Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Basketball Heaux: Sterotypical Takeover on VH1

 Basketball Wives, is the breakout "hit" that airs on VH1's Sunday Stereotype (Coon Edition) evening entertainment block. Better dubbed "Basketball Heaux", I've tried faithfully for 4 weeks to hang in there and view, if only to support a Black show with an all-female cast. *Fingers to the temple/ DEEP Sigh* There are so many factors however, that make this show deplorable, I had to blog it out. A few reasons why I simply...cannot... with this joke of a show.
1) Show Title is Inflated BULLOCKS!!!- "Baskeball WIVES" would imply that these women are or (at least at some point in time) were married to NBA Players. So how did the producers/editors let pass that only (2) of the (6) casted have even seen a wedding band or certificate?!?! The show's executive producer Shaunie O'neal (Currently divorcing Shaq) and Jennifer Williams (married to Eric Williams) are the only qualifying leads. The other (4) are variations of jumpoffs, delusional relationships (Evelyn Lozado was "engaged" for over 10 years to Antoine Walker-sowwy boo. You were NOT the ONE), or the ever-common "Baby Mama" role.
2) Spousal Apperances Border Abusive & Controling- I'm not clear when it became okay, but misogyny and verbal abuse towards women is definately considered cool again. How else to explain the 2nd episode's uncomfortable dinner scene between Jennifer and her cheating husband Eric? The conversation where he (basically) admits to cheating, blames his infidelities on the highly "emotional" sport of basketball, tells his wife to get over it and get her own life, then finishes with refusing her company for the evening while he heads out with his "friends". *le Sigh* WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?!
Or how about the 4th episode's dinner scene with Matt and naive fiance Gloria, though she plays Suzy Homemaker for her guests, the tense undertone remains his unspoken infidelities. Oh, and distrust of her friends becuase they may shed light to the truth which EVERYONE knows?! Now, I'm no relationship expert, but those that isolate, threaten, abuse, or are unequal emotionally in no way appear healthy. Errrryone knows the backstories on most of these jive-@$$ "relationships" thanks to or your favorite gossip blogsite.
3) WHAT do they DO?! WHAT is their PURPOSE?! - Daunting tasks in the lives of the chosen, pampered and played, include shopping ("Lemme put down my Chanel bag"), makeovers ("Royce. Needs.Breast implants."), dinners ("It's my independence party!"), and of course, fiending off the always-thirsty female groupie. Yes, although the "wives" themselves were but a mere punanny-pop away from permenant groupie status, they feel threatened nearly every episode by alll the other women mimicking their lifestyles and actions. They have the nerve to fight other "groupies" like "Plastic Surgery" whilst out in public. Yes. Screaming and drink-throwing over the age of 30. Class was not a prerequisite for hooking up with these ladies nor securing reality show fame. #justsayin #Proofsintheepisode
      Yawwwwn. The entire cycle is rather sad due to the lack of substance. There's never discussion about anything relevant other than who's sexxing who's Baller, and judging by Royce's infamous "How Low" display**, they don't even qualify for free game tickets. Tragic. Aside from child rearing (only 1 wife is ever taped with offspring), and their attachment to famous penis, none have a valid reason to be televisied. Television/ pop culture has room for only one public sexpot with mindless, Jezebel antics experiencing zero consequence or judgement. Her name is Kim Kardashian. Basketball Heaux are #Latelikecnn.
     I hope this show is not renewed for an additional season, because Black women need another negative sterotype attached like the gulf coast needs BP oil. I have a feeling it will be picked up again due to it's popularity, talk of another spinoff (NFL Wives-DEAD), and the legions of young women who aspire for even a taste of the materialism, emotional voids, and lack of respect often associated with being a "Basketball Wife". Excuse me, VH1 has revealed their truth: Basketball Heaux. Exploiting their lifestyle for reality tv coin and exposure.

**(In case u needed a refresher-Royce degrades herself for some Clippers tickets during SuperBowl wknd. Jesus take the wheel.)**



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  1. I'm with you on this one Dawnavette. Somewhere along the line the powers that be at VH1 realized that after the breakout success of Flavor of Love and I Love New York it could peddle absolute trash to the black community and they would be racking in the dough. I too tried to tune into the ironically titled Basketball Wives just to offer a modicum of black support. But sadly this show is just beyond redemption. It's a sad state when Royce is one of the sanest women in the cast. I mean how is it possible for this many women to lack utterly lack self awareness? I just don't get it. Almost none of these women are married and to those who are they barely are hanging on. I think this show speaks a lot to traditional marriage in our society and heteroprivilege when it comes to marriage. Homosexuals can't get or aspire to be married but these people can? Sigh.

    I would rather watch The First 48 than this show.