Thursday, June 3, 2010


 KAT STACKS CAN'T CATCH A BREAK-"Kat Stacks" was videotaped last week getting punched in the face and ridiculed by two-men at a lounge off Peters St. in Atlanta, GA.  I really wasn't going to comment on the foolery. But with all the Twitter commentary (still), and her resurfacing the other night (June in AtL, I just couldn't resist. Allegedly folks in Atlanta have issue with her walking the street, buying drinks, and well, living. So, for those Amish folk that may have missed it, a quick background of what happened.
        *Kat Stacks is an under-21 year old female who is known for having sex with several C/D-list rappers, then creating an illiterate blog and disturbing viral video where she "exposes" her trysts to whomever can stomach her entire bootleged "Heaux Confessions." When she first appeared I was intrigued if only for a second, because I have a deep affinity for women of color who perpetuate all modern aspects of the "Jezebel" script-one of four (4) traditional media images relegated to depict Black females since chattel slavery. Modern aspects and examples vary from stripping, and prostitution to the "hottest" female rapper and video chicks. However...Superhead...Kat. is. not.

      The basic elements of last week's attack are simple. Two men approached Kat Stacks while seated and minding her business at the bar. One man is video recording the entire process, they both call her to turn around, and the other sucker punches her in the face. Once Kat hits the floor, another mush to the face is given while they further taunt and disrespect her. The most memorable and incriminating line now repeated across the 'Net is, "Say sorry! Say Sorry to Shad! Say 'SORRY BOW WOW!'"
       Kat Stacks is a female-no matter her moral character, sexual history, partners, often questionable appearance or limited vocabulary. She is a WOMAN. Her attackers in the video were men, well, immature boys, weigh more and have penises. Hitting females is wrong. That is how it will always be judged in my book because men have a physical advantage and were designed to protect. Period. A real man walks away, takes the high road, files a lawsuit or Son's you (you know, the verbal smack down only a strong man can give that makes you think, "well daum! Yessir!"). The display in the video is appalling. The men (or at least one) must have been really close with Shad because tracking down a female (an admitted Heaux for that matter) in public to administer a "smack-down" based on what she said about your "man" BowWow is borderline crime of passion/ homoerotic territory. Seriously. I don't know any of my strait male friends that would care that much about a woman's sexcapades with their friend to entertain bar-smacking fcukery.
          Since the tapes release last week, I have yet to hear about any charges being brought against the two attackers, but I have seen horrible jokes about Kat deserving what she got, or listened to other women tear Kat down worse than the men. Which perplexes me as it speaks to a larger issue of giving sympathy passes and paying more attention when domestic violence happens to pop culture's beautiful "Virginal" or "good"sexual scripts but could care less when the "Jezebel" or females with "bad" sexual imaging are abused. A decent example would be how the public rallied around Princess RiRi during her attack (granted, Chris beat-her-down went HAM and was convicted) but Kat Stacks' attack was filmed in public and not a naan onlooker cried out in protest, ran to assist the woman or ridiculed the men for their ridiculous behavior. That is not right to me. At all. The only reason every one's is upset with Kat that I can validate is that she choose to be promiscuous then spoke her truth on that tacky viral video. (Still not sure about this daum Kat Stacks Confessional. Kid Fury broke. It. Down.) It's clear that Kat Stacks needs serious professional help, and to publicly beat on her seems cruel and inhumane. Even taunting her when she returned to Atlanta this week is too immature for further commentary. What do you think? Consider if the female involved wasn't an attention seeker, but just a highly sexual female with a big mouth. Like a young high school student. Still think this behavior is hilarious??? I think if you stopped laughing to consider the ramifications, that maybe the next time some young women you know could be the next victim of such barbaric, cowardly, bitch-arse behavior, jokes would stop, and charges would be pressed.



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