Thursday, November 5, 2009

Princess RiRi Speaks, Beyaki, Shaq's Infedelity & RIP Soilders in Ft. Hood

Happy THURSDAY KIDS!!!!! I had a great evening last night, enjoying the sounds of Wed.'s open-mike night @ the infamous Apache!!!! Today, mad tired, so maybe it wasn't such a great idea. Anywho, the day is fresh w. doses for your consumption, so without further delay... LET's  GIT GIT GIT IIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Rihanna's Interview Breaks Silence-Sheds Light
-This morning, the first half of the much-hyped interview with Princess RiRi and Diane Sawyer (FAV) aired on Good Morning America. RiRi looked great (as I must say), and appeared confident and controlled. She gave a high-level account of her violent attack in Febuary, but focused less on the details of the incident and more on her reactions post-media frenzy. She even discusses feeling obligated as a role model for young women, judged on her decision to go back to "Beatherdown". 
When questioned about her decision to return to Chris "Beatherdown" Brown, RiRi gets teary and advises young women to "EFF LOVE, cause LOVE is blind". She continues that women should remove themselves from the situation and look at it objectively in order to see clearly. I reallllllly felt for her, not only bc I'm a fan, but bc everyone plays the fool for love, but no one wants to be treated like that... and in public?!?! WOW. I
found myself loosing even more respect for "Beatherdown" bc RiRi appeared scared, and clearly embarassed not only for playing victim but for even dating such a mess.
I am beyond eager to see what the full interview tomorrow on 20/20 will air.
*RiRi also graces the December cover of Glamour Magazine, offering another take on her 2009 experiences. She looks AHmaZING!!! Go RIRI!!!!

Beyonce is Queen of Entertainment??
-The machine that is Matthew Knowles was successful in yet another business deal in the steps towards Beyaki's world domination. Media Fake Out is reporting that Papa Knowles is thisclose to closing a deal for Beyaki to perform exclusively at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, commanding upwards of $100 million annually for a minimum of (5) five years. I repeat. BEYAKI could make upwards of $500,000,000.000- pushing her into the stratusphere of entertainment wealth. WOW. That's dumb money, but really, where else would you expect to see Beyaki??? She's getting up there in age (though it's not reflected in her strobe lighting, constant wind machine and couchie-cutting leotards) and Vegas has ALL the amenities an uberceleb like she would require for nightly performances. All the bedazzle she could ever dream or demand, and a constant audience thrilled to see her writhe and grind whilst they down free liquor! BRING. IT. ON!!!!! I'll even pay for that...
**In other KNOWLES news, TINA is launching her OWN clothing line--- Seriously--that will debut on QVC. (SURPRISE). This line is named, "MissTina" and you can find similar pieces @ your local Urban SwapMeet. GETthatcrapouttahere.... I'll never be a patron. I might catch a flame in all that daum polyester and sequinse. UUUGH.***

***Smaller Doses***
Fidelity is NOT THE BIZ @ the O'NEAL Household

Shquile O'Neal, bka "Big Cactus", is accused-yet AGAIN- of cheating on his wife Shauni. This time, w. he and Shauni's mutual friend,Laura Govan (Finace of  NBA starGilbert Arenas  . WOW. Maybe SOME couples should consider thearapy, a better publicist, or even better... divorce?!?! This is getting embarassing Shaq. SHeeeesh.
-Breaking news that (7) people are listed as dead and (20) people are listed as injured during an afternoon shooting on a military base this afternoon. More information to follow as story continues to break. Please pray for all the soldiers involved. 

Body Count Rises in Ohio
-This Monstrous case continues to unfold in Ohio?! Ohio police have uncovered an additional (2) bodies yesterday courtesy of that psycho mass murderer/ rapist!!!! JESUS take the wheel...
-Yesterday marked the official World Series Win for the Yankees (Snoooze) and Mary J. Blidge's "interesting" rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Yes. I said it. I was under impressed. SOWWWWY!!! (I can only throw shade cause I've sang this song MILLIONS of times. It's hella hard... she could've done better. JSaayinnn. )

With that kids, I'm going to finish grinding so I can get back to the Happy Hour that is my life!! LOL. At least today anyway. Stay Blessed!!!!



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