click to see GaGa's artistic yet provocative performance of "Bad Romance" (SWOON)
and "Someday" on the piano. KILLED IT!!!!!!
AGAIN?!?! Jay-Z and Alica Keys' "Empire State of Mind"
-Who HASN't seen this performance live?!?! OFFICIALLY over this song. NEXT!!!!! (clip was -thankfully- removed)

What did YOU think of the night's performances??

And with that, I'm going to try and find some Monday motivation. Have a great afternoon!!!!!



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  1. RiRi is trash she can dress and that is about it. Seriously no vocals, and a cheap knock off of Beyonce. Just my opinion though