Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I WILL call you OUT" Just like President Obama!!

Hey Kids!!! Happy Friday!! If there was any doubt, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my President!!!!!! As of late there has been mounting controversy and opposition for his proposal on solving the Health Care crisis and particularly his address to students of America on Tuesday. President Obama and his Administration announced weeks ago their plan to address the youth, an intimate speech intended to promote personal responsibility and advocate education in spite of obstacles. What followed after the announcement of said speech is what I would call an embarrassing moment in American history, as thousands of school districts and "concerned parents/ citizens" expressed public opposition to having the speech played during school hours. ERRR?!?! What further evidence is required to prove that Americans still have racial issues as large as they ever were, when a citizen won't allow their child to hear the President of the United States?

But wait... there's more. On Wednesday, the President gave his widely anticipated Health Care address to the nation and delivered one of the best televised speeches of any U.S. President so far. President Obama was eloquent, captivating, and diplomatic, in spite of the tense audience (joint house representatives, clearly opposed to Obama's plan). The shocker of the night came when Senator Joe Wilson (R-SC) Screamed out "YOU LIE" in the MIDST of the President's outline. (See pic of team Obama thisclose to breakin' out and slappin' that @$... LOVE Nancy's expression) Obama kept his cool (AS USUAL) called him out and continued to prove the very reasons that his administration's plan is near fail-proof. Joe Wilson embarrassed the state of South Carolina and further proved that Obama deals with disrespect on an entirely different level-- every day.
*Joe Wilson- (843) 521-2530; Twitter- CongJoeWilson. PLEASE feel free to exercise free speech and express dissatisfaction with Wednesday's behavior. His website and Facebook pages have since been taken down due to excessive traffic. :) *

During the Nation's suffrage through the previous Bush administration, we were forced to listen to lies, lies, and more lies, which led to the Pandora's box of issues our current President is working tirelessly to close. The facts that President Obama's words are monitored so closely, and the School speech, which was powerful enough to inspire even the oldest citizen to aim higher in achieving personal growth and development, was deemed "too political" and having "an alternate agenda" are ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. Fear grips the ignorant and causes deplorable actions, an emotional reaction becoming synonymous with many Republicans.

I'm growing disgusted with the blatant disrespect given towards our Leader of the Free World. In the previous administration, such actions would never be tolerated!!! Some of our
citizens I'm referencing, the majority are affiliated with the Republican party, dislike the President, and that he happens to be a man of mixed races, b.k.a. a BLACK man.
It frustrates me to no end to know that people are willing to utilize powerful media outlets to spew lies, hatred, propaganda, and curtail progress; do any and everything other than repeat the truth and aim to work together to solve the issues?!!

So, to all the haters, supporters, under and over-informed, I chose to post in it's entirety, the "Back to School Address" given by our President Barack Obama on Tuesday afternoon.
I also chose to post the President's address to the Nation on his health care proposal as well.
Both speeches were beyond eloquent, intelligent, insightful, filled with progressive thoughts, motivating, inspiring, and aimed to unify our Nation. I pray you take something from the re-reading of the great speeches given by Barack Obama, President of the United States.

*School Message*

*Health Care Message*

~ On an altogether FIERCE note: Michelle Obmama, we the people are NOT worthy of your fabulousness. Check how she rocked the pleated suit, and sat ever supportive of her man during his Wednesday address. LOVE HER. ~



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