Friday, November 13, 2009

Gucci Jailed-AGAIN, KASIM REED LOCKS IT IN, RiRi ROCKS!!!!!! (Yea, I said it!!)

Happy Friday Kids!!!!!!!! The weather this weekend will be LUV-LY if you're in the Atl, and there should be plenty to get involved with!!! I'm a lil' peeeved as I was slated to be in LA this wknd, but hell. Life happens. Hope to be in Sunny Cali next month... (smile) ANyWHO.... I know you're ready... so LET'S GIT, GIT, GIT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

- The 28-year old rap wonder Gucci Mane, government-Raderick Davis, was sentenced to six months jail time yesterday in Fulton County, GA for probation violation. Gucci's stint in jail will be on the eve of his latest studio/ commercial release (Dec. 8, 2009) "The State Vs. Radrick Davis".
In 2005, Gucci was convicted of  hitting a club promoter with a pool cue, and ordered to complete 600 hours of Community Service. When he did not (surprise) he was sentenced to a year in jail, and upon release
headed directly to the recording studio to began his stellar 2009; appearing on over 5 commercial singles!! WHAT a way to end 2009- IN JAIL?!. This is yet ANOTHER example of when Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong (Thanks Dave).
I'm beyond bored, under impressed, and quickly disinterested in yet another rapper making national headlines for a conviction as opposed to a record sale. I'm even more irritated that the last few rappers in this category, Lil' Boosie, Lil' Wayne, T.I., and now Gucci Mane, are grown, rich, and (one would think) free-thinking individuals?!?! WHYthefcuk are these young men in situations that place their careers, families, and branding potential at stake?! I've been hearing of rappers going in and out of jail since I was in the fourth grade?!?! ENOUGH ALREADY!?!?! The bullox is so pathetic when you examine the reality of urban communities across the nation, see the need for more positive Black male role models, realize that young children look up to these rappers, yet the rapper's decision making skills do not improve. SMDH. WHEN will collective hip-hop grow up??? I'm the biggest hip-hop fan, but am quickly loosing interest in the coon-tastic behavior exhibited and promoted by this new class of artists. It's trife. I'm just sayin...

-WHAT the JOEJACKSONHELL is goin' on w. Katt Williams?!?!? Last night Williams held a press conference to announce that he was allegedly kicked out of a penthouse suite with a pre-paid (Ca$h) seven-night stay. According to Access Atlanta, Katt stated, "I'm at the point now where I'm standing out here with millions of dollars in movies and TV specials sold and most of them done right here in Atlanta," Williams Continued, "And to be ceremoniously dismissed at a hotel is sad."
The sketch meter goes through the roof as reports say that spokespersons from the hotel have NO record of Williams staying at the hotel. SMDH. THIS foolish act is fresh off the arrest Sunday in Coweta county for breaking and entering, and a week prior to that evading a kidnapping charge. Katt...Seriously?? SERIOUSLY!!!?! Maybe this is an extended publicity stunt, but it's getting too many side eyes to be considered a success. If he's on drugs, let's get him some rehab and a role model. If he is stressed, let's demand that he takes a career break... but for crying out crazy, PLEASE get him OUT of the media light?!?! SHEESH. EM-barrasssing.

**Smaller Doses**
-Just Wednesday evening, Lisa Borders (D) announced that she would be backing Atlanta Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed during the Dec.1st runoff (election). Just yesterday evening, former (D) Georgia  governor Roy Barnes formally endorsed Reed, adding to his lengthy list of political and celebrity endorsements. Go KASIM REED!!!! Don't forget to register and rock your vote (if possible) on December 1st.
Sarah Palin Makes Her Bestseller List (Assured) Debut
-For all interested parties...the moose shooting, teenage pregnancy promotin', capitalist, soccer mom, Geography major, and would be Vice-President of the free world will release her new book over the weekend "Going Rouge" -*blank stare* (crickets chirping) @ least she'll be on Oprah, and has a manuscript to back her claims against Levi. Ooooooh, Levi.... LMAO!!!!!!!!!
-Thanks to YBF, a click on the link sets you up for the hawtest RiRi video yet, without waiting till tonight on 20/20!!!
O yea. Chris "Beatherdown" Brown's video "Crawl" debuted on Wendy (shudder) Williams today. (Click the link to catch a replay). Thoughts??? Still siding w. RiRi!!!!

With that kids, have a GREAT Friday!! Stay blessed, and be a blessing!!



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  1. Did you happen to notice how Beyonce went swagg surfin and washed up on the shores of Rihanna's style and put it in her new video.....Videophone? Isn't she too grown for that hateration