Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex Sells & Pays Well If You're A White Female & On Tape...

*Blogging. Consistantly... this is a concept that is lost with yours truly though I really wish I could be GREAT!! The last week since my birthday I was reaching out for aid to revamp the site ( and I blogged not a letter?!?! *GASP* The two readers I had have probably put me down in exile... but I swear I want to be a better writer... so I will press on, in spite of my diminished audience and inconsistant blogging past. (PAST people!!)* Anywho: Let's GET IT!!!

Kendra "Suffering" a la Kim Kardashian Sex Tape
The hot tea today was that E!'s girl (yours & mine too) Kendra Wilkinson will get a cut of the profits from the release of her much publicized and soon-to-be-released sex tape. That's right. The same sex tape that Kendra publicly argued against the release of for several weeks... as now she is a "wife" & "mother". *le sigh* No longer longer a Playmate, Kendra Wilkinson's celebrity began whilst she dated Hugh Hefner and starred as one of his (3) "Girls Next Door" on the wildly popular hit-E! Network reality show. Fast Forward several seasons, a marraige to NFL-er Hank Basket, another E! reality show and a new baby; single-sex tape Kendra is not the same woman. Allgedly her ex boyfriend Justin Frye (who was promoting the tapes release) legally sold the tape(s) for $100,000.00. Kendra negotiated her payment and will receive up to half of the profits from tape distribution. That equates to millions of dollars as the owner of Vivid Video Steven Hirsch (Same company responsible for such sex tape/smut hits as Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian & Mindy McCreey) says Kendra's tape will be one of the best-selling of all time. WOW Craig. WOW.
Poor Hank and Hank Jr. At least the family will be paid, which is a great distraction from shame and moral embarassment. I love Kendra's bubbly personality and the fact that she LUVS Black culture (or at least her commercial interpretation of our culture) and the fact she's BFF with (willing to P-Pop in public for) Too-Short. This story gets a WhattheJoeJacksonHell because there are countless whiteheaux that have catapulted their sexcapades (on film) into multi-million dollar empires... but I draw a blank at one Black woman?!?! Seriously: if a Black female crosses into sex tape category, she's labeld a "Ho" and considered as valuable as throwback Jerseys from '98-'02. Not even Supahead has had the branding sucess of Queen Kim Kardashian (almost insulting comparrison) It seems that Black female sexploitation doesn't sell as white female sexploits do, and that... is the real head scratcher.



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  1. I know thats right life is not fair and America is worse!