Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GO, GO SHAWTY-IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! 4 Points of Twenty-Sexxxy

  Every year, if blessed to make it one mo' gin, individuals grow excited to celebrate (our ) birthdays!! The one day of the year others are forced to acknowledge your older age, give gifts (optional), but generally everyone supports the day, designated as "yours" for birthday shenanigans. Today is my day!! I'm blessed to turn another twenty-sexxxy (yea RIGHT I'll tell you how quickly I'm decaying) and I'm playing it rather low key. No trips, mega-parties or...well...some of you know it can go DOWN. I'm reflecting and trying to "get my life together" at the moment. In the last year or so I've been struggling to understand and navigate the many pitfalls and life lessons they call "your twenties". More shocking shenanigans than world-domination, there are four initiatives aimed to improve the quality of life I wish to try Who's coming with me??

1. "30 Before 30"
Under the influence and example of my bestie Claytus* I created a master list of things I wish to accomplish, places I want to travel, and experiences I wish to have before I turn the big 3-0!! What are the many things you wish to tackle before a major milestone in your life?? See your vision, write it down, make it plain! Now's the time...

2. "Call Me Yogi The Bear"
When I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico w. Dr. DD* last month, we met a man who read our palms. Now, he was prolly just a drunken old man in love with some chocolate American young ladies, but he swore I'd live a long time, have poor luck with men (he advised I shouldn't be bothered with searching the man will find ME), and in the meantime should focus on ruling the world... and yoga. ERR?? Funny thing is...I LOVE YOGA!!! I wish I was more disciplined and skilled. Now opposed to wishing, I'm getting more active. We'll see the results of my yoga dedication if I look 25 at 30. #Hmmmmm

3. "Finding MY Secret"
The major lessons I've tried to master in the last few years are patience, gratitude, and purpose. Clearly I've not the fame nor career success I've envisioned I would at this stage in life, but I have so much to be thankful for nonetheless. I tend to rush, covet other lifestyles or demand the blessings of others when I've no clue as to what they have to do to secure that blessing. Wrong. I should graciously appreciate all life has to show, even during the "slow" points. I've yet to master "Staying in MY lane". Two of my FAV LS's* suggested I get familiar with "The Secret", and use the principals to grant me peace.  If I watch VH1-I can try the methods of "The Secret".

4. "Reading Is Essential To My Soul"
I used to be a voracious reader-knocking out 3-4 books a week! I dunno what happened, turning 21, college or reality TV (I blame all), I have dramatically slowed down. The last period I would devour books was Graduate school, and as I know most words to simple commercial rap songs on the radio, the LEAST I could do is devote more energy into expanding my mind with quality literature! A lady can't take over the world if she's uneducated (wink)! SO: I've resolved to cut back on the #WhattheJoeJacksonHell Television programming and read more! I'm even starting a book cipher on this site, right at this moment Craig!! Every moth (30 days) a book will be selected for reading and discussion, just like a normal book club. We can meet in Atlanta, but extend the discussion to the site or Twitter-still must iron out the details. The first book selected, is "If It Takes A Village, Build One" by Malaak Compton-Rock. All about service, ways to identify how you wish to serve and an interactive service guide, what a nice way to begin the Book cipher (a self gratifying hobby) by learning more about helping others. Malaak's example and work through her organizations inspire me and I hope it does the same for others.
*Please feel free to offer up additional names for the Book cipher, and books to read for the month. It's no fun when the homies can't have none! I can't wait to have discussion!!

So, in closing, remember to be thankful everyday, no matter how bad it seems. Trust. I know bad. But you don't have to be here, everyday is a blessing, and some one's hurting worse than you. There's always tomorrow to try and be better, do better, and get it right!! Love ya'll, and stay blessed!!




  1. Happy Birthday ~!!~ love ya sooooo much:)

  2. Hey lady!

    Happy BIRTHDAY! Extend it all month long:)

    Love this post - it's a great reminder to be grateful for who we are and what we have....and who we want to be and what we'll have to do to get there.

    Keep up the awesomeness!