Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monster in Cleveland, Sheree's Sex Tape, and KASIM FOR MAYOR OF ATL!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Kids!!!!! It's the middle of the week, a GORG day in the ATL, and all's alive and CRACKIN!!! I know you're ready for that daily dose, so LET's GIT GIT GIT IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Real-Life Horror in Ohio
-Yesterday, Ohio police officers raided the home of UBER creepy- mass-murderer and convicted sex-offender Anthony Sowell, and found four new bodies in addition to the six that were found last week. That brings the latest total to (10) ten bodies. Yes, this monster had been raping women and stashing their bodies throughout his HOME.
Other disgusting facts about the findings include bodies stuffed in crawl spaces, and a skull wrapped in a bag placed in the trash can. This story reads like a plot line for a new SAW flick, but it is beyond saddening to know that all these women lost their lives. Even worse, if at all measurable, is the fact that neighbors complained of an odor for years, and dozens more women are now coming forward to say they were also rape victims living in fear of their lives. I'm praying for the families of all the victims involved.

It's a RUNOFF!!!!! 
-Atlanta Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed (HU!!) will continue campaigning as the votes were. Yesterday's elections showed a poor voter turn-out overall, and it looks like whichever candidate can get their supporters BACK out to the polls on Dec. 1st will win!!! NO DOUBT Kasim Reed will be the next Mayor of Atlanta!!!!!! On a similar note, a major order of business that neither candidate is listing as a priority is that of the environment and pollution within the city/ surrounding cities in Atlanta. A new article in Forbes lists the ATL as the "most toxic city" in America. WOW. Message!!

-So Sheree Whitfield, a classic character on the Real Housewives Of Duluth, was once married to Bob Whitfiled, former NFL star. Whilst they were married, allegedly Sheree got freak-yy, nast-yy, and plastic-yyyy according to Bob's recent interview on the Nigel and Marco radio show?! Bob blasts Sheree on front street claiming to have paid for Sheree's breasts and nose. He also says that he has sexy pictures and a sex tape of Sheree. Bob continues saying he feels he "Created Frankenstein"... well isn't that taking allll the credit... ?!?! LOL. I'd like to think she's controlling sooome parts of the foolishnesss... this will play out great during Season 3!!!  Click to Listen to the entire interview

***Smaller Doses***
Soul Train Awards Taping in ATL
The Soul Train Awards were taped last night in Atlanta, and there was a hodgepodge of Black Hollywood in the city!!! Amidst all the (allegedly) amazing performances, red carpets, and stunting via Twitter Pics, I'm eager to see the results!! I wasn't present at the show taping, which premieres on the 29th of November on BET, but one of my fav. bloggers -Necole Bitchy had a great wrap-up and photo stills. Enjoy!
-In what is yet another attempt to remain "current" and "multi-cultural" (WTH BET?!?!) BET's 106 and Park featured Lady GaGa as yesterday's guest. GaGa looked extra great (I'm a huge fan) and her shoes were swooon worthy, but it all seemed forced to me. Like, really?? are we REALLY gonna see a GaGa track on the top 10 here people?? At least she promoted her new duet/ cover of Beyaki's "Videophone". (Wasn't THAT track screaming for some assistance???) The two will premiere their video for the single tomorrow.

Slow news day otherwise, and I'm out for the afternoon kids!!!! Have a great one, and stay blessed!!!



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