Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Swayze, Let Up On 'Ye, ROC loyalty and WHITNEY!!!!

Happy Tuesday kids!!!! What a blessed yet dreary day it is!! Too many things continue to happen in the media and popular culture, I need to step up my blog game to bring it you faster. Thanks to everyone who continues to read and visit, and please encourage others as well as post your comments!!! Know you're ready for your dosage... so LET'S GET IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

RIP Patrick Swayze... (moment of silence/ lighters up)
- Actor Patrick Swayze, lost his public battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 57. Patrick was most known for his iconic role as dance instructor Johnny Castle in 1987's Dirty Dancing. One of my favorite movie lines is, "NOBODY puts Baby in a corner!", Man I love that movie. Patrick Swayze also received several Golden Globe nominations for his work in the movies Ghost and To Wong Foo,Thank You Julie Newmar. His resume is impressive and Patrick solidified himself early on as an A-list actor that took great pride in his craft. Prayers go out to his family and friends during this trying time. Everyone should take more time to value and cherish their own lives, as tomorrow is never promised.
-So, not sure of how accurate this rumor is, but it's moving quicker than Lil' Mama!! Allegedly Jigga's BLOWN that Beyaki turned over the night to Taylor Swift, and viewed her act as disloyal against his "lil' bro"/ Roc family Kanye West. MTO report alleges that Jay left the show without Beyonce (surprise, they rarely leave and enter an entertainment event together), called his Princess RiRi and the two are photographed all over the net together. The story continues that Puppet Master Papa Knowles told Beyaki to relinquish her spotlight time (GREAT PR move), but Jigga and Kanye thought she should have remained loyal and stayed out of it. HMMM. I'm actually tempted to believe this one, for I was always a skeptic about their relationship... wondering if they're really "not speaking" though. I'll be following this rumor... your thoughts?
-Oprah's much anticipated season opener began yesterday with the airing of a 2-pt interview with THE VOICE herself, Whitney Houston (SCREAM of DELIGHT!!) This is the first major interview Whitney has given since her fateful train wreck of an interview with Diane Sawyer in 1998 ("Crack Is WACK"). Whitney looked flawless in an olive sheath dress, chic hairstyle and leopard pumps. In the first part of this (awesome) interview, Whitney spills to Oprah that her God-given light was dimmed during the better portions of her marriage to Bobby Brown. Whitney also discusses in detail instances of emotional, physical abuse, and (my fav. portion) her drug use. WHY did Whitney break down how she would roll her marijuana with cocaine, and stay high for days???!!!! Whitney tells Oprah, "Follow me now..." and gestures with her hands the rolling process. HA! It was sooo revealing and REAL. LOVED this interview, for it was like two sista girls having a heart-to heart after all these years. The second part of the interview airs today and will feature Whitney taking the stage to bring down the house. The VOICE is back!!!
Twitter Needs A Presidential Filter
-An unofficial remark made by President Obama was "Tweeted" on Twitter by reporter Terry Moran, when President Obama was overheard calling Kanye a "jackass". The President was off the record during down time of an interview, but Quickdraw Moran , immediately
"tweeted" and the press caught wind about a minute later. What do you feel about Twitter and the impact it can have on the culture do to real-time "updates" , leaving no time for fact-checking, accuracy, speaker's intent or circumstance?? I'm slowly growing weary of the bandwagon that is Twitter (though I've recently joined) for I feel Big Brother is always watching and it's giving us ALL a reason to be more nosey.
-On a similar note, sure Kanye was wrong, and everyone has their opinion, but I'm officially over bashing Kanye West in the public. I watched his brief interview on Jay Leno last night, and I for one was moved. Kanye appeared visibly saddened, embarrassed, and genuinely apologetic for the ripple of hurt he caused T.Swift (who now is looking like Snow White outta some Disney movie and Ye like the evil witch). Leno asked West "What would your mother say?" and West teared up (none fell, he manned up, but it was sooo sad). Kanye mentioned that he's a hurt individual that never had time to mourn, this was Ye's third apology and he expressed interest in apologizing to Taylor in person. This situation is now over to me. It was a VMA Moonman everyone. CALM the hellz down. Taylor's career clearly got another 5-year boost due to all this publicity and Kanye now recognizes he needs some help, and "time" (his words) to get his life together.
If anyone should be getting all of this attention/negative press based on their outburst, it should be Senator Joe Wilson (R-SC) Ooooh, I haven't forgotten the blatant disrespect he gave our President in front of millions. Where is his lynch mob in the media?!?! SMH. I swear. Americans and our hierarchy of importance... a shame. LOL.
**Small Doses**
-Lauren London claims that there are NO official pictures nor is that the "official" name of her son. The media was buggin' yesterday and rushing to get a story. HEARD! (L.London via Twitter) She said she'll distribute all that info in the next 2 wks, but until then everyone's healthy and she's blissfully happy! (At least till Nivea gives birth... LOL) jk
-Serena Williams was on Good Morning America issuing yet another apology for Saturday night outburst. (SURPRISE, SURPRISE)
- Nas and Kelis may be reconciling.... AIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm gone for a bit luvs, but I'll be back with another post very soon. Have a great day, love yourselves and each other!!



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  1. keep them coming; i look forward to reading each day~!~
    ~ my wendy wms said that although she loves ms whitney, she was disapointed that whitney didn't own her drug addiction on monday's airing but instead appeared to blame it on bobby & the world...today whitney says she has no regrets!!!!