Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WHO is Nicky Manaj & LOL @ Global Warming??!!

Happy Tuesday Kids!!!! There have been so many developments in the last wk that I'm embarrassed I didn't get to comment?!?! I did save a few bits of commentary for the continued drama (CHEETAH WOODS) so please read when you get a chance. APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY, but I'm officially counting down till the launch of my new site, Dawnavette.com!!! I hope you grow as excited as I am... anywho. TIME for ya DAILY DOSE!!!! SO, LEt's GIT, GIT, GIT IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!
-Yesterday, Young Money's female rap MC, Nicky Manaj, made an appearance on 106 & Park. Twitter immediately went BA-NAN-AS, tweeting on every topic inclusive of Nicky's lace front wig, outfit choice, rumored luvahs, and sexual preference. I was PAST entertained!!! The drama was even better when veteran @$$ promoter-come-"baaaaadest Bish" Trina, was thrown into the Twitter war! The tweets were HIMscarical, and sadder still was that Trina tried to retaliate via Tweet. Emphasis on "tried", she FAILED. Complete Public Embarrassment.
*sidebar: Any celeb who isn't witty w. the comebacks and a fast/accurate typer, hasn't a CHANCE on Twitter. You. will. get. SMOKED. Carnage example: Mary J. Blidge*
Anywho, today's SandraRose posted this interesting video of a Nicky Manaj pre-"ladylike" makeover, name change, and male sexual preference.

Does ANYONE else but me remember when this first made a lil' wave...??? I thought it WEIRD years ago, cause I naively didn't think Remy Ma was a homosexual. JOKE was on yours truly. Today, the battle continues on SandraRose.com (grab some popcorn) and I can't stop watching!! This example speaks volumes to how artist image in the game means everything, while credibility and personal truths are little to nothing??!!! WAY too many fakers!! I can't take this seriously, and if Sandra's allegations are true (I'm confident they are)I'm glad I never got on the Nicky "Barbie-hype-ride-my-style" bus. MESSAGE!!!!
Global Warming, or An Excuse To Take Ya MIND OFF THE WAR??!!!
-Few are paying attention, what with all of the pop-culture, Tiger-is-a-CHEETAH-tom-foolery going on, but the United Nations Climate Change Conference is going on in Copenhagen Denmark Dec. 7-18, to discuss the effects of Global Warming . The skeptics who don't believe in the theory (Sarah Palin), have ignorantly dubbed it  Climategate -- the release of hundreds of exchanges between leading climate change scientists. Some say the e-mails show an attempt by the scientific community to manipulate data, reinforcing the scientific community's perceptions of a warming planet. (definition courtesy of the Detroit Free Press).
Time Magazine has an in-depth article that gives a Cliffs Notes version of the latest scientific controversies, and why WE the admittedly ignorant public majority, should begin to pay attention. Interesting read!! Thoughts?? 

Enjoy your afternoon kids, it's a rainy one in the Atown! Stay blessed, and chat w. you SOON!!!




  1. Please dont act like you did not know that the mainstream media is a JOKE! As long as they keep the American people afraid, angry and confused we won't pay attention to what's really going on!

  2. and nicky minaj seems pretty gay to me lol! There was a rumor of a threesome with her, Yeezy and Amber Rose a few months back. This can't be a surprise to anyone