Sunday, September 13, 2009

JAY Shuts Down MSG, Serena WILL Shove It Down Your THROAT!!

Happy Monday!!!!!! And what a joyous one it is!! I hope your week is beginning on a positive note, as mine is. This post should have been up yesterday, but I was derailed once the VMA's began. I have a few tidbits for your Monday healthy proceedings. SO, LET'S GET IIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!
-So if you haven't heard or seen, Serena Williams, yes THAT Serena- the award piling, tennis genius Serena, was booted out of the US Open Saturday night during her match-up with Kim Clijsters. Serena was passionately playing against Clijsters, and was given a code violation for breaking her tennis racket after she lost the first set (ERR??!?!). Then all hell breaks loose, or she completely lost her cool. Serena was given a penalty match-point when a line judged deemed she stepped over the line, wildly gestures with her racket and screams, "I will shove this F@#&ing ball down your F@#$ing throat" to the line judge. WTSAMGOODY?!?! Serena, SMH. The line judge (who was obligated) immediately snitched, and Serena was immediately ejected from the US Open, fined $10,000.00 (the maximum amount), and now the fate of her remaining on the US Open tour (even playing in the doubles matches with her sister) are in jeopardy. Even if Serena was justified in her anger against the call, she in NO way was justified in threatening and kirking out to a judge?! You're from Compton, by way of a professional tennis career, not gang violence. GET. IT. TOGETHER. That wasn't even cute, and although I feel bad for her... I kinda don't. She should have used better self-control so that the win and her continued dominance of the tennis circuit would be the ultimate revenge. Now, she's and her antics are headlines for all the wrong reasons. She did have a rather tensely filled press conference, and managed a cameo at last night's VMA's (amongst boos) so I'm curious to see how she handles this scrutiny. She def. won't be playing tonight... stinks a fatty. She would've slayed.

-So I stayed in (At GA ME's) on Friday night and watched Jay-Z's benefit concert, "BP3 Live from Madison Square Garden" on Sept. 11. All the proceeds went to the Police and Fireman's family fund to support the families that lost members during the Sept. 11 attacks. I normally criticize Jigga for lack of consciousness/ philanthropic efforts, but he has made me sing another tune. I was beyond surprised and pleased at the treat FUSE gave everyone!!! Front row seats to one of Jay's best concerts. EVER!!!!! The set was AMAZING. The Band-FLAWLESS. And Jigga... this man has soooo many hits in his catalog, I almost forgot why many call him the best?!?! He ran through the majority of all his majors, and peppered in the future hits off BP3. He had a bevy of friends come out on stage and make cameos, an out-standing show, for EVERYONE did a great job:
Santigold- although she looked a bit lost (high maybe??) she did an aiiight job on "Brooklyn, We Go HARD"
John Mayer-performed a stirring guitar tribute/medley to Jigga's hits and 2 full-length songs w. Jay. GREAT.
Rihanna-appeared looking ever the fierce lil' tart she is (HAWT) in an all-black leotard-glove-over-the-knee-boot-and gloved ensemble. She did a perfect nazaly live rendition of the "Run This Town" hook. Get it Princess RiRi!!! (Jigga tried HARD not to stare at her booty fat that dangled out from the leotard... say he DIDn't!!)
Kanye West-Ever fresh and hyped, he performed several songs including "Good Life" where Jay sang T-Pain's part. HIMSCARICAL.
Beyonce- who DOWN. ALL HAIL and recognize the true Queen of entertainment. Fa Cereal. I swear she was singing "DIVA" to RiRi- a death warning if you will that NO one will come for her crown. Or man...HEARD.
Kid Cudi-and his tooo tight pants, (Cudi's balls were crying out in distress), made a nice rookie showing.
Pharell-DAUM he still looks beyond sexy and did a great job. Did anyone else notice his tatoo removal??
Swizz Beatz-Hype man extraordinaire (On To The Next One)
Diddy-oops. Stand Corrected. He showed Swizz how to do it. "Take That, Take That" all over the stage during "Encore" he's SOO official.
Mary J. Blidge- shut it down w. her nostalgic, gritty and soulful rendition of Can't Knock the Hustle. AND she SLAAAAYED them w. her boots: SIIIIIICK. (I must cop a similar pair STAT!!)
-Again, on a scale of 1-10 a solid 9 (they should've had A.Keys singing her own hook on "Empire State of Mind" instead of that wackness that was his background vocalist). Thanks again FUSE and Jay-Z for a great free show!!!!

**Small Doses**
-Lil Wayne and Lauren London (Babymama #3) gave birth to their new son on Sept. 9th- named him Lennox Samuel Ari Carter. Awwww Congrats!... (side eye) no comment as there is now new life that should be celebrated. I'll wait till Nivea's child is born to let loose.
-Gossip Girl (one of my FAVS!!!) debuts season 3 tonight at 9 on the CW
-BET and CBS reached a milestone in negotiations for legal licensing (ownership) of the GAME; PRAYING the fans get our season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. LOVE. THE. GAME!!!!
-Wells Fargo is accused of racist practices, in particular with mortgage loans. Call Blacks, "mud people". WTHELLZ!!!??!!! I KNEW Wachovia didn't respect my dollar, and now there's proof. I encourage ALL to boycott. SERIOUSLY.

**DEF. check out the next post: my annual VMA's 2009 wrap-up. You know... some foolywang to REPORT!!!!! Take care luvs, and have a great Monday!!!!! Smooooches!



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