Monday, February 8, 2010


*Video of Jigga's Official Super Bowl Intro w. Orchestra- whomp whomp/ commercialism*
-Yes, it's past official. The New Orleans SAINTS defeated the Indianapolis COLTS 31-17, for a history-marking WIN!!!!! Phenom Drew Brees took top MVP honors, and all of South Beach was painted Black and Gold (I'm told...) Any and every fan, resident, or band wagon-hopper all over the Nation is doin' the 2nd Line, called out sick at work, and booking tickets to Mardi Gras this wknd just to continue the wave of crunkness that has taken over. Congrats... although I was always rooting for the COLTS... CONGRATS!!! Seriously. The city was past-due for reasons to celebrate, and this cause will not only bring a boost to everyone's spirits, but to the New Orleans economy as well.

-So, most of you know of my tolerate/despise relationship with Kim Kardashian, particularly when it comes to her lil' chocolate man-candy that is Reggie Bush. My official summery: I've yet to understand/support her meteoric rise to fame and success off the strength of her sex tape with RAY J, yet I can't stop watching her reality show?! Sad. I know. So you already know I'm not a supporter of she and Bush's relationship and now rumored engagement. Howevs, 2010 is the year to try and spread more love... so I've not created any picket signs or thought of crashing their impending nuptials, Angela Davis 'fro and all!!!
   I was in fact pleasantly satisfied when the latest sidepiece rumor leaked: Bush's constant jump-off, Carmen Otega, has surfaced with a video of her giving a tour of  his Los Angeles CRIB!!!!! Way to throw salt on the eve of the alleged engagement announcement.
*video below; source: Sandra Rose*

   FLAG ON THE PLAY!!!!!!! PIMPTRESS DOWN!!!! Kardashian injured!!!! There are sooo many relationship violations when a simple YouTube video exposes your man as a cheat, and his sidepiece as the crafty opportunist... I'm grabbing some popcorn. Now, this rumor/video did gain steam post the SuperBowl Champ's win... so maybe this is all manipulative exploitation...or jealousy?!?! Def. watching this drama-filled story. Why not?? It's better than the boring Ray J flick....



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