Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Humpday Randomness, Rapist Of The Ear, and Do People READ Anymore?

Happy Wednesday kids!!!!!! Everyone in the city is trying to recover from the storm...dragging themselves back into work and picking up the pieces of life. Prayers and thoughts go out to all the families that lost in the midst of the ATown Flood 2009. It was very serious... but in all seriousness we should find laughter. A friend sent this posting that had me cracking up (Will this joke EVER get less funny??)

OKAY. Moving along... I didn't post yesterday's foolishness, so this may be a bit lengthy. LET'S GET IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!

This Season: Couch Time With Oprah Is GREAT AGAIN!!
-Today, Oprah is conducting an extremely in-depth interview of child star Mackensie Phillips. Phillips allegedly details child abuse and sexual exploits with several known Hollywood men. Phillips also will discuss her drug use, and arrests, the classic Hollywood rights-of-passage. Scandalous, but great television nonetheless! This is the Ol'Skool Oprah show I love...

LIL' WAYNE May Have Yet Another Baby Mama in 2009:
-Birth control anyone? Reports continue to surface about the latest baby-in-waiting. That's right, Lil' Wayne may have fathered another child with "Sarah", who is allegedly 7 months pregnant. Now, I can't imagine really sexxing "every girl in the world" but it would seem THIS is Wayne's philosophy...and without protection no less. Anyone interested in this story?

DWTS Sesaon 9 May Watch:

-So I tend to only watch one major star per season, this year the producers are introducing over 16 stars total!! Skipping the fluff~ R&B pop tart Mya (yea) is dancing as well as Macy Grey!!!! Last night's debut of the women's competition was himscarical to watch!!!! Mya scored highest of all the ladies (no shocker) but it was Macy's seemingly-high-while-waltz-ing performance that had me ROTFL!!!! The judges tried their hardest to compliment, but it was an overall train wreck. Macy had the lowest.score. of. the. night. DEF going to watch the eliminations tonight. Any "stars" you're particularly interested in watching?


-Disney is gearing promotions of the release of their FIRST, FULLY-ANIMATED, FULL-LENGTH Princess film starring a BLACK Princess!!!!!!!! The Princess and the Frog, will arrive in theaters on December 11. I am too excited, you would think I was 5 again!! Great thing I have the smartest niece on the planet, as she'll be my date for the premier this holiday season. I'm sure she'll want some paraphernalia too... so I must shop for items... you know...for my niece... (Don't judge me).

- I am not a Plies fan. Personally, he insights nausea as many of his lyrics are too sexually perverted for my taste. I think of him as a "rapist of the ear" as many of my fav. rappers tend to 'finesse the panties', or their female listeners; Plies screams, tears, and TAKES the cookie?! (SHUDDER). Maybe this is a sign-o-tha-times, but I was completely shocked and appalled the very first time I heard Plies' latest single, "Becky". In short, the song is an homage to the joy of receiving fellatio, otherwise dubbed as , "Becky" (as Caucasian women are stereotyped to be more skilled and willing in that sexual department). Even more shocked to know that the song is extremely popular, and gets MAD radio airplay. SO, ya girl was shocked and on tha FLOOR to know that Plies... has now released a video. As if we need even MORE visual imaging for such a lewd and crud anthem. WHO are the ladies that woke up in the morning, looked at themselves in the mirror, and thought, "YES. I'm going to be in the "BECKY" video shoot today!!! SCORE!!"
This is yet another example as to why I feel some of these cornball rappers (yes, I said it. To continuously make anthems that promote trashy behavior and lack social responsibility to your target audience makes you CORN-Y.) have no place in hip-hop. They should be employed by hate groups in America as the music is only geared toward Urban radio to gain the buzz and promote the lewd behavior (which only catches on due to a deep history of lacking education and economic opportunities) and then cross-promoted to *pop* stations so the "buying" audience can help rappers purchase more gaudy jewelry and teeth they don't need and incorporate debt they rarely repay.... WHOA. I DIGRESS. ANOTHER BLOG TOPIC. Um, in short, the video makes me cringe. That's all.

**Small Doses**
-New reports (Thanks MediaFAKEOut) that much-hyped Khloe and Lamar nuptials may in fact be a cover for Kourtney (the lesser known-now preggers sister) and her Baby Daddy (too irrelevant to print). WOW. Guess we'll see on Sunday WHO is really tying the not, or will get the best camera shot.
-A Middle school in Austin, TX welcomes gay students- I found this article interesting as children are announcing their alternate lifestyle choices at an increasingly younger age and more and more of society is becoming supportive. (Taken from the NYTimes) Thoughts?
-The debate for taxing sugary drinks is growing louder- I'm not opposed as I feel Americans have the WORST eating habits and may need extra incentive to promote better habits. Those who are addicted to Mountain Dew however, want me to shutup. Thoughts??

Post a comment kids!! And I'm wishing to change the appearance of the site to make it more allllluring, so be on the lookout. (Smile) with that... I'm out for a bit. Have a great afternoon!!!!



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  1. couldn't agree more re: plies...some shyt's pretty catchy tho (i kid, i kid).
    and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS @ vintage Oprah, was starting to get worried there...
    Great Stuff MEG!! Keep 'em comin'!