Monday, May 24, 2010

Venus' T&A Takes Over Tennis Tournament-Not The Best Look!!

             Venus Williams, tennis phenom, businesswoman, and spokesperson, shocked fans, critics and well... everyone, when she played in Sunday's tournament in this revealing outfit at the French Open. *Raises fingers to the temple* Now. I'm all about making a fashion statement, even the most avantgarde  of dress has its place and my support. Venus claims that she was trying to "distract" her opponent Patty Schnider (mission accomplished). Venus won 6-3,6-3 in the first round. However. I have (2) issues with the crimes of fashion committed here.
    The first is that Venus designed this tacky, ill-flattering, material-mishmash! She proudly takes responsibility for the design, fit, and even (especially, sadly) the flesh-toned sport shorts beneath. Chile, the idea to create a lace tennis dress is a cheesy aim at overt sexuality and attention. Seriously?? Average female tennis players, Buffy in the Hamptons per example, likely do not wish to be sexy  sporty, skillful, and sweaty and definitely don't want to mix lace with athletic fibers while on the court.
    The second reason I've issues with Venus' choice of tournament wear is because it is grossly inappropriate?!?! She is the second-greatest tennis champion in the world! Do any of her professional colleges dress like that? No?? So we can asses that her skanky skirt all was not the daum norm. WHY on earth would she want to be immediately viewed in a sexual light, her talent forced to take a backseat-if only for a moment- as she is judged by her gratuitous clothing?? Is it not enough to be a global brand for athletic excellence, have countless honors and awards, hold records and continue your reign as the best in your field? No, she prefers to cling to the stereotype of "Jezebel", opting to sell aspects of her sexuality in what would seem a desperate manor.
     Being more conscientious of non-offensive fashion choices for tournaments, would serve her clothing business better in the long run as more could relate to her as a global brand...but that would be too much like right. If more women were comfortable in their awesome feminine power, there wouldn't be so many examples (Venus) of falling back on the tried-and-true imaging constructs (sexual deviant, Jezebel, "Temptress", etc.) Less aiming to appeal to the sexual approvals ofmen and more confidence being our awesome-selvs without a sexual stigma.



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  1. So right on!

    I cringed when I saw the pics on your post. she's at the top her her game - literally!!! Why send the message that "distracting her competitor" is a certified way to victory? What about her talent? training? discipline?

    This sends an awful message about compromising morale, image, and grace for a cheap thrill.

    Thanks for posting!