Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Recovery, Soul TrainWreck Awards, & Serena Pay$ tha CO$T!!

Hey Kids!!!! What a blessed Holiday Weekend (Turkey day for some, Tofu & Veggies Day for moi)!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their family, friends, food, and blessings. Also hope that you're hanging in there on this Monday- as we continue the grind that is LIFE! Well, without further delay, it's time for the daily dose!!! LET's GIT GIT GIT IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Soul Train Awards 2009: TOM FOOLERY with A Few Great Vocalists
-If you didn't bother to tune in to last night's airing of the Soul Train Awards (filmed weeks ago) you didn't miss much of anything. The show debuted on the new CENTRIC Television network that boasts, "African-American programming that features style, sophistication, heart & soul". Ooooooh CENTRIC *Fingers to the temple*. If the Soul Train Awards was indication...the station is on a one-way trip to Dis-aster! I predict the channel's lifespan will be less than 5 years.
   The show looked like it was shot and pieced together by ammeters as there were noticeable mis-shots, random crowd viewings, and several speakers were cut a bit short. The same-ol "winners", i.e. BeYaki & Michael Jackson (neither showed), won the most awards last night. The newcomer was Ms.KeriHilson (one word), who won for Best New Artist *scratching head* and commenced to perform a "medley" of her "hits". The best thing during her cackling snooze-fest of a set was the stripper/performer strait outta the ATown- "Romance"! HE was sooo hawt-but I never have to see Keri perform live again. Other tawdry performances included Trey Songz, Toni Braxton, Ryan Leslie (WHY is he relevant?!?!), Mario ft. Sean Garrret and a WACK tribute to Uncle Charlie Wilson, can be skipped. SO unworthy of official commentary.
Highlights included: E. Badu, Fantasia, and Ledesi in an awesome tribute to the VOICE that is Shaka Kahn (I left out Angie Stone for she should've been omitted from that set), Chrisette Michelle (she SLAYED "Blame It On Me". Just she, a Black pants suit, fierce red stillettos, and a mike. SHUTDOWN!), and my personal favorite, the UBERTALENTED Raheem DeVaughn singing the soul-stirring "BANG BANG' feat. Ludacris and Prof. Griff!!!!!!! I was SWOONING from the couch!!!! Deserving honorable mentions go to Robin Thicke (YESSchile, perfect pitch on a panty-droppin jam) and Chico DeBarge (he sounded SO good, and we need MORE!!!!)

The producers even tried to mix segments of "Original" Soul Train footage with their "new" acts. A total fail. The majority of teh Overall verdict: A sub-par awards show saved by Taraji P. Henson's natural charm & beauty, w. sprinkles of REAL performace R&B. It was thisclose to setting US back...Seriously.
Serena Williams Ordered To Pay Fine & Placed On Probation Post Tantrum!!
The Grand Slam Comittee has rendered their decision surrounding Venus William's inappropriate outburst during the Sept. 12 US Open match. Officials deemed Serena's behavior inexcusable and ordered the tennis phenom to pay a $175,000.00 fine. This amount is a shocking first, but allegedly Serena's punishment could have been much worse. Serena was also placed on probation for the next two years, but if she incurs no violations during that time, her fine will be reduced to $82,500.00. She is also allowed to compete (and WIN) all Grand Slam and US Open tournaments while suspended. Honestly, she made out aaaaaaiggght, cause the whole WORLD was shook when that Compton came up outta Serena!!! And, she's so wealthy, she'll never miss that $82, 500. Snack money. LOL. JK. Keep ya head up Serena!!

***Small Doses***
SADE IS BACK!!!!!!!-Just when I was writing that there is no more REAL music, the queen of Love & Slow Jams is returning with an all-new studio album!!!!! I was SWOONING when I heard this!!!
Amber Rose Visited the ATL!!
-In Socialite news, the body that is AMBERROSE made an official appearance at club Primal this past Friday. The city went nutzo. Per usual people were spending more than they make to pay admission, take a photo and genereally claim to be in the same building as Amber. Pictures are posted on feelin' Amber's outfit choice-at all. She's usually so well put together... :( Anyway, she pocketed $10,000.00 for the appearance and was spotted shopping through our wonderful city all wknd. Way to get paid for looking good, drinkin' liquor and spending more money, and she USED to be a stripper!!! Gotta love "Socialites"

DONT FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL runoff Election for the NEW mayor of ATLANTA!!!!!!! KASIM REED ALL DAY!!! But if you choose that "other" candidate, it's cool just get out and VOTE!!!!!!!

With that, I'm going to do me the rest of this day. Remember that Gossip Girl is all new tonight, and that hour is a GREAT time to give a mani/pedi!!!!! Have a great day, and stay blessed kids!!



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