Friday, September 11, 2009

Behind the Music

TGIF KIDS!!!!!!!!!! I am ready to break out of the office today, and am scheduled to get a flyy new haircut. I'll keep you posted on the result of this transformation. Taking a moment, I would like to reflect on the many lives lost on September 11, 2001, as that day and lives lost will never be forgotten. As a sophmore in college at Howard University, the memories are very vivid and fresh from that fateful morning. Where were you?? Thank GOD I'm able to write to you loves today. Okay. Tears wiped clean. I would not dare leave you without today's dosage. LET'S GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Baby Makes Three!!!
-Surprise, Surprise... Christinia Milian is confirmed preggers!!!!! Of course the publicist released that she and Dream are excited to begin their family... the usual happy whomp that accompanies baby announcements. Guess we know what the quickie Vegas wedding was all about last wk...Congrats!

American Idol Keeps Getting Funnier...
-Ellen DeGenerous will be the new host on American Idol. SaywhatsayWORD???!!!! Yup, it is officially confirmed that Ellen will be filling in the fourth judge's seat during the new season of Idol. Although she's hillarious and dance a bit... what are her musical talent judging abilities or credentials?? I don't think I want Ellen critiquing my voice... thoughts?? Sidenote: WHAT a slap in the face to poor PAULA?!?! Getting replaced by the Lesbian Talk Queen/ Commediane. I'd fire my agent, stat!!

**Small Doses**
-Lil' Wayne's VH1 Behind The Music debuted last night on VH1. It's actually very decent, catch the reruns.
-New York is buzzing this weekend: Fashion Week continues (swoooon), and the BMI (recording industry) Awards and Afterparties are taking place. Stats of the winners and fashion hits soon to come.
Neffe had her (5th) baby!!! This info is curtesy of MTO, always first with these breaking stories. Is my sarcastic joy seeping through the exclamation marks?? Hope the family is healthy.
-Don't forget to watch the MTV VMA's this Sunday night at 9!!!! Sure to be a can't miss!!!! My anual commentary will be posted and I'll be Twittering throughout the show. Hope u choose to follow!

With that luvs, I'm off to tha salon!!! Enjoy your Friday, post some comments, and I'll write to you soon! Love each other and stay blessed!



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