Monday, September 28, 2009

Housewives wrap-up, Classic publicity stunts, & the CLEAVELAND SHOW!!!!

Happy Monday Kids!! It's a beautiful day in the ATown, and I hope you had a great weekend!! I did, as there were PLENTY of activities to fall into! Time for the day's dosage, so LET's GET IIIIIIIIITTTTTT!

-This year Atlanta welcomed over an estimated 80,000 people into the city for party festivities, a Greek step show, and of course the football game!!! Trey Songz opened the afternoon with a rousing concert, he had his legions of screaming women and was more than willing to take photos with fans (AWW!) Chris Rock and Nia Long were the celebrities that tossed the coin at the beginning of the game (promoting their new documentary GOOD HAIR-out in theaters in OCT.) FAMU beat Tennessee State University 31-12 in a packed GA Dome. Now, usually I don't do my loyalty lies with a different University...but GO RATTLERS! I support all HBCU causes and have seen the Marching 100 several times. If you haven't... you haven't seen the best in Black College Bands. They are the definition of excellence, hands down.

-So last week's RHODuluth, I mean RHOAtlanta episode was rather juuuicy!!! So enjoyed it!!! Kim, Kim, KIM!!! She had me sooo tickled last week! The episode featured her in a "dilemma" of weather or not to "take back" BIG POPPA, as she really wants a commitment from him, you know, a RING. Mamwhwhahaha!!! She waxed poetically about how much they love each other, but she needs to know that he can be committed to her and only her. Um, sweetie... HE's MARRIED?!!?! He BROKE his current VOWS with YOU?!?! Is she delirious??? Great to watch. Kandi proved that she is by far the most talented of all Housewives when she SLAUGHTERED her abuse monologue during the "Pocketbook Monolouges" performance. She outshone Lisa "What, I'm not the BEST @ EVERYTHING???" Heartwell, who's lack of acting chops left me b-o-r-e-d. Sheree finally executed her lightly-attended, excessively narcissistic and irritatingly dramatic INDEPENDENCE Party at Door 44. WOW. The party's lowlights included a stripper pole (yawn) and the unveiling of a wall-mural done of Sheree, commissioned and approved by Sheree. WTJoeJackson HELL?!?!?! NeNe, in the midst of this foolishness, had the nerve to get "upset" that Kim decided to record her infamous "Tardy For The Party" without her. She THEN proceeded to cause a messy, juvenile scene and attack both Kim and Kandi. Correction. She TRIED to attack Kandi, but alas, Kandi's a bit too classy and TOO ATown to fall for that crap, so she told NeNe to "BRING IT BACK DOWN" and like a lady walked away from the screeching and often-embarrassing NeNe. WHAT a show! I thoroughly enjoyed!!!  In real-time reality news, NeNe's husband Greg is now reported to owe the state of GA over $12,000.00 in back taxes and Kandi just lost her Uncle, so please pray for both cast members. Cant' wait till Thurs.

AKeys & Mashonda Are Getting MESSY Using This Internet?!
- SO, if you haven't heard by now, Alica Keys is the offical girlfriend of famed producer and art collector Swizz Beatz. They've been dating for about 2 years now... but Swizz is STILL legally married (divorce papers have yet to be finalized) to R&B (wanabee) singer Mashonda!!! SCANDAL!!! SO, AKeys and Swizz have been photographed at numerous social functions lately causing eyebrows to raise in consideration of Mashonda's feelings as she has remained rather tight-lipped throughout this entire ordeal. WEll, looks like both ladies have plenty to say, but not face-to-face or woman-to-woman, they're taking it to the NET. BOOOO. Allegedly it began when AKeys took to her Twitter page making remarks about "smart" love, and clearly implying her relationship w. Swizz (though she didn't use his name). Mashonda responded with a rather lengthy note directed @ AKeys, yet published ALL over the net?! She's basically calling AKeys out on her home wrecker ways and asking her to respect the young child involved. WOW. THIS is how we handle it now ladies?? I'm not throwing stones, but last I checked, till the ink dries on the divorce papers, the couple is still united in the eyes of God and, uh, the LAW. Which would make Keys real WRONG, no matter how baaaad she is, better suited for Swizz, or how many banging songs she can play on the piano. I'm just sayin... thoughts??

**Small Doses**
Revamping the School System; Obama Style!!!
-President Obama is considering extending school hours as well as the duration of the school year to include summer break to better prepare American students for the advanced global environment. The suggestion sparked controversy, but President Obama insists that the topic will be visited in an attempt to "level the playing field" among other students around the world who are schooled on average 30-25% longer than children in the U.S. I'm all for this latest initiative as I'm a HUGE proponent for education. Your thoughts??
THEY's MARRIED NOW...(An Opportunist & A LAKER No Less?!)
-Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom tied the knot yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. Considering how tragic I feel this story is, feel free to hit the link to see photos of the wedding party. I think it's like a car crash littered with Lakers players... WHERE they find Kobe and Vanessa?? Oh. E! footed the entire (rumored $1million) bill, and will have "complete" coverage tonight at 7.Surprise, surprise. (SMDH).
-Hands down, one of my new fav. shows for the fall!!!! Everyone's favorite Black friend, Cleaveland, get's his own show Sun. nights on FOX!! It's all about Cleaveland starting over in a new state (VA) with a new family ( a blend of his kids, new wife "Donna" and her 2 bad azzes "Rallo" and "Ralisha") "I know y'all ain't gone leave without makin' these BEDS..." -The young Rallo makes Stewie look tame shawty. I HEART this show, as it's sassy, fresh and many of the voices are recognizable (heyyyy Sannaa Lathan!!) The pilot episode debuted last night, and you MUST watch. Period!!!

Well Kids, I'm going to try and do some work, prep for the new episode of Gossip Girl, and try not to Tweet too much. Have a great afternoon, and write to you soon!!!



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