Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MEDIA IMAGE: A. KEYS DID THE "UNTHINKABLE!!" (I'll never be "Ready")

 A certified superstar, Alicia Keys has been a commercial success since 2001. Keys is blessed with a stunning physique which has garnered attention from the onset of her career. A gorgeous and talented vocalist/musician, she appeals to women through her empowering lyrics, and men with her evident sex appeal. Nine years later, Keys now has acting, songwriting, production and endorsement credits, but prides herself (and BRAND) on her numerous humanitarian efforts and promoting self-esteem in young women. On paper, she reads like the classic Black female role model, but reality is... her character is WEAK.

The facts are rather simple. Swizz Beatz was married to Mashonda and during the course of their marriage he cheated with A.Keys. Mashonda found out, was woman enough to approach Keys asking her to respectfully step aside (as reported by Mashonda), but Keys did not comply. She and Swizz continued with their public affair.
Sunday night's *EBTAwards Show placed Keys and fiance` Swizz Beatz in the front row with a permanent camera on the "loving couple", and I was shocked! I was floored when she accepted her first award (she won 2) and was extra affectionate in the camera, as most know the story behind the smiles. Then, she performed. TWICE. *le sigh*

I felt the EBTAwards performances were disturbing, because A.Keys was the physical manifestation of hypocrisy, adultery, and tastelessness. Her desire to perform while 5 months pregnant with a (technically still) married man's child, the decision to rock the Dolce Gabana minidress that accentuates her fetus-bump, and finally choosing to jump atop a baby grand piano during the second set (WHYLAWD), all proved Keys lacks class. It was as if her public figure status or celebrity accolades should omit her from judgement or "Maury"guest status, when in fact just the opposite was clear. Parading your baby by a married man is trifling and lacks noble decency. Period. Keys could care less about the mixed messages presented that evening, and had the support of BET to document the entire spectacle. As a Black woman/ fellow sistah, I don't respect her decisions.

To clarify, I see nothing wrong with showcasing the beauty that is a pregnant woman's body and tasteful representations do not offend or disgust me (See Vanity Fair Pic of Demi Moore-1st marriage, 2nd child). I overstand that (most) marriages don't often work out, and that people move on and find new loves. What I refuse to support however is infidelity passed off as "okay" simply because the couple is famous, rich or attractive. Keys' pregnant image is broadcast the world over, and it only takes a few clicks on the Internet to read the back story of her conception. Keys, who penned and profited of such female anthems as, "A Woman's Worth," "Unbreakable," "Superwoman," and "Karma."As a people, we continue to promote what is indecent, and ridicule what is righteous.

This is further evidenced by the many supporters of Keys' affair and demonization of Mashonda, a wife with a cheating husband that left her. Mashonda is the victim in the situation. If a man cheats on his wife, then commits to leave the marriage for the affair all before the divorce settlement smoke clears, he's not a real man. Sowwwy. Marriage in general is not valued as it once was, but that does not negate that two people were legally joined and a third party aided the dissolve. The media, or EBT rather, would have us all believe that Keys & Swizz Beatz are the new hip-hop power couple. #WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL??

       Women in general should bond together in an effort of solidarity, to support one another in a world clearly controlled by men. Black females in particular need that sisterhood in order to deal with the daily tribulations and cultural struggles indicative to our communities, relationships, jobs and careers. Everyone (even Keys) knows sisterhood is severed if a married man does not deter you from pursuing a relationship. Only a general lack of respect for one another would allow the celebration of that which is indecent in our community and culture. This sad mentality is popular, folks are quick to critique the Black wife (Mashonda) for not "keeping her man." Few people mention the disrespect shown by Keys on Sunday night. I wish them all the best, but do not believe or support A. Keys' music, "empowerment" message, or relationship. I am my sistah's keeper.



*EBT AWARDS= BET Awards. EBT (Food Stamps) HERscarical slant on the bootlegged representations of US on BET *

**James Hannah-comedian- has a hilarious rant in support of my thoughts. Friend him on Crackbook**


  1. You wrote that and I totally agree. I've never cared two pennies about her. Oh well karma is real and alive I hope they know that.

  2. OK...I posted about this on a while back, but I think it's a little overboard to be actually mad at A. Keys or Swizz for the whole thing and the "sisterhood" angle is reeeaching. Things dont always work out in life...sure Swizz coulda handled it like a man and told Mashonda he wasnt happy bla bla bla but in the end, there's a whole lot of public concern over a private matter. People are going hard after having like 12% of the information...its for them to figure out. If there was as much support for Mashonda's debut album as there seems to be for her in her personal life, maybe she would be somebody by now! LOL seriously...ppl are all ready to forgive Chris Brown for beatin the Bajan out of Rihanna and YOU, Dawnavette still support R. Kelly after peeing on 14 yr one was physically hurt or defiled in this situation and no one is a monster...its jsut what it is...some fucked up shit. Everyone will live and move on.

    S Shaw

  3. I totally and completely agree. Alicia Keys does lack class and I also found it troubling that she and her baby daddy were focused on at the awards show. It is completely tasteless.

  4. Dang! I don't know either one of ya'll but followed the link from Jon Goode's (crackbook) page. I was, like 100% with Dawnavette when I read her post. The celebration of MauryJerryRickey-esque values was sickening! Her arrogant flaunting of her shameful situation was disturbing! The pass she was was given because of her celebrity was...unthinkable!

    Then, I read Shaka's post... and found some perspective settling on me. We not talking about reglah people even though it's tempting to want to hold them to reglah standards. Alicia is spending the ethical capital she's earned in her business. She now must go and replenish it, of course, and she likely will. It is what it is...
    I will pray my daughter doesn't ask too many questions.

    -maljazur, Austin, TX

  5. From an Amy Winehouse fan: Art should be separate from an artist's career. Like the Constitution says, "separation from church and state." Why? Not because I condone what Alicia did and is doing, but because there would be no one, so-called "deserving", of awards, unless your'e cute, innocent, young, blonde, and angelic...F-that, just wanted to remind everyone that things could be worse.

  6. I totally cosign on this one.

    Alicia, you used to be my homegirl (at

    What is more disturbing than the very private matter of their adulterous relationship is that it's being celebrated - each time she's photographed, every performance, every interview - where are the moral standards of our own society to reject these demeaning images and behaviors?!!?!?!?

    What Chris Brown did to Rihanna was a bad decision. The R Kelly act was a bad decision. Alicia is engaging in a bad lifestyle. Adultery, kids born out of wedlock - it's just sickening. And we celebrate it. Disgusting.

    Great post!