Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frankie on Mathis, Soul Train in ATL, and Beyonce

Happy Tuesday Kids!!! Hope everyone is blessed and progressive! This is a beautiful day in Georgia, and I'm so glad to be out and about after work today!So, you know it's time for the daily dose!!LET'S GET IIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- So Dallas Cowgirl Cheerlearder, Whitney Isleib, decided it would be a good idea if she dressed as Lil' Wayne for Halloween. Too Bad Whitney is a racist, and choose to don full Blackface makeup, gold fronts, locks, and (the ever-present prop) a pimp challace. She then thought it would be an even better idea to take photos and post them on Facebook. What a GENIUS!!! If she's not off the squad by the end of the week, I'm starting a letter writing campaign. Seriously. In the year of our Nation's first Black President, we still deal with racist behaviors such as this!? In no stretch do I find this comical, humorous or flattering, in fact it is beyond offensive, ignorant, and shameful. Electronic media allows such ignorance and hatred to spread at record speed, and racists such as she are provided a platform/support (EWWW to Facebook for even allowing her to post such crap) and backlash from all angles (Hell yea to allllll the blogs that wrote about what a moron Whitney is). Deep In the Heart Of Texas... INDEED. :(

SECURITY!!!!! GET FRANKIE!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!!!!
-So Keyshia Cole's mother, the infamous Frankie, appeared on Judge Mathis yesterday, in a dispute over a missed club appearance!! Rewind. This story wasn't set up for the buffoonery that airs weekly on BET otherwise known as the Frankie and Neffie Show, but an actual event?!?! I'll never understand why anyone would pay to have her appear anywhere, much less promote a party for other patrons?! This embarassing situation can be summized in a photo. Security... Please get Frankie...

***Smaller Doeses***
Whitney Houston is seling her New Jersey Mansion
-Yes the house that crack, ooops, I mean, love built, is up for auction. Houston claims it's not finances that prompted the sale, but negative memories of her relationship with Bobby Brown. As she has other homes, I'm sure this loss isn't too difficult to cope with. At least now she has more time for that "Bobby by the pound... and Whitney by the key..." lol. I kid!
Chris Brown is Rocking...Leggings???!?!
-The CD Cover for Chris "BeatherDown" Brown's latest offering was released over the net today: It features Chris... in all of his rocker manhood... standing in some tightasshell ballhugging leggings. WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?! I admitedly don't understand the kids like I used to, but this fashion choice is almost criminal. Unless you're European, strait OUTTA Berlin, Germany... CUT.It.OUT. This debut was timed as Princess RiRi released her track listings for "Rated R" & buzz continues over her upcoming interviews. Crosspromotion much????!!!!
-I've been a fan of hers since I was a lil' Freshman @ HU!!!!! I HEART Mz. Amerie, and encourage everyone to cop!! She's such an original, so cute, and actually has a Degree (Georgetown much??) She's having issues w. itunes (No album, wth??) and shipping issues, so if u can't find it in stores, check Amazon.com. YEA!!

Atlanta Mayoral Race!!!!! VOTE PEOPLE!!!!
-Today was the day, and hopefully you encouraged others, and went out and rocked that VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows I support KASIM REED!!!!!! The ONLY Choice for ATLiens!!!!!! I'm too excited to see how this election turned out... and will surely recap on tomorrow.

With that kids, I'm out. It's time for spirits, and socialization!!! Smooooches!!!!



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