Monday, November 2, 2009

NOVEMBER MUSIC (RiRI)!!, 'PRECIOUS' FEVER, & Levi's Late but Himscarical!!

Hello Kids!! Happy MONDAY!! Welcome to NOVEMBER!!!! It's like in the midst of 4th Quarter in 2009, so be sure to go out with a BANG!!!! You never know what 2010 will bring.Well, it's TIME for a daily dose!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET's GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Chris "Beat Her Down" Brown is baaaack, and gearing up for a winter promotional tour of his latest album,  "Graffitti". Current single "Transform Ya" with Swizz Beatz and Lil' Wayne has already hit radio and he's releasing a second single simultaneously (MJ attempt anyone??) Chris just shot his second video for the single, "Crawl" w. Cassie staring as the video girl. He looks good... albeit a bit dorky, but surely someone's feelin' it...right?? Right??
Rihanna: Slow Build but WORTH IT!!!
Princess RiRi has leakeded her second single from the much anticipated "Rated R"- "Wait Your Turn"
Again. I'm FEELIN it!! I'll be rockin' this album allll holiday season long! RiRi's also set to appear on Good Morning America (Thurs. morning) and 20/20 (Friday evening) giving her first public interviews since her public beat-down. Now, Media Take Out spoiled the GMA exclusive and claim that RiRi is giving no new info. However, I'm holding fast till 20/20. RiRi won't let me down... my fingers are crossed!!!! 
These announcements are traveling through the media and itunes fast (and simultaneously)Who do YOU think will be the bigger seller this holiday season?? Someone pull that daum trigger already...

SO CRUNK for PRECIOUS Debut!!!!!!
-The ELITE world is getting ready for the debut of PRECIOUS!!!!! YBF posted the latest stills of the recent Hollywood premiere of the film (there have been like-8?!?) and Mo'Nique FINALLY showed up!! She looked aaaahmazing!!! If you are STILL in the dark about the most anticipated movie of the season, you need to get with it... for now the movie has received approval from the NY Times!!! It's THE talk!!!! I'm ecstatic, for it's high time WE saw a substance-filled portrayal of an urban FEMALE survivor!!!!! 'Precious' details the struggles of an obese, Black, poor, abused, pregnant, teen struggling day-to-day in Harlem during 1987. Her gritty yet inspiring story puts the K.Kardashians and other countless, talentless, famous-for-no-reason stories of Hollywood tarts to SHAME! The film 'Precious' is based on the novel PUSH by Sapphire, and you simply MUST read it before viewing the film. Repeat: MUST?!?! If you're reading this blog you're all about intellectual stimulation, so indulge yourself and gain a bit of culture shock that forces you to open your mind to the plights of others around you. I swear you'll come out better for it... I'm even planning a 'Precious' Viewing party!!!! Get on Board!!!
'Precious' ATL Showtimes (Movie Opens Nov. 6th)

***Smaller Doses***:
Levi Johnston is capitalizing on his 5 min. of fame!!
Johnston is making his media rounds, the same time Sarah "Moose Shootin' " Palin is making her rounds for her new book promotion, to announce to the world that (Gasp) Palin is a sham of a public figure!!! SHOCKER! (Crickets chirping...) Um, thanks for blowing that whistle, but the majority of intelligent American public didn't buy that Soccer Mom Bullox from Day One.I applaud his efforts, but would've found it more exciting if he was a snitch during the... ELECTION?!?! Shyt$ n giggles just the same.
-It's official: President Obama's Health care plan is slated to take off... and WORK!!!!! There's even been an increase in job offerings!!! Rahm Emanuel said he's "not dancing in the end zone".. but dammit I am!! GLOAT!! GLOAT!!!Read NYTimes article for complete statistics.
-Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY!!! The debates are done and tomorrow we vote for the next Mayor of Altanta GA!!! It's no secret that I'm backing Mayoral Democratic candidate Kasim Reed, as he's clearly the most qualified, able and efficient leader... and ATLien fighting FOR ATLiens. PLEASE tell EVERYONE you KNOW To get out and ROCK THE VOTE (KASIM REEEEED!!!!!!!) tomorrow!!! It's PAST crucial to keep Atlanta, the dopest city in Georgia, as progressive and peaceful as possible. Thanks!! oh, OF COURSE Kasim was a HOWARD GRADUATE?!?!? U KNOOOOOW!!!!
-With that, I'm going to continue my grind shawty. Don't block my SHINE SHAWTY!!! (Lyric from my new fav. joint- BigBoi feat. Gucci -Hater Blockers!! HEARD!!!!)



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