Wednesday, July 14, 2010


     Happy Humpday Loves! Take a pause in your day to celebrate the awesometry that is YOU!!! The talented writer that is SistaToldja created "Happy Black Girl Day" several months ago, a Wednesday tribute to honor any and every Black girl (woman), because we're often neglected yet SO worthy!! The irony my first HBGD post falls after a trying Sunday for Black women on television. *le sigh*
    VH1's new Sunday night lineup features Chad "Ochocinco"Johnson's "The Ultimate Catch"followed by the "T.O. Show." Neither showcase the glory of Black woman as these "Brothas" search for a "mate"amongst a sea of suspicious mulattos with breast implants and the IQ of raisins (a whole box). I couldn't stomach 10 full minutes as both men seem to suffer from a deep self-hatred, suppressed by fleeting fame, athleticism, and attention. Then there was Boondocks. *Fingers to temple* This week, Grandpa dates the "Perfect Black Woman" yet I found little humor in depicting a successful Black woman as mythological as the unicorn (IMO). Anywho, I was ready to be INSPIRED!!!!

 Bitch Is The New Black by Helena Andrews, grants readers a first-hand account of modern city living and of course, dating, through the eyes of a young witty Black woman. A collection of essays pieced perfectly as a memoir, and she's not yet 30. The soon-to-be classic (yea I said it) hooked me instantly because parts were set in DC, and I too am young, smart, and single trying to find my way in the world. The love affair with the book began however, when soaking up her witty writing and introspective accounts of weightier subjects like kidnapping, homosexuality, depression and even abortion, all with brilliant honesty. A voyeuristic journey of 20-sexxxxy growing-pains, and I couldn't put it down! Any and everyone must cop this book ASAPington!!

Last night I attended the "Bitch Is The New Black" book signing/party at the Bella Vie boutique in Atlanta! The fete was sponsored by the Garner Circle, and featured chic clothing, cocktails, and great conversation. Helena Andrews was stunning in person, and a pleasure to meet (LUVed her Nicole Miller dress). It was inspiring to be in a room full of talented and successful women of varied shades of brown, to mingle and celebrate #BITNB. Oh, and there was shopping... :)
Savy entrepreneur Stacy Diltz of Savida Sangria, treated guests to "Bitch Bubbly" and Sangria... both were ah-mazing! My girls and I OFTEN partake  in the spirits and will add her bottles (available near you) when celebrating...anything!
 Shout Out to alllll the wonderful women we met last night, and thanks again to The Garner Circle PR for hosting such a great event!! Remember your WORTH ladies!! Happy Black Girl Day Indeed!!!

*TOP photo: MinkaKay, Self, Author Helena Andrews, and @lmturk at #BITNB signing at La Bella Vie*                                                                  


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