Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tyson's STILL Knocking Out, PIMP DOWN! , Sammy's Cries for HELP

Happy THURSDAY!!!!!!!! Aren't we blessed to be among the living and thriving this MIRNIN!!! There are a few hot lil' topics worthy of discussion

-Mike Tyson was arrested yesterday for assaulting a random *papp whilst trying to exit the uber-crowded LAX airport in Los Angeles California. Tyson, 43 and his daughter, were surrounded by relentless photogs (reports state) and he asked repeatedly to be left alone. The conflict gets a bit sketch when the punch was thrown- Tyson's camp says that while he and his daughter were at the ticket counter, the papp got too close, and struck Tyson in an attempt to provoke. So, Tyson threw the punch in self defense. The photog's camp says- Tyson is an animal that punched him (unprovoked) in the face. RIIIGHT. The factual result was the aggressive papp was knocked to the ground and a bloody trail lingered as he skulked away through the airport.
Tyson was arrested for misdemeanor battery, left LAX in a squad car, and quickly posted bail ($20,000). After a similar incident several months ago with Kaynye West and a papp, surely LAX should consider legislation that protects celebs from invasion of their space and privacy, especially when traveling with their families!! Hey Pap- You got knocked the ###$@ OUT!!!!! AHAHAHA.
*papp= paparazzi, photographer, excessively annoying set to capture a celeb in action for profit. YOU KNOW!!!*

-If you haven't heard by now, famed comedian and actor Katt Williams ("It's PimPIN-Pimpin'!!) was arrested this weekend in Coweta Co. Georgia, for.... burglary charges?!?!?! The actor, allegedly in the Atlanta suburb filming a movie, was caught trying to remove jewelry and other goods through forcible entry. That's right, Katt was caught for breaking in his homie's house?! The homeowner, music producer Barry Hankerson, immediately called the police. Williams remained jailed throughout Monday, until he posted $40,000.00 in bail.
This story gets even more foolish as Katt and his lawyer have been loudly proclaiming that he wears more than the accused stolen amount of jewls on his person. WTH?!?! There are also audio tapes of a 911 call made by a 17-year-old young man just a week prior to Katt's arrest claiming that Williams was holding him hostage. No charges were filed, but these incidents are amidst a string of public foolywang...more as this story slowly falls apart...

-It's official: Shaunie O'neal filed official legal separation with the intent to divorce on Monday in Los Angeles. Shaunie also wasted no time in removing her children from school in Florida and moving them to LA as well. She is seeking spousal support and full custody of the couple's (4) children.The separation is the latest move in the unraveling that is the O'neal marriage, courtesy of Shaq's (countless) indiscreet behaviors. Chile, I hope she takes him to the cleaners. He is a mess, and I can't respect messiness. That's just disrespectful the way he keeps his business out in the skreets?!?! Booooo.

-At 9:11pm Tuesday evening, the Commonwealth of Virginia reigned justice on convicted murderer John Muhammad, 48, by lethal injection. Muhammad was convicted of murdering over 10 random and innocent victims throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland during the spring of 2002. He and young accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, went on a random killing spree, senselessly paralyzing the "DMV" for three long weeks. I remember... I was there. Officers say he did not utter a single word, and the death was witnessed by several of the victims' family members. I'm not a fan of capital punishment, and although the crime he was convicted of is very horrifying (I'm still not convinced they did it- another blog), it's still unsettling to me that the Virginia Commonwealth rushed his death, yet mass murderer Charles Manson is still alive.

**Small Doses**
-Tomorrow marks the second leg of the show down between pop's most infamous ex-couple: Both stars are releasing their latest music videos from their latest new projects, slated for the same release date (COINCIDENCE MUCH?!?!?!!!!!!!!) Princess RiRi will return to ABC's 20/20- as she IS their lil' ratings darling- and debut her much anticipated hawtness "Russian Roulette" SWOOOON!!!! Chris "Beatherdown" Brown is taking a similar, albeit raunchier approach and debuting his latest, "Crawl" on that GAWD-Awful Wendy Williams Show (Shudder). Who do YOU think will win the ratings and fan approval?? (Anyone wanna put some money down, come see me!!)

-So, baseball great Sammy Sosa was photographed all last week looking (scarily) about 5 shades lighter than he would normally appear. In addition to his newly-lightened skin, Sosa was also photographed wearing colored contact lenses. WOW. Just yesterday Sosa admitted to applying a bleaching cream to his skin, however he did not admit that he was channeling Michael Jackson. Cut it out Sammy, it's either an obsession with MJ or intense self-hatred that would EVER make someone want to bleach their skin to such a degree. Jesus... take the wheel.

With that, I'm breaking out early!!!! Have a great afternoon kids!!!!



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